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One of the building blocks of a vibrant strong society is well educated citizens. It is this concept that is the underpinning of the Read, Write, and Think style of education. By encouraging students of all ages to explore all sorts of reading material it not only helps to fuel their imaginations but the written word can also inspire them to think.

Whether a child is a native English speaker or is the new to the country and has to develop English as a second language skills they can do so by immersing themselves in reading material that sparks their thought processes. The more that they read the more fueled their mind becomes. When they then take the knowledge that they have gained through their reading and start to write about it they begin to build their language skills by having to find the appropriate words to express their thoughts. It is through this process that their thinking begins to transform as they see the evidence of their reading coming out in their writing as well as into their thought processes.

Without even knowing it, many adults are living examples of this literacy philosophy. Whether you earn your living with the written word or you simply have to share your knowledge through presentations to others, at the very core of the knowledge you have accumulated over a lifetime is often the tiny kernel of knowledge that came from reading. As a full time writer I know from personal experience that it was a love of reading that led me to explore a career as a writer. Whether I am writing articles for clients through The Content Authority’s Publisher/Writer system or I am writing for my own websites, it is the deeply entrenched love of words that guides my writing. Without having been exposed at an early age to the magical worlds that books presented I highly doubt that I would have gone on to live the life of my dreams as a writer. I know for a fact that it is a love of reading that has sculpted my imagination over the years and that same love of reading that has motivated me to continue to dream.

Read Write Think Applications

Not everyone dreams of becoming a writer but it is through the use of words that businesses continue to flourish. Whether you are an internet marketer that wants to introduce their products to the world or you have an idea for a great novel and want a wordsmith to form that idea into an ebook, without the written word none of those things are possible. Each piece of the Read, Write, and Think philosophy is a building block for the other. It is only through the ability to read that the ability to write is born which leads to the ability to think. Each piece goes hand in hand with the other. The final piece of the philosophy is that all of those abilities eventually lead to the ability to dream.

Whether your motivations are to improve your English skills or to reach an audience with information about your latest product, none of those dreams are possible without a clear understanding of the language. The best way to explore all the possibilities that knowledge can bring you is by reading as much as you can lay your eyes on. The more you immerse yourself in reading the fuller your world becomes. As you fill your mind with knowledge make the effort to write about whatever interests you. The more you write the more you will likely be inspired to read. With more reading comes more imagination, and an inspired imagination cannot help but to think creatively. The wonderful world of words truly is an inspirational world to be a part of.

Shawn Manaher

Shawn Manaher is the founder and CEO of The Content Authority. He's one part content manager, one part writing ninja organizer, and two parts leader of top content creators. You don't even want to know what he calls pancakes.

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