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Web Video Offers New Variations On Old Themes

Web video is the latest innovation in man’s long-standing quest for effective message conveyance. Since time immemorial, people have had the legitimate need and fervent desire to share all manner of inspirations, ideas, and concepts. The quest for the most perfect medium by which to accomplish this has been ongoing for millennia from generation to generation.

The eternal search for effective means of conveying even the simplest ideas is aptly recorded in historical annals. Its evidence is etched upon ancient stone walls in hieroglyphics, sacred papyrus scrolls publicly-read by clergy on Sabbath days, and in the shouts of medieval town criers.

Even in the entertainment realm, open-air and amphitheater live performances have left their historical marks. Political opponents once conducted public debates upon makeshift wooden platforms in attempts to win votes.

Likewise, entire social revolutions were once started by eloquent public oratories in town squares. The saga continued into more modern times with radio and mass-produced written publications such as newspapers and magazines.

In today’s Information Age, vast quantities of data are literally at our fingertips. This phenomenon has spawned a collective craving for increasing amounts of high-quality data delivered faster than ever before. Web video and education was devised in response to this demand and a widespread recognition that the impact of any message is no better than the quality of its conveyance media.

What is Web Video?

Just a few years ago, web video was very costly, high-risk, and time-consuming. Ph.D. level expertise was mandatory to deliver messages via websites. Exorbitant bandwidth internet fees for simultaneous viewing by 50 people were par for the course.

By contrast, contemporary web video enables over 100 million video views and over 65,000 new video uploads each day. Anyone with high-speed internet access can easily view hours of live entertainment or other streaming video content in real-time. A simple search engine query of a few keywords is all that is required to locate video presentations on any subject matter desired.

Indeed, web video is rapidly replacing conventional media such as broadcast television, DVDs, and theater movies. The inexpensive easy access of today’s online video allows individuals, groups, and companies to convey pertinent ideas and concepts more effectively than ever. Today’s technological advancements allow this to be done instantaneously by merely clicking a single button.

Advertisement is a major use for web video. It is much more efficient and cost-effective than DVDs or CD-ROMs that take days to reach business prospects. Moreover, web video has transformed consumers’ role from passive to active with interactive platforms that permit valuable viewer input.

A popular truism posits that,”A picture is worth a thousand words.” For marketers, moving pictures are worth millions of words and dollars. Consumer interest can be quickly stimulated by graphic demonstrations of a product’s ease of use.

This author had a recent first-hand experience with the extreme effectiveness of web video. I was hopelessly stymied after struggling over written instructions contained in a printer ink cartridge refill kit for nearly two hours. It was my very first attempt at self-refill.

After locating an online video featured by a major “how-to” website, I accomplished the task in short order. Apparently, the manufacturer’s written instructions were purposely general and vague to accommodate a large number of applicable printer models. The web video I found featured the entire refill of a cartridge for my exact printer model.

Thus, the mystery was solved with my comprehension of the core concepts imparted in the instructional video. Shortly after, I refilled my mother and several friends’ ink cartridges with similar kits from several different manufacturers. I was able to do this competently and very rapidly without any further reference to written instructions whatsoever, all thanks to web video!

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