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So Vs. Soo: What Spelling Should Be Used When Writing?

So Vs. Soo: What Spelling Should Be Used When Writing?

The words “so” and “soo” have been discussed among English speakers. It has been confusing even amongst those without first knowledge of the English language. This article will clarify the difference between the two words and which to use when writing.

The correct spelling to be used when writing is the word “so” rather than “soo.” “So” is an adverb with a wide range of uses. It might denote “extremely” or “very,” for example. It can also signify “in the same manner,” or it might be used to refrain from saying anything already expressed.

The distinction between the words “so” and “soo” and the proper way to employ them in a sentence will be covered. When you write, using incorrect spelling can cause your readers to receive the wrong meaning.

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What Do The Words “So” And “Soo” Mean?

If you have ever received a message from a buddy that begins with “soo” and continues with an intriguing tale, you must have wondered if your friend was using the right word. The words “so” and “soo” are often used interchangeably when writing; however, it is best to know the correct word to use before writing.

The word “so” refers to a direction or style suggested or indicated. It also means ‘to a certain but unspecified degree.’ This word can also refer to, therefore, as a result of that, and consequently.

The word “so” is an English word that, in addition to its numerous applications, has gained popularity recently as a harmonizing conjunctive starting word in sentences. The word “so” is a common way to end sentences. An example of how to end a sentence is a synchronizing conjunctive, referring to anything addressed earlier.

A coordinating conjunctive hanging “so” indicates something that might be uttered in the future. The phrase “so” was originally used as a sentence opening in numerous lines of Chaucer’s mid-1380s novel Troilus and Criseyde. After that, historical, literary works like William Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece from 1594 employ “so” as a sentence starter.

It is generally accepted that Silicon Valley is where the recent use of the preposition “so” as a phrase starter started. “Whenever a computer programmer replies, he commonly begins with the word “so,” said Michael Lewis in his 1999 book The New New Thing. Employees at Microsoft have long contended that the “so” surge started with them.

The word “so” could allude to anything that was said earlier. In communication, a hanging “so” encourages the listener to express or think about the consequences of the information given without the speaker needing to do it themselves. It has occasionally been perceived as a sort of bragging. In writing, a conversational “so” that hangs open can be denoted by “so” and an ellipsis.

A heightened, alternative spelling of “So” is “Soo.” No serious writing, whether professional or casual, will use such a format as it is not considered a word in English. However, it can be employed in highly informal discussions between friends using text messaging and social media.

How To Properly Use The Words “So” And “Soo” In A Sentence

The word “so” may be used as a concluding adverb to enhance a phrase. “So” can also function as an intensifying adverb in the middle of a phrase. The word “so” has a wide range of applications. “So,” for instance, can be used to imply “extremely,” “very,” or “to such a degree.” 

This word can also be used to refer to something similar or in the same manner. The word “so” can be used to imply that a statement is true and to avoid saying the same thing twice. According to The Cambridge Dictionary, “So” could also be used in front of the word “not” for stress and to argue against certain negative remarks.

The word “so” is used as a pronoun that takes the place of an adjective mentioned above. It can also be used in a sentence to refer to or describe someone as homosexual. We use this word in a sentence to introduce a different subject, query, or anecdote, following a pause for reflection.

This word is used as short for what for. It is also used to make a connection between the prior inquiry and a previous discussion or incident. It can also be used as a solfège syllable for the major scale’s fifth note. The word “so” refers to a particular kind of dairy item produced in Japan during the 7th and 10th centuries.

The word “soo,” on the other hand, is not considered a valid word in the English language. This word cannot be found in any English dictionary and is only used in informal settings.

When texting with your friends, you can use the word ‘soo” to replace the word “so” as an exaggeration for your statement. However, when writing formally or academically, it is best to avoid using the word “soo” in your sentences. Remember that “Soo” is frequently used in conversations to highlight the tale being delivered.

Additionally, it occurs more frequently in casual encounters such as text messages or social platforms. This means that it is acceptable for you to utilize the expanded “Soo” version at some time. These days, that is how individuals communicate.

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Bulleted List Of Examples Of The Words “So” And “Soo” Used In Sentences

We will provide some examples of the word “so” in a sentence since the word “soo” is not considered a valid word in English. Below are some examples of the word “so” in a sentence.

  • He divided one so that it might run across the floor while separating the other into three piglets; one was then divided into four.
  • Ridges of gleaming white sand encircled the campsite like a dozing dragon, absorbing heat so it could later spit its hot breath at the occupants.
  • Peter Randall was a friendly neighbor, and the family thought he might be involved, so he was on our radar even though we did not tell him about the tip.
  • I thought about telling her that the tipster was sick and would be unavailable for a few days, but I decided against it because doing so would invite someone to engage in a crime while the tipster was away.
  • She can step in for Martha and try to calm Roger enough so he can fall asleep while hammering home to her the significance of keeping her lips quiet.
  • My mum thought I would visit the neighbors, so she asked someone from the neighborhood to keep an eye on me while she was gone. 
  • This little bunch who believed they had been so clever concealing in that ridiculous establishment in Keene could assume that the individual they pursued was now hunting them.
  • While I would not contest anyone’s right to love unconditionally, doing so would negatively affect countless lives, including the ones you are trying to save.
  • Asking Brennan directly might bring him to us, so I created a tale about how we were looking over past cases to see whether someone who had been released from custody had perhaps turned to this kind of crime again.
  • Mary found it so heartbreaking that she urged Derek to attempt several times to achieve success.

Final Thoughts

Spellings are an important part of writing; one wrong spelling can change the entire context of writing and infer a different meaning than intended. The word “so” is used in formal settings. It is an alternative for the word ‘therefore,’ it also means ‘in order that,’ ‘for that reason,’ and ‘with the result that.’ The word “soo” refers to an exaggerated version of the word “so” and is used when texting with friends or in other informal settings.