8 Quick Fire Tips for Selecting an Audience-Pulling Webinar Topic

8 Quick Fire Tips for Selecting an Audience-Pulling Webinar Topic

Avoid boring webinar topicsAlthough it deceptively appears to be the easiest task, one of the hardest jobs you’ll have when planning a webinar is choosing a topic that resonates with your target audience and keeps viewers engaged. You’ll inevitably find that the subject matter has been covered numerous times or that your topic ideas make for a potential snoozefest.

Don’t fear; we have eight easy tips for identifying webinar topics that will draw in audiences and keep them awake.

#1 – Find out What the Experts Are Talking About

Are you tracking industry experts and influencers to find out what they have to say about certain issues? While you’ll never want to reproduce the information they’re providing to their online audiences word for word, you may find opportunities to delve deeper into a topic or present it from a completely different perspective.

#2 – Tap into the Latest Industry Trends

The great thing about social media platforms, Google Alerts, and similar listening tools is that they offer up a plethora of insights brands wouldn’t otherwise have. Be sure to keep up-to-date with your industry monitoring efforts and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a buzz-worthy webinar topic that hits the right spot with your target audience.

#3 – Conduct a Little Target Market Research

If you want to know what your audience wants to hear about, why not just ask them? A simple survey or poll can be a great way to narrow down webinar topics your followers will actually enjoy.

#4 – Draw From Your Team’s Creative Brilliance

Sometimes there are few better resources for webinar topics than the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into closing a sale for your business. Since they communicate with your client base on a regular basis, they’re likely to have information that you don’t. Connect with them, brainstorm creative ideas with them, and get them to share their customer stories and experiences. You never know when you’ll find a golden nugget of insight that just might be your best webinar topic yet.

#5 – Tackle a Pain Point

If you possess a deep enough understanding of your buyer personas, you know what perplexes them during their waking hours and haunts their fretful dreams. Fix it. Give them easy wins with a webinar topic that’s bound to create moments of revelation, comprehension, inspiration, or insight.

#6 – Become Laser Focused

While it’s great that you want to cast a wide net and appeal to as many people as possible, you’d be making one of the biggest webinar marketing mistakes you can make. Why do you want to be laser focused? It’s simple: a topic that appeals to a particular niche is going to generate far more qualified, sales-ready leads than a topic that’s a little more general in nature. Just when you think you’re as specific as you can get, try to refine your subject matter so that it helps segment your prospects according to your buyer personas.


#7 – Think About Search

The-wrong-webinar-topic-equals-low-registrationsIs your topic idea based on your targeted keywords? Can you craft a compelling headline that’ll rank as well as it convinces people to click through to your landing page and register? When you think about webinar topics, you have to keep search factors in mind because if you can’t effectively reach your target audience, you can’t expect to fill virtual seats.

#8 – Consider Future Content

As a marketer, you want to squeeze every idea for all it’s worth. It’s no different when you’re selecting a subject that’s right for your webinar presentation. Therefore, you should determine whether you can spread your topic over a series of webinars or repurpose it for a different audience.

Whatever you do, don’t be discouraged if your webinar topic doesn’t pull in the numbers you hope it will. Everything in marketing should be tested and improved upon, so while you may not have a hit the first time around, you can always try again.


Did you find these tips useful? If you’re a webinar marketing genius, consider adding your tricks to the mix. Drop us a line in the comment box below. 

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