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Savvy Subdomain Integration Inflates Internet-Based Business Income!

Failing to implement competent subdomain usage campaigns can be fatal for web-based businesses. Most virtual business owners have a vague awareness of subdomains. Few, however, fully comprehend their vast functionality. Widespread ignorance of how subdomains can enhance online website productivity is perhaps the single biggest tragedy of the virtual business world.

What is a subdomain?

As the title implies, subdomains are smaller parts of a much larger master domain. Each subdomain name may contain up to 63 characters, provided total length of combined parent and subsidiary site names do not exceed 255 characters.

“” and “” are both subdomainis of “,” for instance. “” is itself a “.com” subdomain. Theoretically, such subdivisions may go to a maximum depth of 127 levels. In practical reality, however, such vast detail is very rarely required to optimize online business efficiency.

Subdomains serve many practical purposes

At first blush, one may wonder what the big deal is about subdomains. Following are some serious insights into all the advantages that subdomains offer for all aspects of online business operations:

Outstanding site organization

Subdomains are inherently hierarchical. This infrastructural characteristic is easily exploitable for maximum online business platform efficiency and productivity. Brick-and-mortar businesses employ physical partitions like cubicles, multiple floors, and ordinary doors to segregate internal departments. Likewise, subdomains let e-merchants delineate various internal functions. Sales, Technical Support, and Customer Care are common examples.


More memorable subdomain names

Suppose your current domain name is “” All subdomains would appear as: “,” “,” and “[].” Each subdomain name may be associated with the parent site by merely creating a series of corresponding sub folder names.

The entry of either “” or “” into site visitors’ browser address fields leads to identical files and indices. This feature facilitates much higher virtual visibility by circumventing prospective site viewers’ collective laziness.

Especially aggressive internet marketers take advantage of specialized vanity subdomains. Amenability of assignment to individual site users and individuality expressions are the main of vanity subdomain virtues. For instance, the iPlanet Messaging web server uses a “msgVanityDomain” subdomain to establish partially hosted e-mail accounts.

Subdomains and search engines

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SEO and Subdomains

Once upon a time, search engines treated subdomains as virtual orphans. Such familial disassociation spawned endemic subdomain spam. Contemporary search engine algorithms freely acknowledge subdomain parental relations. This fortunate development has reduced business site spamming drastically.

Subdomains and servers

Most server hosting packages include unlimited subdomain names for free. Moreover, there is no need to establish an entirely new account for subdomain site(s), as most server hosts allow multiple site hosting via a single consolidated account. As property of the registered parent domain, subdomains require no additional search engine registration.

Subdomains and SEO

Despite a vast diversity of subdomain applications, SEO is the remainder and common denominator of optimal online business profitability. Of date, no viable virtual contender to the High-Quality Content Throne has materialized. Search engines recognize its royalty by duly distinguishing subdomains’ substantive content from that of incumbent parental rulers. Neither are subdomain progeny automatically assigned a page rank identical to that of prodigious virtual ancestors.

This makes a resemblance too close to that of its parent domain a hindrance – rather than a help – to fledgling subdomains. It is therefore imperative to ensure that your subdomains do not “inherit” any content features identical to those of your own. Search engines view such mimicry with serious disdain. Thus, your subdomain webpage(s) will be dismissed as mere duplicitous attempts to defeat their algorithms. Such apparent attempts will be penalized accordingly.

An unbeatable combination

Eliminating this eventuality by integrating content capable of simultaneous conformity and individuality. You want web viewers to recognize the association of any affiliate sub-page with your site while avoiding its undue imitation.

Professional writer affiliates at The Content Authority possess the experience, enthusiasm, and wherewithal to put it all together in a way that is otherwise impossible. Give yourself the best of both virtual worlds today. Putting deft subdomain use and quality content creation on your side always equates with web-based business success.



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