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social media marketing

Social Media Benefits

Social media marketing is a very cost efficient way to grow your online business through free social media websites and applications. No matter what type of online business you have, using social media is an incredibly effective way to not only publicize your business but to also grow your customer base. There are a number of ways that you can accomplish this simply by devoting a little time each day.

Making Time for Social Media Marketing

In order for your socializing efforts to be valuable you do not necessarily have to hire a media specialist or spend hours upon hours each day promoting your online business. If you get in the habit of spending a specific amount of time each day to sites like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook you can significantly increase the reach of your company. If you find that making the time for social media efforts becomes a chore then try scheduling a specific time slot each day to growing your business. For some individuals, first thing in the morning works great. Simply grab a cup of coffee and then spend the first hour of your work day networking your business through online channels. In no time at all it will become a habit and you might even find that it is one of the more enjoyable parts of your day.

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When you are using these tools to grow your online business it is absolutely crucial to never overlook the social aspect of social media. You want to help your company to grow and to sustain that growth over the long haul. In order to accomplish that long term growth goal you need to deliberately focus on building relationships with your customers. Being social online does not mean bombarding them with “look at me” or “buy me” messages. You want to connect with your customers in ways that are meaningful to them while still offering them the opportunity to indulge in whatever products or services you offer. Customers tend to be much more loyal to businesses that they like on a personal level and that they know value their patronage. Never take their patronage for granted nor disrespect it in any way either. Using their email without their express permission or forwarding their information to another business are two sure fire ways to lose their business. Appreciate why they are interested in your business and continue to engage with them in ways that are meaningful to them.


No matter which social media sites you choose to use to market your online business you can encourage continued growth by asking for information and responses from your audience. Place a poll about your business on your Facebook page with specific choices for your audience to interact with. Ask open ended questions on Twitter in order to create a dialogue with your followers. Upload a video to your company’s YouTube channel and invite responses in the comments section by posting a question that your viewers can respond to.

Engaging Social Media

Whatever you do, be sure that you follow up with each response that you get so that your audience knows that you truly appreciate their input. There is no point in beginning a dialogue if you are not going to follow up on their responses. Failure to respond to their comments is like throwing money out the window. Use their responses as a way to engage with them and to continue the conversation. Respond to their comments and then continue the dialogue by asking another question or even just asking for feedback. You want to take advantage of their participation with you to keep the conversation going and to build loyalty and camaraderie with you and your company. Interacting effectively simply means that you continue to engage with your audience and build relationships with them through your efforts. It may take a little effort on your part but the time you invest will be well worth when you see your online business flourish because of your efforts. Just think of your social efforts as your version of advertising and the only thing that it costs you is a little bit of your time. Isn’t your business worth the effort?

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