Unusual Internet Marketing Tricks

internet marketing tricks

3 Unusual Internet Marketing Tricks That Work

Making a success of your online business sometimes means digging deep to find unusual internet marketing tricks to boost sales. With competition increasing rapidly and consumers wising up to promotional gimmicks, it’s getting tougher and tougher to get your marketing material read these days. Some promotional methods can prove to be costly exercises that yield dismal results. The last thing you want is a campaign that does nothing more than drain your marketing budget.

The truth is, the best tricks are often the techniques that are not really tricks at all. In fact, many marketers simply fail to make the most of marketing opportunities and communication channels. The good news is you can do plenty to supercharge your income without much hassle or expense. Add your own creative flair and business sense to these ideas and you will quickly fill your pockets again.

Do Something Big

There is no doubt that every website owner should continuously implement marketing strategies throughout the year. However, sometimes it takes something big to grab the kind of attention you need. Kick your campaigning up a notch by carrying out at least one major marketing drive during the year. Brainstorm unique ways to make a memorable impact. Think about the great ads you remember and what made them stand out from the rest.

If your creative juices have run dry, or your promotional team is churning out frustratingly predictable ideas, let your affiliates take care of business. Simply run a contest for the most imaginative advertising campaign. Make your affiliates send in evidence of their efforts and vote on the most effective idea. Presto! More eyeballs see your offer, and you achieve a far greater reach.

Whether your affiliates take to the streets with banners, or create funny and interesting viral videos, they will start to chip away at the awareness of your prospects. They will build curiosity, which is exactly what you should aim to achieve. Make certain your affiliates practice ethical marketing and that they do not showcase your business in a negative light.

Help a Newbie


There is nothing like helping someone out while gaining an ally or two along the way. The potential to gain valuable business is not an opportunity you should pass up easily. After all, the people you help could become strategic business partners in the future.

Besides possible joint ventures and cross promotional deals, your fellow entrepreneurs can offer several other benefits, including link exchanges, advertising exchanges, referrals, and endorsements. You might even develop a complementary product or service together, increasing the profits of both businesses. If you are unsure where to start looking for potential allies, try forums related to your niche. You are bound to find someone who needs questions answered or help with brand development. All it takes is a little initiative, and before you know it, you have an unbeatable offering that brings in the sales.

Write an E-book

This income generator might sound difficult to set up, but it’s not. You do not have to look far for brilliant ideas either. Simply compile a useful report, reveal secrets or tips of your trade, or put together a collection of your interesting and helpful articles. This gives you the opportunity to build your brand, provide readers with links to your website, and get your marketing message out there.

Here’s the trick: give the e-book away for free and include giveaway rights. People love receiving free stuff and people love passing on free stuff. Most importantly, people are highly likely to come back for more of your wisdom if your initial offering costs them nothing. Sure, you’re going to lose time creating the e-book, but the results will be worth your efforts. You have the potential to reach a broader target market, increase awareness of your brand, and boost conversion rates through links you include to your website. It’s a win-win situation for you and your prospects.

Ultimately, the most unusual Internet marketing tricks are the ones that let your individuality and creativity shine. You can take a basic idea and turn it into something truly unique and attention-grabbing. Always keep a look out for potential marketing opportunities and tackle them with an open mind.

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