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Tumultuous Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Tumultuous Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

You are likely to hear the word “tumultuous” in news or stories about riots or protests because this is the best word to describe disorder or turmoil. However, the word is broad, and you can use it to mean the state of unrest. We will look in detail at the tumultuous definition, meaning, and usage.

The definition of the word “tumultuous” is having great noise, chaos, disturbance, or uproar. Use the word when describing loud noise or sound. Replace the word “shrill, noisy, or loud” with “tumultuous” in sentences that describe the word.

“Tumultuous” is not an easy word to understand unless you take your time to read the various definitions and meanings. That way, you will better comprehend when to use the word, but note that not all the noise you hear is “tumultuous.” Here is more about the word, from pronunciation, spelling, and history to usage in sentences.

What is the Definition of Tumultuous?

Tumultuous means “characterized by mental or emotional agitation.” In most cases, the word describes relationships characterized by regular fights, disorderly, commotion, and deliberating anxiety. 

Some relationships are a true definition of violence, turbulence, or upheaval. Such a relationship leaves one, or both parties involved distraught and much stressed. In extreme cases, people will even doubt themselves and choose to isolate themselves from society. If this is your situation or the situation of someone you know, then you can best describe the relationship as tumultuous.

Here are example sentences:

  • The couple’s tumultuous relationship has started to hurt the younger kids.
  • The tumultuous love affair is why Tyson is not working to improve his career.
  • The twins have a tumultuous relationship, and the parents should find a way to separate them from each other.

tumultuos word in the dictionary

What is the Meaning of Tumultuous?

Tumultuous is an adjective that means “tending or disposed to cause or incite tumult.” Use the word to describe something or a situation that will bring a state of noise, commotion, or confusion. 

Some decisions can impact the way people live and how they behave. It could be a decision or rule from the government, office, school, or your home. If the rules or decisions are not well received, it is likely to cause a “tumultuous” situation as people riot, protest, shout, boo, or strike.

Here are example sentences:

  • I am so tired due to the tumultuous day I had in the office.
  • Eastern Europe transformed entirely after the tumultuous Culture Revolution in the 1990s.
  • It was a tumultuous time in John’s life, but he had no choice but to deal with his life and restore the lost glory.

Tumultuous Meanings in Different Contexts

From the meanings discussed earlier, you can tell that this word fits in various contexts. Here are some areas you can embrace this word.

  • What is tumultuous in religion: The word “tumultuous” describes tough years for the people who believe in their religion. During such times, it is likely that their Faith will get tested.
  • What is tumultuous in war? A chaotic activity that is loud so that it can confuse the opposite party.
  • What is tumultuous in a relationship: You can use the word “tumultuous” to describe a relationship full of issues, complications, and arguments. Due to the numerous disagreements and ups and downs, there is no guarantee of the relationship’s future.
  • Is tumultuous a negative word? Words can either have a positive, negative, or neutral connotation. If the connotation is positive, it means that the word brings out a good feeling. If the word is negative, then it brings a bad feeling. In cases where the word is neutral, then it brings neutral feelings. In the case of the word “tumultuous,” the word is negative since it means destructive, disorderly, or troubled.

Words with the Same Meaning as Tumultuous

Are you searching for synonyms of the word tumultuous? Then you have come to the right place. Here is a list of words that you need to consider.

  • Wild
  • Excited
  • Rowdy
  • Loud
  • Disorderly
  • Unruly
  • Agitated
  • Noisy
  • Roaring
  • Passionate
  • Violent
  • Rough
  • Ear-piercing
  • Explosive
  • Violent

Antonyms of Tumultuous

After learning a word, its meaning, and how to use it, you might need the right vocabulary that is the opposite of that word. Here is a list of words to use as the opposite of the word tumultuous.

  • Calm
  • Moderate
  • Peaceful
  • Placid
  • Relaxed
  • Gentle
  • Stilled
  • Calm
  • Peaceful
  • Mellow
  • Dull
  • Hushed
  • Boring
  • Slow
  • Dull

Words with the Same Sound With Tumultuous

Are you a writer, poet, reporter, or someone who likes to play around with words? If that is the case, you might want to use words that rhyme with tumultuous. Here is a comprehensive list.

