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Defining SEO Marketing

Every man and his dog knows the value of having a successful company website and if you want to do well online then you need to make sure you have a well-planned SEO marketing campaign.

To some, SEO is an unknown art full of jargon and phrases that seem incomprehensible. Speaking to experts often makes things worse as they deliberately try to confuse what is at heart a simple, but time consuming, practice. There’s no switch to flick to boost your site’s popularity, you’ll need to plan an ongoing campaign that continues to positively support your site.

Learning the Basics

If you think you have the time and the manpower, learning the basics is not hard. There are many guides, blogs and tutorials to read online – Google even provides a PDF of things to do and avoid in order to impress its spiders – just make sure what you’re reading is recent. SEO best practices changes regularly so don’t follow advice from several years ago as it’s most likely out of date by now.

As well as reading up on what other people are doing, study what successful sites are up to. Look at the number one in the keywords you’re targeting and see if you can learn from them. Also have a look at some of the most popular keywords – Google has tools to show you what these are – and see how the best sites are getting to the top in the competitive fields.

One advantage of taking SEO into your own hands is the ability to change tact when things aren’t working or when the search engines make a major change to their ranking algorithms. If you’ve signed up to an agency you’re likely to be tied into a contract and they can continue to do what they’ve been doing, something they’ve automated so they can do it for as many clients and as much income as possible. After the panda update, even now, many agencies are still using low quality article hubs as the major link building technique for their clients because they can show past examples of it working and changing to something else might not have the positive effects demanded by their clients.

In-house vs Outsourcing

If you’re doing SEO in house you have the flexibility to change with the industry and run tests with new ideas to make sure your campaign is as up-to-date and effective as possible.

The major problem with trying to do things yourself is that it takes time. Not just to implement your strategy, but also to come up with one and to keep reading the industry thought

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Key SEO Marketing

leaders to make sure you’re on the right path. Agencies will often have many people with a huge interest in SEO so will know what’s happening, but whether they have the influence to offer these services within a huge, often rigid, structure is another issue. The bigger the agency, the less likely you are to see cutting edge changes.


As well as blogs, forums offer a great way to keep up with the latest goings on. Sites such as Digital Point, Warrior Forum and even Black Hat World (where not all discussions are about dubious techniques) offer platforms for webmasters to discuss what’s going on with SEO, what they’ve found to work and ways to help one another. Many of these techniques, especially if they focus around one or two sites, can quickly get saturated but every now and then a high quality idea for a strategy, or the report of someone testing a technique, comes along which can be a huge help to almost any site.

Wrapping it Up

SEO marketing is a must for any company these days and depending on the scale of your site and campaign, you’ll have to make the decision of whether you want to look after this yourself or get an agency to cover this work for you.

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