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Keeping Up with SEO Trends

The word trend can be used in a variety of manners, but in today’s high tech world, it is used in its simplest form of what is happening in the world, or what is popular in SEO trends. Items that are trending on the internet or social media outlets tend to give others an idea of what everyone is talking about, thereby keeping individuals in the know, at a glance. Trending stocks let buyers know which portfolios are on the rise, or which industries in the market to pay attention to for opportunities in increased revenue. However, trends are not always on the up. There are specialized markets that trend downward, when opportunities or practicality no longer applies. In media, marketing, public relations and all points in between, practices trend downward when they are no longer successful ways of communicating, or cease in supplying an effective marketing effort to the masses. Online marketing is no different, as popular and dynamic trends seem to change quarterly, if not sooner. The same is true for search engine optimization trends, or SEO trends. Keeping up with the masses, insuring that your SEO practices are the best of the best, can be an ongoing battle; one that can be combated with research, and overall knowledge of what is happening in the industry.

What’s Hot in SEO Trends

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Hot SEO Trends

Keeping up with trends in SEO can be just as time consuming as keeping up with fashion trends. As soon as you think something’s in, it finds itself heading right out of the back door. Here are a few of the always reliable mainstays that companies woefully abandon for hotter fly by night ideas, along with the latest and greatest trends in SEO. Unlike its fashion counter-part, these trends should get us all through the fall and winter months, without incident.

Content, Content, Content!

Whether you are writing new, updating existing or refreshing old information, content is a key component in the search engine optimization world. Blog with reckless abandon daily, to keep you site’s information available to the web spiders that are looking for exactly that: New content. Invite a guest blogger, and allow them to bring their credentials along, so back linking – or incoming links to your website – are increased, allowing more people to find your site through a search. Be sure to allow comments on your blog, so others can interact with your site, and its content. Blogging has transformed the internet from what was once regarded by mass media outlets as individuals spouting through their keyboards from their mother’s basements, to a legitimate means of communication employed by Fortune 500 companies, and almost every major news outlet. Take advantage of the turning tide in communication, and incorporate a blog into your website, if you have not done so already.

Keywords, Keywords, Keywords!

While a lot of things change, some things remain, and keyword initiatives are those that will always be important. Unless individuals start using osmosis to search for items on the web, keywords will always be at the top of the trends in SEO. Be sure to regularly research keywords that are trending in your industry, and apply them to your content. Keep in mind that your target audience may be comprised of individuals whose dialect and directives may contrast with your verbiage or vernacular. Research the trends geographically, so you are not alienating a portion of your prospective clients just by simply calling your product something different than they are used to referring to it. Although you cannot please all of the people, all of the time, it is worth mixing up iterations of copy to make sure you can engulf the majority of their searches, and get them to your page.

Social Networking

Does it work? That was long the million dollar question when industries started trying to shorten the distance between social networking and search engine optimization. The truth has finally set itself free in SEO trends, and the answer is yes: Social Networking begets search engine optimization. Imagine how many times a day you hear or see the phrases: “Like us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter.” The internet lives by the same rule as any other popularity contest dictates, the more people “like” you, “follow” you, comment on your blog, leave feedback on your website, or review your products, the more search engines reflect your popularity, increasing your rank on search engine results pages. Should your company intertwine itself enough in each of those capacities, it very well could be the next trending topic, so do not sell yourself short in the social networking arena. If you have not already created an account for each of the popular social media outlets, do. Be sure to update them daily to help increase your SEO.

Linking Up

Providing links from your website to other authoritative websites helps search engines recognize the legitimacy of your website, thereby strengthening your search engine optimization. Allow identifiably consistent websites, with like information and industry status to link to your website, and provide a link back to theirs in kind. This will help get your website noticed through different marketing channels, allowing for more exposure in your industry, and a higher ranking on the search engine results pages.

The Web Keeps Getting Smarter: Adjust Accordingly

Although search engines only recognize words, making keywords and content incredibly important in SEO trends, applications, or simply “Apps” can also seek out videos, podcasts, maps and other non-text related information. Apps are available through Smart Phones around the world, and are a large part of how individuals solicit information from the web, even more concisely, in a more controlled, specialized atmosphere than through a web search. Will your site, or company information appear as a result of app usage? Smarten up your website to include an application that users can download, or that will work within an app such as “Where” or “Yellow Pages” to keep a tighter hold on your prospective customers, while getting them to your site for more information, once their initial, short-term need is met. Be sure to include descriptive copy on your site that can be grabbed by these applications, such as your complete contact information with an accompanying map.

Although it would be impossible to employ all of the web’s marketing tactics successfully, in one fail swoop, it is possible to keep up with technology, while monitoring what works in your industry. The hottest trends in SEO are typically a variation of previous trends, but knowing which ones work is the key. Trial and error is not the enemy, so do not beat yourself up if one practice does not work for your company. All industries differ in jargon, marketing expectations, and target audiences. The important thing is to know your industry, and who you are marketing to, to effectively optimize your efforts, especially when it comes to search engine results. Keeping your finger on the pulse of all things related to your company, and its target market, will help keep your content up to date, significant to those who are searching for it, and your keyword usage specific to its users. Each of these practices helps tighten and strengthen your SEO, allowing you to implement your own SEO trends for others to follow. SEO trends are one of the last segments where it is still possible to lead, while following.

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