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Suttle Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Suttle Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

When you study the history of different words, you will realize that words constantly change, especially their spelling and meaning. In fact, most English words we use today have their roots in the Latin Language. Interestingly, the word suttle, an archaic version of subtle, is still used today; let's now learn more about suttle definition, meaning, and usage.

The word suttle describes the weight of any commodity shipment after deducting the container's weight before the tret allowance. The term also means to act as a sutler.

Sometimes you'll stumble across words that were once valid but are now obsolete. Familiarizing yourself with all the words' meanings and how the current term applies is essential. Otherwise, you might end up using the wrong version of the word in your writing. You don't have to worry about the word suttle as this article covers all there is about the word.

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What is the Definition of Suttle?

The most common definition of suttle might not be what this word means. This is because the word is an obsolete version of the commonly used word subtle. You may define the term as something difficult to detect or identify at first glance. 

For instance, an interior designer might pick up on subtle color changes that others might not notice. When you describe something as subtle, it is hard to deduce or figure it out without a second look due to its complex nature. The word applies as subtle, but people once spelled it as they pronounced it; suttle.

Here are example sentences of subtle (suttle):

  • Caitlyn Jenner's physical change was her choice, but I'd hardly call the body transformation subtle.
  • The inspector took one look at the drapes and stated that someone had switched them due to the subtle color changes.
  • After spending a year away from her house, her mother still noticed the subtle changes done to her home.

Subtle as the Correct Current and Correct Spelling of Suttle: More Meanings

Subtle also means having an innate ability to understand something with a keen sense of discernment. You may also define the word as having an incredible feeling of perception.

Use the word subtle when describing someone who understands and discerns certain matters before anyone else. You may use the term in both formal and informal situations.

Here are examples of some sentences with the word:

  • My grandmother always said that a subtle mind and a calm demeanor could get you out of any situation.
  • With all the confusion over the office, no one noticed that Gerald was more subtle than usual when doing his duties.
  • If you'd like to succeed in the mission, you must remain subtle and keep your plans to yourself.

Subtle also means working or spreading in a concealed or hidden manner to the naked eye. When using this definition, remember that the object or substance in question spreads in a way likely to cause harm to someone or something.

Take a look at the following examples:

  • Tod continued working on the farm, not knowing that the subtle poison was spreading in his body.
  • They all kept doing their duties but still in subtle defiance of their bosses.
  • We decided we would rather walk out subtly than remain oppressed at the office.

What is the Meaning of Suttle?

Suttle refers to the weight that remains after deducting the tare. The word also refers to acting as a sutler. A sutler is an individual that follows around a troop or an army, selling them crucial supplies during battle.

As previously mentioned, the word suttle has its definition. However, you might mistake it because it is the misspelled version of the word subtle. Remember to choose the correct term for different contexts.

Here are some sentences with the word suttle:

  • Despite the platoon going into battle regularly, they didn't have any challenges with provisions due to the suttle business.
  • Timmy wanted to join the suttle business after college because his uncle told him it was a lucrative profession.
  • A sutler is an individual in the suttle business where they follow a camp and sell the soldiers' supplies.

Suttle as a Surname

In some cases, the word suttle is a surname. You have probably encountered the word in such situations, or maybe you know someone named "suttle.' Remember to start with a capital letter whenever you use this word as someone's name.

For example:

  • Donald Suttle
  • Michelle Suttle

How to Use Suttle in a Sentence

The phrase suttle is an adjective that accompanies an object in a sentence. Words such as sutled, sutling, and suttled are simple past, present participle, and simple past participle of suttle, respectively. However, these words are still acceptable adjective forms of the word suttle. The word also exists as a noun (sutler) and an adverb (suttly).

Using Suttle as a Noun

The word changes to sutlery, meaning the trade of a sutler, one that follows an army to sell them provisions, or sutlership, meaning the craft of being a sutler.

Go through these sentences to understand better:

  • Being a sutler might be a well-paying job, but it also puts you in a dangerous situation.
  • The platoon bought several sacks of wheat, two boxes of baked beans, and coffee beans from the sutler behind them.

Using Suttle as an Adverb

When the word suttle changes into an adverb, it becomes "suttly." However, this word is an ancient form of the word subtly, which is less likely to attract any attention.

Here are more example sentences:

  • For several months, the government has been raising the gas prices subtly, preventing public suspicion.
  • The droplets subtly grew into a puddle, then later into a pond, then later into an artificial lake.

Since the word suttle is also an ancient form of the adjective subtle, we'll brush over the noun and adverb forms of the expression subtle.

Noun of Subtle

The word subtle changes into "subtility or subtlety" when it becomes a noun. The new word describes the state or quality of being subtle.

An example of a sentence would be:

The letter had a great deal of subtlety and did not reflect the entire situation on the ground.

Adverb of Subtle

"Subtle" changes to subtly when used as an adverb. The word describes an action done with subtleness or in a subtle manner.

A sentence with the word subtly is:

  • Norman subtly suggested that we should go through the office as we do every day not to arouse any suspicion.

10 Examples of Suttle in a Sentence

The subsequent ten sentences will incorporate the word suttle to help you understand how to use it in a sentence.

  1. The first cake has an intense chocolate flavor, but the second has much more suttle vanilla and strawberry flavor.
  2. No sooner had the men started their suttle business than gunshots rented the air around them, causing retaliation.
  3. She opted to stay at her table but kept stealing suttle glances at Ted, indicating that she was interested.
  4. The rules appear in a suttle manner, but the consequences once you break them are anything but subtle.
  5. Rondo might have thought that his suttle hand gesture to Chris Paul had escaped the referees, but that was not the case.
  6. Every Cancer symptom starts suttle but if they are not spotted early can cause severe complications in the future.
  7. My father was anything but subtle when he was still in the suttle business during the Vietnam War.
  8. You don't have to be aggressive to him; sometimes, the best way to have him behave is to be subtle and calm.
  9. Tony Hawks always started his skating routine with some suttle tricks, then proceeded to more complex ones later.
  10. If you cross the mob boss again, suttle will be the last quality you ever use to describe him.

How Do You Spell Suttle?

The best way to spell Suttle is S.U.T.T.L.E. You may also spell the word subtle as S.U.B.T.L.E.

How Do You Pronounce Suttle?

Pronounce the word suttle as [sut].[tle].

Remember that when pronouncing the word suttle, it sounds as you would spell it. This is still how you pronounce subtle as well. However, be mindful of the spelling between the two terms.

How Many Syllables Are In Suttle?

The word suttle has only two syllables; sut.tle.

History & Etymology of Suttle

Suttle originated from sutler, a common word back in the 1580s. The term sutler was used to describe people who followed an army to sell them food. Sutler comes from the Dutch phrase zoetelaar and the Middle Low German word stueler, which means "an individual that carries out cunning or dirty tricks." These words are no longer used in the English language today.

Synonyms Of The Word "Suttle"

  • Profound
  • Slight
  • Ethereal
  • Ingenious
  • Exquisite

Antonyms Of The Word "Suttle"

  • Hard
  • Harsh
  • Honest
  • Unsubtle
  • Forthright

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When Was Suttle First Used?

The year 1640 was the first time "suttle" was used with its current definition.


Some words might have a single meaning, whereas others, such as suttle, might have several meanings, even becoming someone's surname. You have seen that people used the word suttle to define a particular meaning, but its spelling was later changed but retained its original meaning. Based on the context, ensure you know what word you'd like to use in your particular situation.