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Social Media Branding Tips

An effective article marketer uses a variety of tools to build their brand over time. One extremely useful tool to utilize in your efforts to build your brand is social media and branding combined. With so many options available to you, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. If you are unsure how to use social media to your advantage, these tips can prove quite effective in growing your brand recognition.

Share Don’t Scream

Social media is just that; it is meant to be social. If you had a friend that never talked about anything except their own interests, you would very soon lose interest and move on to a more fulfilling friendship. The same is true for social media. You need to share information socially that is of interest to others. Engage with others on their level with information that is of interest to them, if you want to build an effective long term social relationship with them. For every tidbit of info that you share through social media that pertains to your business, you should be sharing at least one tidbit that does not. Whether you use Twitter to tweet information to your followers or you post information on Facebook, the key is to share information that others will find interesting. Rather than a continual posting of “look at me, look at me” information, share with your network the same way you would share with people in on a face to face basis.

Engage Don’t Enrage

This tip ties into the sharing philosophy, but is slightly different in that you need to engage with your network socially. If members of your network are involved in business interests other than your own, take the opportunity to help them further their interests. If they tweet information on Twitter that pertains to their business, retweet that information for them. Chances are that they are likely to return the favor and retweet your posts to their followers. Take the time to reciprocate postings on Facebook for comments left on your business’ page. Be sure to make your posts relevant to the poster’s comments or business interests. If you can cleverly and effectively tie your comments into your business interests, that is all the better. If you are trying to use social media to build your brand’s image, it is vital that you carefully craft that image. If your Twitter followers or Facebook friends feel like you are only interested in spamming them with more “look at me” posts, it is going to do nothing to build your brand and will only serve to turn them off.

Socialize Creatively

Social media is so much more than simply using Twitter or Facebook. You can be social in a variety of ways. If you are launching a new product, you can include a link to that new product in your email signature. Get into the habit of engaging on forums where your business might be of interest to other forum posters. Include a link to your website in your forum posting signature. If you have an article or a post on your site that is particularly relevant, include a link to that article within your forum post or as part of your email signature. Start offering a guest post on sites and blogs that are relevant to your business. It helps to build your brand and gets your name out there within your own industry. Being social means getting involved. You may initially question whether the effort is worth the payoff, but think of your social media strategy as a long term investment. It is about building a relationship and developing your reputation.

Donate Your Expertise

Another great way to build your social media reputation is to donate your expertise to non-profit organizations related to your business. Find non profits that could benefit from your business knowledge and offer your expertise to them. Offer a free article to them for their newsletter. Introduce them on Twitter to others that might be of use to them. Connect them to others that can help them to further their cause. Social media comes in many different forms; it is up to you as to how you develop your own strategy.

Sponsor Socially

Similar to donating your expertise, you can also use sponsorship to build your brand. Whatever your forte is or your business niche, find startups or promising entrepreneurs in your field and offer a sponsorship. Whether you sponsor online or in real life, the key is to use your sponsorship to build your reputation and help out at the same time.

However you decide to build your brand socially, it is all about engaging with your audience on their level. You can jump on the upcoming trend of gamification and connect with your network through a game application on your website. You can include a downloadable application on your website that is of use to your followers or network connections. You can even connect with them where they socialize through a site like Foursquare. It is all about connecting with others on their terms and building your brand’s reputation in the process.

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