SEO Tools for Excel

SEO Tools for Excel

Excel There are tons of commercial tools out there for SEO, but the unsung hero of the practice is a program whose traditional home is in the business world. Microsoft Excel has some interesting uses as a tool for optimizing websites among its many other simple, yet very advanced, applications. Check out this list of SEO add-ons for Excel.

SEO Tools for Excel

This is an add-on for Excel provided by Niels Bosma. You can do a lot of cool stuff with this addition like creating score card reports, domain research, on-page analysis and even import data from Google Analytics. You can also monitor social media efforts and work with data in MjesticSEO or SEOlytics.

You can currently download the tool for free and all that is required is Microsoft Excel and the full .NET framework  for it to work. If you don’t have the framework, it is conveniently provided on the download page of Bosma’s site. The only thing you have to give in return for the software add-on is your email.

asap-utilities ASAP Utilities

This isn’t marketed as an SEO add-on, but it can be used to automate a lot of routine tasks such as finding and removing duplicate keyword phrases or grouping similar keywords together. You’ll have to pay for this add-on; however, you can play with the free version to see if you can find any use for it before spending money. If you decide to download the full version,  it costs 49 bucks at the time of this writing. If you have no idea where to start with the add-on, there is a great tutorial  on how to use the add-on here.

Make Links Live

This tool is actually a macro and not an add-on, and it’s useful for only one thing – making links live. That may not sound like anything special, but if you have thousands of links in a document and for some reason you want to make them all live when they are not, you are in for some tedious work.

This macro lets you do it by clicking one button. The macro for versions of Excel older than 2007 can be downloaded here. The macro for newer versions of Excel can be downloaded here.

url URL Tools

The SEO tools add-on mentioned above has a URL extraction tool in it, but you can also check out this one. It allows you to extract the root domain name from URLs in a spreadsheet. This comes in handy when you have a ton of URLs, but just want to see the root domains. You can download the add-on here, and learn more about how to install it here.

excel-functions Useful Excel Functions

This isn’t an add-on either, but John Doherty shares 8 useful excel functions for SEO work. Some of these may save you a ton of time when working with large amounts of data. John’s post shows you how to use common Excel functions to do things like finding duplicate data, extracting URIs, clean domain names and create keyword lists among other tasks.

Excel is one of those rare tools that lets people do some really simple things with advanced features that don’t get in the way. If you just want to plug in some numbers, you can do that. If you want to store thousands of lines of complicated code, you can do that too. You can use it for accounting work or to do optimization work on websites.

Do you use Excel for SEO? What other add-ons, plugins or functions are good for SEO? Join the conversation by commenting below.

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