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Social Networking Strategies

Importance of Social Networking


If you have already established your business and have your website up and running, it is now time to start thinking about publicizing your existence using social networking. It is all well and good to have a great business model or a top notch website, but if no one knows that you exist all of your efforts just might be for naught. One of the most cost effective ways that you can grow your brand is by using the multitude of social media opportunities that are available to you. With just a little bit of upfront sweat equity and a daily commitment to updating your social media channels with fresh content, you can be well on your way to creating your own media buzz.

Start Integrating Social Networking

The basics of buzz can be started with accounts on the two social media giants, Facebook and Twitter. While the initial setup is likely to be the most time consuming part of your efforts, once you have your social media ducks in a row your daily socializing efforts can be completed in just a few minutes a day if you so desire. Once the basics of your Facebook and Twitter accounts are set up, you can spend the rest of your allocated socializing time building your network and continuing to create buzz around your brand. The key to creating ongoing social media attention is to interact with like-minded individuals as well as those that are likely to be interested in what your business has to offer. Never miss the opportunity to place your Facebook address and Twitter tag in anything and everything that you post online. From your email signature to the forum posts you make, look at each entry that you make online as an opportunity to spread the gospel of your brand. It is all about getting your brand’s name out there and what better way than to include your pertinent details every time you send an email or comment on something online. Continue to engage in forums that are based on your business’ interests, comment on blogs pertinent to your company’s focus, and consistently offer your followers helpful and interesting information relevant to your business at every opportunity. Add informative posts to your Facebook page, tweet interesting links of interest on Twitter and you will soon find yourself the go-to person in terms of your business’ focus.

Use Videos as a Part of Social Networking

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Social Networking Video Ideas


Another highly useful way to build business buzz is to get creative with video. The focus on video is expected to explode over the coming years so why not capitalize on this trend by starting your own video channel on sites like YouTube? You do not have to be a master camera operator or tech savvy guru to create engaging and enlightening videos in very short order. With the plethora of creative sites available on the internet to assist you with your video creation needs, in as little as a few minutes you can have a top notch business video uploaded to your own YouTube channel. From an animated comic strip complete with voice animation all the way to a multi-transitional professional quality video with stunning visual effects, the vast array of graphics that you can create for your own video social media channel is quite staggering. YouTube is making your efforts even easier with offerings like and

Integrate Blogging with Social Media

Not to be overlooked in your efforts to build business buzz through social media is blogging. While you may think that since you already have a website there is no need for a blog too. This could not be further from the truth. While your website can be a stand alone entity that represents your business, your blog can be the personal touch that you give to your brand’s online identity. Think of your website as the storefront that people see while your blog can be more like the personable person a customer meets when they enter your premises. You can even combine blogging and video and opt for the latest social media craze “vlogging”. By combining video and blogging into your business’ online presence you highlight to all existing and potential customers that you are not online “with” the times but are potentially even slightly ahead of the curve. You can promote your website, Facebook and Twitter accounts through your blog and ever increase your exposure by doing so. Building your business buzz through social media can be compared to a runaway bus that shows no signs of stopping. When you add factors like mobile technology into the mix, savvy business owners are realizing that they had best get on the bus or be run over by it. It is your choice and your chance for success; what is stopping you?

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