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Google Adwords for the Holidays

SEO For The Holidays Yields Year-Round Business Benefits!


The Jolly Season’s rapid approach justifiably makes SEO for the holidays a high priority for most e-merchants. Online vendors want maximum exposure during this brief – but profitable – window of opportunity. Indeed, many industries reportedly earn over 80 percent of gross annual revenues between November 1 and December 24. Finding the right tool with which to fully exploit this short-lived financial bonanza is clearly imperative.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Google AdWords generate the vast majority Google’s multibillion-dollar gross annual profits. The tacit counsel contained within that colossal figure is clear: Any advertising product that works that well for its provider must be equally effective for its customers.

High versatility = huge visibility

Google AdWords image

Increase Visibility with AdWords

Google AdWords let you get the word out about your offerings on a local, national, or international level. You may convey any desired message concisely and precisely with a single headline limited to 25 characters. Firms with fancier tastes (or fatter wallets) may include image ads sized to industry standards.

 Additional Adword advantages

Many other inherent features give Google AdWords great value for web-based vendors wanting specialized SEO for the holidays.

Internet Protocol selectivity

Google’s AdWord IP Excluder facilitates fully-refined marketing campaigns. This capacity permits online businesses to omit up to twenty IP addresses or IP address ranges from specific campaign(s).

Location, location, location

Another unique AdWord function allows further concentration of marketing resources by ensuring relevant ad placements. Virtual Snowmobile vendors may avoid wasting valuable resources by trying to pitch their “perfect Christmas present” to California residents, for instance.

 Limited Ad Frequency

At first blush, “Frequency Capping” appears self-defeating as an advertising strategy. Believe it or not, limiting the number ad displays to specific site viewers has much business validity, however. It is imperative to avoid consumer desensitization with over-saturation of your basic message within targeted markets. AdWord display caps are configurable for limited individual viewer impressions on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

 Site-specific targeted Google AdWords

The AdWords control panel format allows advertisers to target specific domains, topics, keywords, or consumer demographics. Inserting imagery of smiling mature countenances within children’s educational websites is virtually pointless for denture adhesive vendors!

You must submit the winning bid via an auction process prior to using site-specific AdWords. Pricing bases may be either cost-per-impression (“CPM”) or cost-per-click (“CPC”). Minimum CPM bids begin at 25 cents per 1,000 impressions. CPC ads have no analogous bidding floor.

Do AdWords outperform organic SEO?

The central issue lying at the heart of the above inquiry is whether relative OI make AdWords a viable investment for web-based businesses. Perusal of user-oriented site contents revealed very a mixed bag of consumer sentiment. Overwhelming consensus consistently held that AdWords offer phenomenal short-term returns in terms of priming the pumps of long-term profitability.

Altered consumer mindsets

AdWord creativity transforms occasional patrons into repeat customers. While working as a temporary order taker for a large mail-order bakery years ago, I witnessed the effectiveness of this approach firsthand.

Online call-in customers could commence monthly delivery of assorted fresh fruits, cookies, gourmet cheeses, and other confectionery delights to desired recipient(s) for 12 consecutive months. This gift that kept giving for a full year cost less than $40 USD.

Gift subscription renewal rates averaged 92 percent! After seeing the effects of their benevolence on grateful recipients for a full year, who could resist the urge to call in and do it all over again? This customer contact provided an ideal lead-in to additional purchases by the same satisfied patrons.

 Accept a very special virtual business invitation

Rise to the upcoming rare occasion by bolstering budgetary allocations to AdWord SEO for the holidays. Take full advantage of the annual festivities with memorable imagery, verbiage, and upbeat themes that give weary web surfers a sight for computer-sore eyes. Backed by the right literary talent, “casual prospect-to-satisfied customer” conversions are bound to soar beyond your wildest dreams!

Google Adwords

Google Adwords: A Positive Impact

When it comes to online marketing, there are several ways to stand out in the crowd of millions who are also working diligently to optimize their exposure on the World Wide Web. The overall goal of obtaining new and repeat traffic to your website can hinge on something seemingly as small as your company name appearing higher than others in your industry on a search engine results page. Marketing tactics such as search engine optimization and backlinks can help increase a company’s exposure through the back end of the site’s operations. Behind the scenes optimization practices are effective, but there are other ways to increase a company’s online visibility during internet searches thanks to Google Adwords.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a service provided by Google that allows advertisers to create a small, informational advertisement based on the keywords that best identify their business affiliation. Once the advertisement is created, it will appear at the top, or on the right-side margin of the search engine results page, separate from the non-advertising links that appear based on their page rank and popularity. The beauty of Google Adwords is that the advertiser only pays Google for the preferred placement when someone clicks on their link and are redirected to that company’s homepage.

