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Increase Your SEO Using Facebook

If you want to use social media to increase your SEO efforts, a great way to do so is through the use of Facebook Pages. Requiring very little effort to set up, in no time at all you can have another tool in your SEO arsenal. With keyword optimized content refreshed on a daily basis, you can be driving search engine traffic not only to your Facebook page but to your business website, Twitter feed, and YouTube channel also.

Keywords Essential for Facebook Pages

One important element to be aware of to take full advantage of Facebook Pages is to make sure that the keywords your business focuses on are included within the title of your page. This not only attracts your target audience but it also puts your keywords in your URL. Continuing to add fresh content is crucial as is making sure that your content is keyword optimized without being stuffed. Above all else, you want to be delivering information to your audience that is valuable and shareable. Quality is definitely to be valued over quantity. Before you add any new posts to your Facebook Page ask yourself if you are providing information that is of significant value to your readership and if your post is shareable. For anyone that clicks on your “Become a Fan” link on your Facebook Page, your posts will appear on their wall. If the information you provide is not of real value, you very well could end up losing fans and gaining the reputation of being one step above a social media spammer. You want your posts to garner you new fans, not lose the ones you currently have.

Use Data Feeds

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Data Feeds & Facebook

In order to make the most of your search engine optimization efforts, be sure to include a variety of different data feeds to your Facebook Page. One important element is video. You can create your own YouTube channel with its own share of keyword optimized comments and captions. Once your videos are live on your YouTube channel and are properly optimized, you can then post them to your Facebook page. A well-executed video has a much better chance of becoming popular (if not viral) if it is shared via other social media channels and not just posted on YouTube. The more eyes you can direct to your video content, the greater the odds are of them checking out your website too. Be sure that your video channel is set up professionally with links to your website, company information, as well as links to all of your social media channels. As more and more social signals become integrated into search engine results, having each of your channels well optimized is going to become even more important. Whether you are designing a custom Twitter background for your account or integrating a keyword specific Twitter feed into your website, having all of your social media efforts interlinked is absolutely critical.

Explore Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are another element to consider in your SEO toolkit. Display advertising has all but exploded thanks to the mobile advertising. From Smartphones to iPads, the mobile ad market is going gangbusters and Facebook ads are part of that explosion. The success of this form of advertising is well documented, so why not take double advantage of this opportunity by making sure that your target keywords are well represented within each and every placement.

Making the most of search engine optimization and social networks does require some effort but the rewards are definitely worth it. From integrating your Facebook posts into your Twitter feed, to posting your YouTube videos to the rest of your channels, the success of your efforts will be determined by one hand washing the other. Who is ready to lather up?

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