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Shrewd Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Shrewd Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

When you first get into business, most of your relatives and friends will tell you that you need to be “shrewd.” Well, while what they say is true, don’t just agree, especially when you do not know the meaning of the word “shrewd.” Let us now find out the shrewd definition, meaning, and usage.

“Shrewd” means wise, smart, sharp, or intelligent. Use the word in sentences to showcase your ability to have a good judgment. A shrewd person can understand and judge a situation quickly to use it to their advantage. Such people are known for cleverness and discerning awareness.

If a person is shrewd, they are on constant alert because they know that there are many pitfalls in life, especially in areas to do with finance. So they try to find a good balance between enjoyment and self-control. Get to learn more about the shrewd definition and exciting facts like origin and pronunciation.

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What Is the Definition of Shrewd?

Shrewd: someone who can judge a situation very well and then make the right decision depending on the situation. If someone is shrewd, they know how to survive using their wits. Simply put, they know how to navigate through life. You need to have a strategy and plan so that they can do well.

Example sentences:

  • She was shrewd enough not to take the promotion as she knew that it entailed more time in the office and that she would not have a personal life.
  • It was a shrewd move to buy the grocery before they announced that there would be a lockdown.
  • Anna was a shrewd politician who could read the room and then tell the audience exactly what they wanted to hear without offending anyone.

What Is the Meaning of Shrewd?

“Shrewd”: Disposed to or marked by artful and canning practices. It can also mean tricky. Someone is “shrewd” when they do not get by using good behavior alone. Such people do not play it safe. Others take risks intended to benefit them.

Example sentences:

  • The farmer was a shrewd businessman who saw opportunities and used them to build his empire.
  • The actress was shrewd and would cut into performances and ensure that she stood out from the crowd.
  • I do not play poker with James since I know that he is a shrewd gambler.

Different Word Forms of the Word Shrewd

The word “shrewd” is an adjective used to describe a person or thing that is clever and practical in some way. Some of its word forms include the following.

Shrewdly (adverb): Cleverly or shrewdly.

Example sentences:

  • The event organizers shrewdly invented the mayor as the play was all about him.
  • The students shrewdly went on strike to avoid doing exams.
  • She enjoyed her debut while shrewdly aware that if she did not do something different, her stardom would be short-lived.

Shrewdness (noun): Intelligence manifested by being astute.

Example sentences:

  • We admired how he displayed shrewdness in the way he handled things.
  • Such shrewdness is exhibited by someone who is ruthless and does not care what other people think about them.
  • The only reason that he came to dominate was because of his shrewdness, audacity, and charm.

Shrewd Most Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

You’ve probably come across this word in various contexts. Here are some of the common questions people ask and their answers to help you understand this word in detail.

  1. Is shrewd a negative word? “Shrewd” describes someone who has practical intelligence and sound judgment. But the word has a negative connotation since it also defines someone marked by deception. 
  2. What does shrewd mean in religion? In religion, “shrewd” means acute in perception and sound in judgment. According to most religions, a shrewd person is the one who knows what they do now will have a great impact on their future.
  3. What is the difference between a shrewd person and a smart person? When a person is shrewd, they practically show clever resourcefulness. On the other hand, an intelligent person is someone of high and quick cognitive capacity.

Different Word Phrases with the Word Shrewd and Their Meaning

  1. Shrewd negotiator. A person who takes part in political or financial negotiations and can easily understand a situation and use it to their advantage.
  2. Shrewd simian. Someone or something smart and might also be evil.
  3. Shrewd shrew. A cunning, clever, or savvy behavior.

How to Use Shrewd in a Sentence?

The word “shrewd” mainly applies when talking about opinion and judgment. It is either someone “is shrewd or not shrewd.” However, note that being “shrewd” is not always positive. Keep this in mind when constructing sentences with the word.

Words with Similar or Near Meaning to Shrewd

  • Astute
  • Clever
  • Cunning
  • Knowing
  • Brainy
  • Sage
  • Probing
  • Sly
  • Artful
  • Heady

Words that are The Opposite of the Word Shrewd

  • Naive
  • Artless
  • Simple
  • Naive
  • Senseless
  • Stupid
  • Innocent
  • Gullible
  • Inept
  • Trusting

Words with Same Sounds as Shrewd

  • Brood
  • Toot
  • Moot
  • Subdued
  • Acute
  • Route
  • Wood
  • Food
  • Hoot
  • Rude

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10 Examples of Shrewd in a Sentence

You need to keenly look at the sentences with the word “Shrewd” to comprehend the word and its meaning. Here are ten sentences to start you off.

  1. The company always thrived during tough economic times due to its shrewd marketing strategies.
  2. Maxwell was a shrewd politician, which made him rise to the top of his political career.
  3. The union had great leaders known for their shrewd negotiations and tactics.
  4. John was one of the greatest business people who knew how to turn a profit.
  5. He was a sought-after lawyer due to his shrewd tactics in the courtroom.
  6. One of my biggest regrets is handling my finances; I wish I was more financially shrewd.
  7. The time is now, and every shrewd investor needs to jump into this investment scheme since it is a sure bet.
  8. It might be that the financial institutions have made some shrewd decisions and are now planning on selling their stocks.
  9. Jackson gave his brother a shrewd look.
  10. After the war, my uncle became ruthless and shrewd.

How Do You Spell Shrewd?

Spell the word “shrewd” correctly as “S.H.R.E.W.D.” When writing the word, many assume there is a letter “u,” but that is not the case.

How Do You Pronounce Shrewd?

The best way to pronounce “shrewd” is “shrood.”

Practice pronouncing this word until you perfect it. The good thing is once you know how to spell it in an American accent, it becomes easy to change when your audience changes. 

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How Many Syllables Are In Shrewd?

The word “shrewd” has one syllable. 

History & Etymology of Shrewd

The word shrewd originates from the Middle English word “shrew.” “Shrew” means “evil person or thing”; the reason the word “shrewd” got introduced in the English language as the past participle of the word “shrew.” However, as the English language evolved, so did the word. Today, the word “shrew” means “cunning.”

When Was Shrewd First Used?

Did you know that the first use of “shrewd” was in the 13th century? The word meant mischievous.


From the definitions and meanings, if someone is “shrewd” in their spending, they can earn a small salary which can go a long way. So, the word “shrewd” describes a clever or smart person in practical ways. However, the meaning of “shrewd” depends on how you use it in your sentences. That said, take time to ensure that the sentences you construct using these words are easy to understand and bring out your intended meaning.

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