How it Works

Picture of how google adwords work

How do Google Adwords work?


Individuals who generate online searches, attempting to acquire a source for a service or product, who use Google as a search engine, can type in keywords in an attempt to find the best company to fulfill their need. For instance, if somewhere were to type in “Heating and cooling (and the city of their choice)” companies who are enrolled in Adwords would appear on the top or side of the results page, typically accompanied by a map of the area, with a quick blurb of copy to intimate their services or contact information at a glance. Once an individual clicks on one of the Adwords-enrolled companies, they will be directed away from the results page, and taken directly to the company site.

Why it Works

It is no secret that trying to reach a target audience can take a lot of research and wherewithal to make sure your company is being as competitive as possible when piled against the results of numerous companies in the same industry through an internet search. Google Adwords helps keep your advertising budget under control by allowing registered companies the benefit of only paying for their services when an individual clicks on their advertisement. This helps the company using the service to measure their results more easily, by knowing exactly how many people were redirected to their webpage from the Google Adwords partnership. In addition, when individuals are looking for a service or product where an Adwords participant’s keywords apply to the search, they are making themselves immediately available to the audience who is interested in their service or product. Google Adwords brings your target market to you, while providing your company’s advertisement in a preferred location, thereby increasing traffic to your website.

How to Enroll in Adwords

If you do not have a Google account already, you will need to create one. This involves creating an email address and password, with the option to create a profile, which is highly recommend. A profile will allow you to list your company information, as well as its web address, allowing for yet another backlink to your home page. Once you have a Google account, or by using your existing account information, you will need to sign into Adwords, set your time zone and currency information, and verify your information prior to proceeding (this step is for new Google accounts only). Google will supply you with an instructional video, frequently asked questions, target market guidelines, and budgetary queries to help get you started in creating the right advertising campaign for your company. Take time to familiarize yourself with everything Google Adwords has to offer, prior to creating an actual ad. The more tools you have to compete online, the more successful your campaign is likely to be. Once you have researched the available opportunities Google has to offer, you will start by creating account settings for your campaign by choosing the regions you would like to advertise within. You can choose from local, city and state advertising, or check the national or international option, depending on your product or services’ range. In addition, you will set a budget for your advertising campaign. Adwords allows you to place a cap on the campaign’s daily expenditures, and guarantees not to go over, while providing start and finish dates for the campaign’s operation.

How to Create an Ad

Ads can include text or images, along with a headline and two descriptive lines of copy to showcase your capabilities. Keep the information simple, and easy to read. In addition, Google provides keyword optimization, allowing you to enter up to twenty keywords or phrases that will provide your ad as a result when someone searches using those same words. The keywords can be changed at any time, so if you feel as if the initial rounds of keywords are not benefitting your company with results, you can adjust them later. Once the information is complete, preview the ad prior to approving it, to make sure your information is accurate and complete. You will need to enter your billing information, as well as a credit card that can be automatically billed monthly by Google. You information will need to be verified, prior to account activation, so providing legitimate, verifiable information is a key component to getting your Adwords account in motion.

Allow the System to Work for You

Google Adwords provides a tremendous amount of tools for its users to track the benefits of their expenditure, while providing ideas for your account as a whole. The system will help you determine which keywords work for your category, while providing instructions on how to create the best ad for your campaign. What’s more, the system will allow you to balance the cost of the campaign with the traffic it provides, including tools and reports that will help measure the results of your campaign with easy to read charts and analysis. Not surprisingly, Google knows what they are doing, and provide its users with proven results furthering their footing as a leader in progressive online marketing efforts.

Online marketing help level the playing field for small and large companies alike. Whether your company is a small mom and pop auto parts store in Newark, New Jersey, or a national chain of auto parts stores stretching across the United States, chances are, someone is searching for a replacement part near you. Advertising through pay-as-your-ad-is-clicked marketing efforts minimizes the blow to your overall marketing budget, and can help net huge results with continued use. If you do not receive the results you are looking for, Google allows you to edit, pause or delete your campaign in an effort to provide you with the quality service Google has become known for providing. Furthermore, there is an 800 customer service number available at every turn, providing you with step by step assistance in creating results-driven advertising campaigns for your company. Allow Google to help you control where you end up on the search engine results page, while providing you with increased internet traffic and exposure in the meantime.

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