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Rectify Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Rectify Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Some situations will have you make a mistake when deciding the way forward. Other times, you might unintentionally choose something or someone not suitable. All the above scenarios are wrong, and you can “rectify” to improve the situation; learn more about rectify definition and much more in this article.

“Rectify” is a transitive verb that means set right or a remedy. “Rectify” is the act of fixing things to make them right. It can also be used in sentences to mean “to correct or amend an error or a defect.” When you make a mistake, you can make things right if you “rectify.”

Most people look up to new words because they want to keep learning. However, learning the above definition of “rectify” alone is not enough; it is best to further your research to understand the word better. If you want to learn more about “rectify definition and usage,” read on because you are in the right.

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What Is the Definition of Rectify?

“Rectify” (transitive verb); to correct by removing errors. This is a common phrase in learning centers since, as people learn, they are likely to make some errors. When this happens, the teacher can ask the learners to “rectify” their mistakes. In this case, “rectify” means to make the needed adjustments.

Example sentences:

  • Our geography teacher always gives us a chance to rectify any mistake we might have made when writing our thesis.
  • I have just realized that the math group project we did was all wrong, but thankfully we have the time to rectify it.
  • The dates for the meeting are wrong, so you need to rectify the error and send new memos.

What Is the Meaning of Rectify?

“Rectify” as a verb means “reduce into a fine, unmixed, or pure state.” Also, “separate from extraneous matter or cleanse from impurities.” In this case, “rectify” is used when it is part of an industrial or distillation process.

Example sentences:

  • The material below is feeble basic compounds that rectify unchanged.
  • At the right temperature, the product will rectify.
  • Most of the products will rectify without decomposition.

Rectify Most Commonly Asked Questions around Its Meaning

Did you know that the best way to learn and remember a new word is to understand its meaning in various contexts? Here’s the expounded meaning of the word rectify.

  1. What does it mean to rectify a contract? To “rectify” a contract is when a court demands a change in a given contract so that it can state what was originally agreed. This happens when a written contract does not convey the specific arguments that the parties had made, and so the court can pass an order that demands the necessary changes to be made.
  2. What does rectify mean in math? The word “rectify” in math refers to determining the length of a curve.
  3. What does rectify mean in religion? “Rectify” in religion means to abandon wrong or evil or to reform.
  4. What does rectify mean in electronics? In electronics, “rectify” is converting the alternating currents (A.C.), which periodically reverses direction to a direct current known as the (D.C.).
  5. What are the words that rhyme with rectify? Are you searching for words that rhyme with rectifying? Here is a list of the words you might be searching for;
  • Beautify
  • Compactify
  • Mattify
  • Identify
  • Quantify
  • Rectify
  • Sanctify
  • Fortify
  • Identify
  • Certify
  1. What are the words identical to rectify? Here is a list of words with similar meanings to “rectify,” and they also belong to the same grammatical category.
  • Fix
  • Reform
  • Amend
  • Refine
  • Repair
  • Mend
  • Correct
  • Adjust
  • Remedy
  • Improve
  1. What words are the opposite of rectify? Here is a list of words that are the opposite of rectify.
  • Break
  • Corrupt
  • Disperse
  • Disturb
  • Ruin
  • Disorganized
  • Damage
  • Ruin
  • Taint
  • Break

How to Use Rectify in a Sentence?

When using the word “rectify” in a sentence, note that it means changing something wrong to become correct and satisfactory. The word “rectify” is mostly a positive word that shows something wrong was corrected.

Family Words of Rectify

Here is a look at some of the words from the family of “rectify.”

Rectified (adjective): already put right, set straight, or correct.

Example sentences:

  • The markings on the field were wrong, but the coach rectified them before the game began.
  • If you had called in someone competent, they might have rectified the defects within a short duration.
  • The data was recorded in detail using rectified photography.

Rectifiable (adjective): Able to fix or correct.

Example sentences:

  • You better hope that the situation is rectifiable, or you might face jail time.
  • We need an expert’s opinion since I am not sure if the damage to the vehicle is permanent or rectifiable.
  • I enjoy art since there is no mistake; any mistake you make can easily be rectifiable.

Rectification (noun): The process of rectifying someone or something.

Example sentences:

  • Take the time to understand your case to determine if there is any room for rectification.
  • The rectification process will take time, but the good news is that it is doable.
  • We have not made a solid policy on the rectification process.

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10 Examples of Rectify in a Sentence

If you want to better understand the word “rectify” and the various ways to use it in your sentences, here are ten sentence examples to get inspiration from. Read on!

  1. They had made a mistake in the project, but Danielle had an epiphany and was quick to rectify it.
  2. If people could come back from the dead, most would have a chance to start over and rectify most mistakes.
  3. When the two sisters met, they had no choice but to rectify their years of silence.
  4. Everyone was asked to develop a proposal to rectify the situation.
  5. The heat was unbearable but a zephyr made it slightly better.
  6. It is the responsibility of the employer to rectify the mistake and limit the damage to the firm.
  7. It was disappointing that though we called the company for hours, they refused to rectify the mistake.
  8. It was clear that simply apologizing would not rectify the situation.
  9. As soon as the chef arrived, he immediately knew what was wrong with the food and decided to rectify the error that we had made.
  10. Madam Sally has hired us to rectify any mistake she made while jaded and to ensure that nothing goes out of control.
  11. One of the agendas in his campaign manifesto is to rectify the country’s economic situation.

How Do You Spell Rectify?

The right way to spell the word “rectify” is “R.E.C.T.I.F.Y.” To avoid typos, you need to learn how to spell a word correctly. 

How Do You Pronounce Rectify?

The best way to pronounce “rectify” is “rek.tuh.fahy.”

Learning the proper way to pronounce a word will save you from some embarrassing errors. When pronouncing the word, start strong and then go slow towards the end.

How Many Syllables Are In Rectify?

The word rectify has three syllables “rec.ti.fy.” The stressed syllable of the word is “rec.”

History & Etymology of Rectify

The origin of the word “rectify” is from Latin “rectus,” which means right. Later the Latin word for right changed to “rectificare.” The Old French language then borrowed the word and used it as “rectifier.” Then the English language borrowed it and used it as “rectify,”

When Was Rectify First Used?

The first record of “rectify” was 1529; its meaning was to set right.


Rectify means making things right, but before using the word, make sure it fits in your content. That will help you avoid making embarrassing mistakes. A tip to note when using a new word in your speech or writing is to say the word various times in your mind to ensure that it makes sense, and then you can use it.