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Rigid Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Rigid Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

"Rigid" is a common word in the English language, and you will come across this word in different fields. But do you know the correct "rigid definition?" You will have a new perspective on the word "rigid" when you know its meaning, usage, spelling, and usage in sentences.

"Rigid" is an adjective. The word means things with little bend or flexibility. The word mainly describes stiff things. An example of something that is "rigid" is a thick metal pole or a piece of strong plastic. Use the term also to describe firmness or radicalness in ideas or actions.

The word "rigid" is diverse and utilized in different areas of life. This article will discuss how you can use the term with several examples to help you understand the word's usage in detail. Take your time to read each section of the article so that you can fully comprehend the word "rigid."

afro woman readingWhat is the Definition of Rigid?

"Rigid" (adjective): Someone that has infinite values or one that does not compromise. The word describes someone accustomed to their ways or believes that they cannot change or adapt to something new.

Some people are firm, stern, or strict in what they do. Such people are uncompromising regardless of the circumstances. These people mainly believe in their ways of doing things due to their previous experience. "Rigid" also describes someone who makes assumptions about how they can solve their problems without taking into account all the information available.

Here are some examples:

  • James' rigid adherence to the law is what made him unpopular in the community.
  • Martha is successful in her career since she follows a rigid schedule when in the office.
  • My grandmother was such a rigid disciplinarian, which explains why my father is strict in his ways.

Rigid Meaning in Different Areas

What does rigid mean in the food industry? In the food packaging industry, rigid means containers that pack fragile food and need protection from falling or breaking.

What is rigid in math? In math, rigid means a shape that cannot be pushed to make a different shape. For instance, a triangle is a rigid polygon.

What is a rigid constitution? A constitution that is slow to change due to a delay in the prescribed process of an amendment; the process can also be lengthy to execute, resulting in rigidity.

What is rigid in medicine? In medicine, rigid refers to inflexible or stiff muscles and causes a decreased range of motion. Inflexibility and stiffness are some of the words frequently interchanged with rigid.

What is rigid in physics? In physics, rigid means an object of the body whose deformation is zero or too small to get recognized. That means the particular object remains adamant about deformation.

What is rigid in chemistry? Rigid in chemistry means solid atoms held together by interatomic forces. The forces position the atoms firmly together and in one position to resist external pressures.

Words That Are Often Confused With the Word Rigid

If you have ever mistaken a word, you understand how easy it is to confuse words with very close meanings. Here is a look at different words that people confuse with rigid and their meaning.

Rigid Vs. Stiff

Though still and rigid have the same meaning, they are slightly different. Rigid means something solid and stiff, while stiff implies something hard to change its shape but can change at times.

Rigid Vs. Strict

Rigid means something that is fixed, while strict means not relaxed. No-nonsense, harsh, severe, or stern are some of the most common words you can use in place of strict.

What is the Meaning of Rigid?

"Rigid" also means using power and authority without considering other people's feelings. The word describes people in power, and they do what they want or what they think is right without considering how other people feel. Simply put, such people have greed for power and control and don't want to comply with what those they serve want.

Here are some examples:

  • Our area inspector is the worst person to solve this case since he will make a rigid ruling without caring for our well-being.
  • No one took lightly the government's rigid decision to build a railroad that cuts through the forest.
  • Our teacher made a rigid decision for everyone in our class to attend classes on Saturday.

Other meanings of the word rigid:

  1. Not able to get affected by something.
  2. Cold and not feeling or showing emotions.
  3. Unnatural, artificial, or contrived in nature.
  4. Having a conventionally recognized form, structure, or set of rules.

Synonyms of Rigid

Here are a few words that are synonyms of rigid.

  • Stiff
  • Hard
  • Firm
  • Tight
  • Tense
  • Impliable
  • Hardened
  • Unsapple
  • Rigorous
  • Stringent
  • Adamant
  • Concrete
  • Locked-in
  • Hard-line
  • Dead set

Antonyms of Rigid

Here are words that are the opposite of rigid.

