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SEO Internet Marketing and Social Media

If you are building your brand as an internet marketer, one crucial element that you cannot overlook is the role that social media will play in your SEO Internet marketing success. While search engine optimization has long been at the forefront of must do activities for internet marketers, integrating social media into your efforts is an element that is too vital to miss. As the connection between search results and social media approvals becomes ever closer, the integration of social media into your branding efforts is going to become even more important. If you are looking at SEO internet marketing strictly from a return on investment perspective, then socializing your brand is a definite must do activity.

New Tools Help Search Results

With the arrival of tools like Google’s +1 Button (their equivalent to the Facebook Like button) as well as their hugely successful Google Plus social network, the connection between social likeability and search results is growing ever closer. Previously +1 button results only showed to those that you were socially connected to online. Google is now said to be exploring their options when it comes to integrating overall +1 approvals into search results. When factors such as how many Facebook Likes (or Google +1 votes) a specific page on your website has impacts upon where your site places in search results, this is clearly an element that you cannot afford to miss. The sooner you dive into all of the opportunities that social media can offer you, the further ahead you will be. The integration of social media and search results is already happening; you can choose to play catch up or you can immerse yourself now.

Integrate SEO Internet Marketing and Social Media

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SEO & Social Media

There are a huge number of ways that an internet marketer can use social media to their advantage. While sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus get the lion’s share of the social media hype, they are not the only players in the game. One often overlooked social media tool is video. Whether you choose to use Google’s YouTube or create and share your videos on your own website, connecting with your network using video is a tool that can be extremely useful. You can create text only videos, image and text, or even image, text, and audio videos to get your message out to your network. You need not be a master craftsman when it comes to creating socially sharable videos either. The key is to create a visually appealing entity that not only gets your message out but engages your audience at the same time. If you throw in content characteristics that make your audience want to share your video with their network, then you have truly hit a home run. While a site like NameChk ( is meant to assist you in choosing an online name for specific websites, one look at its vast array of possibilities shows you at a glance just how many social media options are available. You can create a social blog to connect with your audience and build your brand. You can use tools like Reddit, Digg, or StumbleUpon to socialize your content to your network. You can even take advantage of sites like or to build your brand and develop a web presence as an internet marketing superstar.

While taking full advantage of social media may initially seem like an overwhelming fulltime job, with daily practice and persistence it will soon become second nature. Just like you would not go a day without checking your email or smartphone for messages, the same applies to social media. Before too long it will become an integral part of how you do business. You would never think of opening a storefront without advertising to the world the name of your new business with a big bold sign out front. That is exactly what you are doing by utilizing social media as an internet marketer. You are building your brand and creating the image that your network will relate to.


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