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Succumb Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Succumb Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

The best way to learn how to use new words in your speech and writing is to practice them in sentences. However, this is only possible when you know what these words mean; otherwise, you will be misusing each word. For instance, the best use of the word “succumb” requires knowing the succumb definition, meaning, and usage.

“Succumb” is defined as “the loss of determination to challenge” or “oppose something.” It’s also described as accepting defeat or giving up after a long struggle. In sentences, the words like submit, drop, guard, accede, fold, or perish are acceptable synonyms to replace the word succumb.

You now know the standard succumb definition. However, you may be surprised to find out that there are many other meanings for this word. This article will discuss these meanings and the best ways of using this word correctly in your spoken and written communications.

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What Is the Definition of Succumb?

The word refers to the failure to resist temptation, force, or other negative pressures.

The best application of this definition is when describing “yielding to pressure that has been applied for a long time.” Another way of defining this term is “buckling under pressure.” For instance, if you succumb to taking a bribe, the pressure is too great for you to resist taking that bribe.

Here are some examples in sentences:

  • Upon further inspection, it was discovered that the building was about to succumb due to its weak foundation.
  • He couldn’t succumb to taking a bribe, and he was later arrested.

What Is the Meaning of Succumb?

Another definition of “succumb” is accepting or agreeing to something or someone reluctantly.

This meaning is most suitable when describing a situation where something has constantly been applying pressure. It’s also applicable when someone is coerced to accept someone or a proposal that would not be acceptable.

Here are some examples in a sentence to help you understand:

  • After a lengthy standoff between them and the union leaders, the government had to succumb.
  • Many young ladies do not wish to be married off at a young age but succumb to their parent’s pressure.

The word succumb is also used to describe dying from an injury or a disease. This meaning best describes a situation where someone or an animal dies after a long struggle with sickness. The word, in this case, is followed by the preposition “to.”

  • With great sadness, we announce the death of Oliver Stone after he succumbed to diabetes.
  • Black Panther 2 was shelved after Chadwick Boseman succumbed to colon cancer.

Is Succumb a Negative Word?

No, it’s not. The word succumb, by definition, means to lose the will or determination to oppose something or someone. The word is a verb. Thus, it is an action word. It describes the act of yielding to pressure or temptation.

The word comes from the French word “succomber,” which means “to fall” or “give in.” The term may describe an adverse action such as succumbing to temptation or dying. However, describing an adverse action does not necessarily mean it’s a negative word.

How to Use Succumb in a Sentence

The word succumb is used in different forms as nouns, adverbs, and adjectives. Here are some of the forms of the expression and their usage:

When the word succumbs is used as a noun, it becomes succumber; one who gives in to pressure after a certain period.

  • When the rebel forces take over a town, they make the succumber follow their religious doctrines and laws.
  • Mathew approached the succumber despite winning the game and shook their hand to show proper sportsmanship.

When used as an adjective, use the term “succumbent” (obsolete), succumbed, or succumbing. It’s important to note that these words are the present and past participle forms of the word succumb. In specific situations, these words are used as adjectives.

  • After a long battle with colon cancer, the man succumbed.
  • The lady may look tough, but she’ll eventually succumb to our demands.

There is no adverb form of the word succumb known. However, the terms succumbing, succumbed, and succumbently could be used as adverbs of the word. It’s important to note that they may not be acceptable in some places.

10 Examples of Succumb in a Sentence

So far, we’ve discussed the several meanings and how to use the word succumb correctly in various scenarios. The subsequent ten sentences will help you understand how to use the word and its various forms in your sentences. Practice using these sentences and develop your own to boost your confidence.

  1. Sometimes, even a great man can succumb to the pressures of society and follow the trend.
  2. Due to their exceptional brilliance and strict discipline, nobody could have predicted that Bayern Munich would succumb to a team like Sevilla.
  3. Michael has no respect for anyone or authority because he thrives on making people succumb to his desires and plans.
  4. One of the many pressures I regret succumbing to while in college was drinking and doing drugs.
  5. The American government has a strict policy of not succumbing to terrorist demands or threats.
  6. Despite being diagnosed with brain cancer at age 12, Frankie succumbed to the disease when he was 34.
  7. His financial advisors told Darlene that the stock price would succumb to the pressure brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  8. Despite his team going through many challenges this season, his knee injury made him succumb and retire for the season.
  9. Leslie is yet to succumb to the threats issued to her by Marsha and Natasha.
  10. Wild rabbits may be resilient against the cold winter weather but can succumb to below-freezing temperatures.

How Do You Spell Succumb?

The term succumb is spelled s.u.c.c.u.m.b or \ sə-ˈkəm \ according to the IPA.

When spelling “succumb,” remember that the word has a double “c” and a silent “b” at the end.

How Do You Pronounce Succumb?

[suh].[khum] is the acceptable pronunciation of the word succumb. 

When pronouncing the word, remember that the letter “b” at the end is silent. It’s important to note the American and British accents in the word’s pronunciation. Whichever pronunciation you use, pay close attention to the specific stress points.

Succumb Synonym

  • Quit
  • Defer
  • Buckle
  • Yield

Succumb Antonym

  • Refuse
  • Continue
  • Stay
  • Ascend

How Many Syllables Are In Succumb?

The term succumb has two syllables; suc.cumb.

The best way to count how many syllables are in a word is to monitor how many times your jaw moves and drops when you say the word.

History & Etymology of Succumb

“Succumb” traces its roots from the Old French word “succomber.” The word also comes from the Latin word “succumbere” used in the late 15th century. Its Old French and Latin versions’ meanings are still in use today.

The French word “succomber” was primarily used in the legal profession to refer to someone losing a case. Its Latin version “succumbere” defined yielding, sinking, overcoming, or submitting. The word succumb comes from the suffix sub, which means under, and “cumbere,” meaning lie down.

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When Was Succumb First Used?

The word succumb was first used as an English word with its current meaning in 1604. 


Now that you’re familiar with the various meanings and uses of the word succumb, you shouldn’t have any challenges adding it to your vocabulary. Remember to include it in your writing regularly to improve your prowess in word usage. If you have any difficulties using the word or want to learn more about it, you can refer to this article or search for additional study sources online.

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