SEO Firefox Addon

SEO Firefox Addons

Whether you’re trying to optimize just one personal site or a host of money-making possibilities, there’s no denying that SEO can be a time-consuming exercise. Thankfully a lot of the repetitive work can now be cut out by installing an SEO Firefox addon or two. Below are some of the most popular SEO addons available for download.



SeoQuake is a great tool that speeds up competitor analysis. Rather than having to check out each page seperately, this addon shows extra information on Google results pages — including the number of backlinks, the pages indexed, domain age and other SEO-worthy data for the results displayed.

SEO For Firefox


SEO For Firefox works in a similar way to SeoQuake, but displays different criteria for each search result. Expect to see details of .edu and .gov links as well as details of social media activity on sites such as Delicious. SEO For Firefox also provides links to useful tools such as Google Trends and Google Traffic Estimator.



The KGen addon shows you the keywords and phrases that are predominant on a website, both by repetition and weight. Use this on your own site to see what the search engines value as your priority terms or have a look at your competitors to see what it is they’re focussing on.

The addon has a handy feature that allows you to take all the data to clipboard so you can easily analyse and use for other tasks, such as tagging articles or social media work.



YSlow is a handy tool that analyzes and rates a website based on performances. It uses 13 criterion to judge a site, giving it an overall grade on an A-F scale. It’s also kind enough to tell you what your site does well and what it does badly, offering suggestions to improve and speed up the performance of your pages.

User Agent Switcher


The User Agent Switcher addon has one function — to transform Firefox into another internet browser. This ability allows you to quickly check how your site looks when viewed from Google Chrome, Netscape or Opera. This is important to do when making changes to your site, to make sure that everything looks the way it’s supposed to on all browsers. Just because you’re using Firefox, that doesn’t mean everyone has made the switch from Internet Explorer yet.

The SEO Toolbar


Created by SEOBook, the same company that developed SEO For Firefox, this toolbar is filled with tools to help you with your search engine optimization. It has so many tools, in fact, that many will recommend this not alongside all the others above, but simply in place of them.

This toolbar is split up into different areas. The first displays information for the site you are on — backlinks, traffic, page rank etc — while the advanced section will show you the number of links to the page as well as the site and include all the .edu and .gov links as well.

The SEO Toolbar also offers tools to check search engine ranks for specific keywords, keyword research options the ability to highlight nofollow links and a whole lot more.

Having all of this in one toolbar may sound too good to be true, but even Microsoft has praised it.

List of Top SEO Plugins for Firefox


No matter what function you’re looking for, you’re sure to find an SEO Firefox addon that can help you and your site’s performance. Updates and new developments are constantly taking these addons  forward, increasing the scope of their abilities, so be sure to keep an eye out for ways to save yourself time.

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