  • Flexible
  • Adjustable
  • Unbendable
  • Formable
  • Lax
  • Tensile
  • Compromising
  • Workable
  • Whippy
  • Lissome
  • Casual
  • Clement
  • Moderate
  • Soft
  • Loose

Words That Rhyme with Rigid

Here is a look at examples of words with the same sound as rigid.

  • Rapid
  • Liquid
  • Beloved
  • Affected
  • Lead
  • Heated
  • Rabid
  • Proceed
  • Painted
  • Buried
  • Stranded
  • Buried
  • Bid
  • Exceeded
  • Founded

How to Use Rigid in a Sentence

Use "rigid" as an adjective that describes things with little bends. If something is rigid, it has little bend and flexibility. If describing a personality, note that rigid is a negative word.

You are probably wondering, is rigid a bad word? The word rigid is almost always used as a negative word. The word describes someone that is not flexible or not accepting to change.

Family Words of the Word Rigid

Here is a look at family words of rigid

Rigidly (adverb): In a stiff or fixed way without moving.

Here are some examples:

  • The puppies sat rigidly on their pillows without making any movement.
  • I believe that a reliable officer of the law must rigidly adhere to rules.
  • It is essential to follow the court procedure rigidly to avoid any inconsistencies.

Rigidity (noun): Not able to bend or force out of shape or not able to change or adapt.

Here are some examples:

  • The teacher explained to the parents the rigidity of the situation.
  • Due to the rigidity of the company's hiring policy, all the employees are from Harvard University.
  • The parents' rigidity made it difficult for the children to explain the situation.

10 Examples of Rigid in a Sentence

Do you know the proper way to use rigid in your sentences? Read these ten examples of the word rigid to learn.

  1. After the last night's incident, Alice's face was rigid with terror.
  2. Bernard stood with his backbone rigid, making everyone worried during the show.
  3. Robert has developed a rigid control of his wife's inheritance and accounts.
  4. Patricia's rigid approach makes people fear her, but she's not ready to change that.
  5. I am bored and rigid; time to make new friends.
  6. Linda was a rigid manager, and most people were happy to see her retire.
  7. William balances his budget by having rigid control over the expenditures.
  8. Joseph was a caring but rigid husband, which explains why Joyce asked for a divorce.
  9. We have fragile products, so we need rigid packaging to ensure that they reach their destination safely.
  10. Our company is reliable and operates within rigid parameters.

How Do You Spell Rigid?

The spelling of this word is "R.I.G.I.D."

The spelling of the word rigid is quite straightforward, and you will not take so much time to understand the word and how to spell it. Misspelling this word might lead to people assuming what you are saying is not necessary or that you are careless with the way you handle your things.

How Do You Pronounce Rigid?

The correct pronunciation of "rigid" is "ri.juhd."

It is essential to learn the best way to pronounce a word to be confident when conversing with other people. It can be embarrassing if you do not properly pronounce a word when engaging your friends and peers.

How Many Syllables Are in Rigid?

The word rigid has two syllables divided as "rig-id." The stressed syllable of the word is "rig."

History & Etymology of Rigid

"Rigid" is from the Latin word "rigidus." The Middle English word rigide is also one of the words delivered from the word rigidus, which means hard, stiff, or rough. Rigidus comes from the word rigere. 

family smile kidWhen Was Rigid First Used?

The first use of the word was in the 15th century. The first introduction meant deficient in or devoid of flexibility.

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Rigid is a word that means stiff or inflexible. You can use the word in a figurative or literal way. This is a word used across different fields to mean something, someone, or a situation does not bend or comply. Note that each time the term describes a person, it usually has a negative tone. Now that you have understood the rigid definition and meaning, develop some creative sentences. Remember that the best way to learn a new word is by using it often. Try practicing the words with your peers and loved ones.

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