A Decision Guide To Purchasing Your Next SEO Course

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Whether your business runs its own website or you have a personal blog that you want to promote, taking a well-run SEO course can do wonders for your search rankings and site traffic. Competition among websites is continually increasing as more turn to online marketing to help with their business. This leads to those who are ill-informed or ill-prepared starting to fall behind in the eyes of search engines and, in turn, the mind’s of web users.
Before signing up for a program and investing a lot of time in a poor quality offering, make sure you compare a few of the top courses to see what’s on offer. Make sure the course you’re looking at is at the right level for you: the basic courses will go over keyword research and copy writing, the proper ways to build backlinks to a site and different marketing strategies – either as a complete package or by focusing on one topic. All very useful advice for a beginner, but someone who already knows about the rudiments of SEO will want material that goes a bit further than just the surface.

Education on this topic can be garnered in many ways, with classic manners such as seminars and books still proving popular. These both cost money, with some of the top seminars running at more than $1000 a ticket, so many look for cheaper, or free, methods. The most commonly used learning format is through online courses and downloadable material offered through myriad sites.

There are many free courses available online and a quick search will bring up some of the most popular. These normally take the form of current articles from veterans in the SEO field, but some look to flog ebooks while others give the option to download information that is years out of date.

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There are some courses, such as the one offered by the Aaron Wall on SEOBook, that frequently get good reviews. The main problem with this course is that at $300 a month, subscription isn’t cheap. Membership includes regular updates, trials of SEO products and members-only tools, so it’s a lot more than just a training program. If you’re just starting off, this may be a bit beyond your needs, but once you’ve got the basics sorted and you need a boost to get to the next level, it’s worth looking into.

Reviews for courses are available on many sites, but forums are perhaps the best place to look. Not only will their members be able to discuss the pros and cons of different training schools, they’ll also be able to tell you if the methods described worked on their own site. Many of these messageboards, such as Warrior Forum, are full of experienced website owners looking to discuss what works and what doesn’t with all the latest SEO theories. Sites such as these, full of expert marketers, are free to join and have threads covering almost all possible search engine theories.

Many sites offer an SEO course, either for free or with a charge, but this isn’t always the best option to take. Finding a forum or two and a few blogs and SEO experts on Twitter can often be the best way to learn the basics and beyond of what to do boost your site’s ranking. Once your business has developed and you’re looking to be on the cutting edge of the industry, it may be worthwhile looking to join the experts at a seminar or on a site that offers more than just SEO updates, but until then it’s best to start off with well-regarded free options.

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