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If you are thinking of utilizing social media to help build your business it helps to know which sites to use to get the most bang for your buck. Not only do you need to be able to use the sites that will give you the most impact but you also want to know how to use them effectively. Without proper care and attention to the way you are actually using social media for your business, you not only run the risk of using it ineffectively but possibly even alienating potential clients.


tips for social media Learn to Become Social

The key to using social media effectively is to remember the “social” aspect of it. Think of social media like a conversation with a friend. If the only thing you ever want to talk about is yourself and what you have been up to, you run the risk of turning off potential customers permanently. If any of your communications through social media are all about me, me, me your customers are soon going to tire of your messages and begin to tune you out. You need to engage with your audience and create ongoing dialogues with them.

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Learn Social Media Techniques

Whether that conversation is through questions you ask on your Facebook page to polls you post on your Twitter feed to video submissions you request through your YouTube channel, it is all about engaging with and creating a dialogue with your social network. The important factor to remember is that you want to create a two way connection with your social network on topics that are of interest to you both. Tweet information through Twitter on topics that are of interest to your followers that may or may not have anything to do with your business. Post funny videos or thoughts on your Facebook page to show the personality of your business. Show the human side of your business and more people will be inclined to engage with you socially.


tips for social media Picking the Right Social Sites

When it comes to knowing which social media sites to use to get the most return on your investment there are three that come out head and shoulders above the rest. While some businesses might swear by Tumblr or love StumbleUpon they are not in the top three in terms of getting the most back for your efforts. The top three social media sites to pay attention to are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. While many businesses are well aware of the potential of Twitter and Facebook in terms of engaging with their customers, few take advantage of the potential of YouTube.


techniques for social media Social Media Through Web Video

One great way to get your business going on YouTube is to create your own channel. You do not need to be a Hollywood filmmaker or expert cameraperson in order to create great videos. With the help of free downloadable software, you can create wonderful videos with simple text, with still images, or a combination of them both. If you add royalty free background music to your creation you can have a visually appealing creation in no time. Once your video is complete and uploaded to your business YouTube channel, you can share a link on your Twitter account, post it on your Facebook page, and even add it to your website or blog. Videos can be humorous and fun or serious and to the point. No matter what types of videos you create, be sure to keep the social concept in mind. You want your network to find your creations interesting and if possible make them something that your network might be tempted to share. Create a silly goofy video of your business that still gives a great impression of your company and your network might even be tempted to share it with their network too.


tips for social media Connecting the Social Dots

By using YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to spread the personality of your business you cannot help but to grow its presence online. The more people that engage with your firm the greater your odds are of converting them to a long term customer. Do not take their engagement with you for granted and make every effort to never lose their trust. With a concerted effort and focus on quality dialogue, you can effectively use social media to benefit your business in a very positive way.

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