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The Content Authority Has The Last Word in SEO Friendly Content

The long-term success of any online business largely depends upon SEO friendly content. Many web-based entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of quality content. Some pursue the dubious alternatives of article directories or self-created website content. Such strategies are severely deficient and eventually cost far more than any perceived “savings.”

Your website is your livelihood

Despite its lack of physical form or structure, a business webpage is your forum for presenting commodities and services to consumers. It is also your medium for conducting commercial transactions. No prudent operator of a physical office or storefront would allow the premises to fall into serious disrepair. Likewise, maintaining a sharp professional image is vital for online businesses.

The Written Word Is Your Marketing Mainstay

The very nature of virtual media mandates good content more than would otherwise be the case.  Unlike brick-and-mortar competitors, internet marketers cannot rely upon prominent physical buildings or exterior signage to attract customers. Written words, imagery, and video content are the exclusive marketing methods available to e-merchants.

Internet Surfers’ Distinct Difference

Consumers perusing websites for pertinent product information have highly cursory reading habits. Unlike print media readers, cyberspace readers scan. You must capture their attention quickly and intently. This calls for strategic subheading placement, bulleted lists, text set-offs, and font enhancements.

Your Definitive Authority for Quality SEO-Friendly Content

Anyone can research the words and phrases to weave into textual content that will theoretically increase search engine rankings. Competent seo friendly content creation encompass far more than mere keyword-stuffing, however. Industry-specific terms and phrases typed into search engine query fields by web surfers frequently changes. Professional authors at The Content Authority always incorporate the latest lingo to your maximum advantage.

It is no easy task to impress readers’ consciousness with specific concepts while keeping keyword repetition inconspicuous. It is a tall order that requires an ideal blend of talent and literary skill. Top-tier authors at The Content Authority possess the proven capacity for optimal keyword placement and frequency within textual content of any volume, subject, or context.

Still Not Convinced?

Consider the following average statistics for competent seo friendly project completion:

SEO Project                                           Estimated Completion Time

Rewrite or edit existing content         1-3 hours per page
SEO Articles of 300-500 words         2-4 hours per article
Press Releases                                       2-3 hours per letter
Original web content copy                  2-4 hours per page
E-mail marketing letters                     1-3 hours per day
Newsletters                                            2-5 hours per page

It is simply not cost-effective for busy entrepreneurs to attempt self-created seo friendly content campaigns.

Cost vs. Benefit Comparison

  • Prudent businesses maintain a competitive edge in their trade, occupation, or profession. So do competent writers of seo friendly content. Affiliate authors at The Content Authority often earn their livelihoods by crafting effective online textual presentations.
  • They avoid errors in grammar and spelling most scrupulously. Such careless literary gaffes kill a quality written work of art and destroy credibility with clients and consumers.
  • Distinguished authors at The Content Authority continuously invest in developing and enhancing seo friendly writing skills. They maintain them through professional networks such as The Content Authority‘s author forum and writer support services.
  • Likewise, The Content Authority site has invested in state-of-the-art automation to ensure delivery of high-quality seo friendly content. Our proprietary platform contains features that verify all submitted articles for plagiarism, grammatical errors, and incorrect keyword density.
  • If you ever need a major operation, would you decide to attend medical school with all its attendant costs and commitment? Or, would you seek the services of a competent professional who already possessed the needed acumen? When you add it all up, the benefits of outsourcing seo friendly content creation with The Content Authority far outweigh the nominal costs.

Shawn Manaher

Shawn Manaher is the founder and CEO of The Content Authority. He's one part content manager, one part writing ninja organizer, and two parts leader of top content creators. You don't even want to know what he calls pancakes.

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