  • Ambiguous
  • Fabulous
  • Chorus
  • Religious
  • Generous
  • Populous
  • Ingenious
  • Outrageous
  • Humorous
  • Anonymous
  • Hazardous
  • Prestigious
  • Tenuous
  • Bogus
  • Virtuous

How to Use Tumultuous in a Sentence

The word “tumultuous” is an adjective that means noisy, tumult, and great disturbance. It is also a negative word, so, when using it, ensure that you use it when the noise or confusion you are talking about is not pleasing.

Before using the word “tumultuous” in a sentence, take the time to learn how to best use the word in a sentence. When you know what you are doing, you use the word confidently without making mistakes.

Family Words of Tumultuous

Tumultuously (an adverb): It means in a riotous manner.”

Here are example sentences:

  • As Martha gathered all her belongings, her eyes swam tumultuously around the room, trying to ensure nothing was left behind.
  • After the many riots, the company looked even more tumultuously determined.
  • Besides the community being tumultuously focused on regaining their land, the federal government continues to be reluctant.

Tumultuousness (a noun): It means “a state of noise, commotion, and confusion.”

Here are example sentences:

  • The new students should not show any tumultuousness. Otherwise, they might end up getting in trouble.
  • Most people have said that they will not attend the party because all the parties that Brian hosts are full of tumultuousness.
  • The tumultuousness of the court proceedings shows there will be no outcome; the judge has to postpone the hearing.

10 Examples of Tumultuous in a Sentence

Read the ten sentences with the word tumultuous below, so you can learn the best way to use the word.

  1. The curtain raiser got accorded tumultuous applause.
  2. Henry went straight to bed after the tumultuous day in the courtroom.
  3. Mrs White got tumultuous applause when she arrived at her party.
  4. Aren’t you jaded of being in this tumultuous relationship?
  5. She did not want to associate with people since she was having a tumultuous time in her life.
  6. The winning team got a tumultuous welcome when they arrived home.
  7. The corrections officer decided to put the prisoners on a lockdown due to their tumultuous behavior.
  8. The food restaurant is full of tumultuous situations, making working there hectic.
  9. The teacher gave everyone in our classroom some punishment since no one explained the cause of the tumultuous coming from our class.
  10. I am the kind of person who does not like tumultuous times, so I like being by myself and godspeed to anyone who can’t support it.
  11. The air at the rugby match has a wild tumultuous roar from the crowd.

How Do You Spell Tumultuous?

The proper way to spell “tumultuous” is “T.U.M.U.L.T.U.O.U.S.” Or “\ tu̇-ˈməl-chə-wəs, tyu̇-, tə-, -chəs; -ˈməlch-wəs |” according to the IPA.

Most people assume that correct spelling is not essential and that the quality of the writing matters more. The truth is spelling is vital when it comes to quality checking your work. Correct spelling is significant in writing and helps you become a confident writer.

How Do You Pronounce Tumultuous?

The correct way to pronounce “tumultuous” is “tuh.muhl.choo.uhs.” You can also pronounce the word as /tyoo.muhl.tyoo.uhs/.

Start the first and second parts slowly, then complete the last sounds fast when pronouncing the word. Did you know that pronunciation can impact the way people listen to your speech? If you want people to be attentive and take you seriously, improve your pronunciation and diction.

How Many Syllables Are In Tumultuous?

The word “tumultuous” has four syllables. These syllables are /tu-mul-tu-ous/” The stressed syllable of the word is “mul.” 

tumultuos word graphic art

History & Etymology of Tumultuous

The word “tumultuous” arises from the Latin word “tumultus.” Later the Latin word changed to “tumultousus.” Both these words mean full of confusion, turbulence, and disorderly. Later the French introduced the word “tumultueux” but still retained the meaning from the Latin language. The English introduced the word as “tumultuous.”

Another root of this word is “teue,” meaning to swell. However, over time, the meaning has changed to noise and chaos. That’s what people know this word for currently.

When Was Tumultuous First Used?

The 1540s is the recorded time when “tumultuous” was first used.


Learning a new word is excellent because it enables you to express yourself better. Having read this article, you will no longer struggle to describe extremely noisy situations or chaotic instances. Instead, in both these situations, use the word “tumultuous.” It will reveal how smart you are when using different English words to describe varying situations. Don’t forget to take your time to practice the word through creative sentences.