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Quell Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Quell Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Do you want to improve your English prowess but find it challenging to learn new words? Worry no more because this article will help you achieve your goal by teaching you about "quell definition and meaning." Remember that taking small steps in the right direction will go a long way; today's word of the day is "quell."

Quell: Suppress or crush completely. Replace the words crush, put down, defeat, and suppress using "quell" in your various sentences. But for something to get completely destroyed, there are times that the use of force is necessary.

Most people have difficulty learning a new word and remembering it forever. But, if you know aspects of the word like synonyms, antonyms, and derivatives, the process will not be too complex. Read on to learn that and much more, and you will never forget the word "quell."

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What is the Definition of Quell?

Quell: To put an end to something using force. It can also mean to stop you or other people from having unpleasant feelings like fear or anger.

Quell also means to calm a negative feeling or emotions. Use the word when you have come up with a solution that will stop people from having a strange feeling.

Learn from these sentences:

  • I was so hungry that I did not speak with anyone when I arrived home until I found something to quell my hunger.
  • Though she asked to speak to the family, her words did nothing to quell the fear.
  • When Nancy saw the robbers enter the bank, Jessica wanted to scream, but she clenched her fist to quell her fright.

Synonyms of Quell

Here is a look at words that have the same meaning as quell.

  • Quash
  • Suppress
  • Crush
  • Defeat
  • Abolish
  • Overpower
  • Thwart
  • Terminate
  • Vanquish
  • Kill
  • Moderate
  • Relieve
  • Temper
  • Lessen
  • Hush

Antonyms of the Word Quell

Here is a list of words that are the opposite or have the opposite meaning with quell.

  • Prompt
  • Aggravate
  • Begin
  • Create
  • Occasion
  • Beget
  • Bring
  • Secure
  • Win 
  • Accomplish
  • Anger
  • Foster
  • Rouse
  • Allow
  • Start

Words That Rhyme with Quell

Read on to learn of words that have the same sound as quell.

  • Shell
  • Fell
  • Dwell
  • Farewell
  • Jell
  • Travel
  • Veil
  • Motel
  • Up sell
  • Sell
  • Retail
  • Canal
  • Model
  • Unwell

What is the Meaning of Quell?

Quell: it means to suppress noise or speech. Use the word when talking about how you use something or an approach to ensure that you have silenced certain sounds.

Learn from these sentences:

  • Everyone urged the nanny to find a way to quell the crying baby.
  • The librarian had no choice but to throw everyone who was talking out of the library so that she could quell the noise.
  • The team needed extra security to help quell the disturbance.

Words Often Confused with the Word Quell

Before you master a new word, confusion is quite common. Here is a look at words that most people often confuse with the word quell.

Quell vs. Quench

Though these words are often used as synonyms, and they both mean to stop or terminate, the word quell means to stop something by using force, while the word quench means to satisfy a thirst; the thirst could be actual or symbolic.

Quell vs. Quash

Most people use the word quell and quash interchangeably, while these words have different meanings. To quell means to kill, while to quash means to defeat forcibly.

Quell vs. Overcome

Though used as synonyms, the word quell and overcome have different meanings. Quell means to stop something using force, while to overcome means to surmount or to bet the better of something.

Quell vs. Subdue

Both quell and subdue have near meanings but quell means to use force to stop something while subduing means to bring something under control. When you subdue something, you might not have to use too much force.

Quell vs. Kill

Quell and kill have the same meaning, and it is no wonder they are used as synonyms. To quell means to kill (it can be transitive or obsolete). In contrast, to kill means to cause the death of a person or something.

Quell vs. Dull

The words quell, and dull are synonyms. But before you start using them in your sentences, it is vital to understand the similarity between these words. Quell means to suppress noise or speech, while dull means to make something less intense.

How to Use Quell in a Sentence

When using quell in your sentences, note that it is a verb. Verbs are words that describe an action, state, or occurrence. When you learn a new word, it is essential to learn the part of speech that it belongs to so that you can understand the correct order and punctuation.

Use the word when talking about stopping the opposition, unpleasant feelings, or noise. It can also mean overcoming something.

Is quell a negative word? The word quell means to put down forcefully; with this in mind, you can quickly tell that this is a negative word.

What Are the Quell Derivative Words?

You can use quell in various word forms. These forms make it possible to use the word broadly. Here is a look at various derivative words of quell.

Quellable (adjective): The word quellable means capable of getting quelled.

Learn from these sentences:

  • The noise from kids was quellable only by some beautiful music.
  • His anger was easily quellable when his mother came through.
  • Sadly, the student riot is not quallable no matter the means used.

Queller (noun): One who subdues or overpowers.

Learn from these sentences:

  • I find water to be the best queller when one is thirsty.
  • Those boys are quellers and will force anyone to do what they want.
  • You will not manage this situation unless you find a queller.

10 Examples of Quell in a Sentence

You easily learn about a new word by reading sentences constructed using the word. Reading such sentences will help you better understand the words and the various ways you can use them. That way, you will not make any mistakes when using the new word you have learned. 

Learn more from the sentences below:

  1. The police officers arrived on time to quell the riot.
  2. The teachers had no choice but to use force to quell the disturbance.
  3. The only thing that can quell the fear that these children have is to see their mother getting discharged from the hospital.
  4. Francis called, trying to quell the panic that I had.
  5. Take this medication as it will help to quell your sore throat.
  6. Nothing can help quell the angry crowd, so the boss has no choice but to call for the police to intervene.
  7. Why should you go to quell her worries when your wife needs you the most?
  8. The parents bought water for their kids at the sports ground to quell their thirst.
  9. Though the information was important, it did nothing to help quell the anger of the board members.
  10. We should have come up with a strategy on how to quell the riot earlier.

How Do You Spell Quell?

The correct spelling of "quell" is "Q.U.E.L.L."

Most people have a hard time spelling this word the first time that they come across it. In fact, a big mistake is failing to include the letter "u." It is vital to include this letter whenever you spell the word. A common mistake people make when learning a new word is to assume the spelling. The spelling is vital as it helps readers understand better anything you are trying to communicate.

How Do You Pronounce Quell?

The correct pronunciation of the word "quell" is "kwel."

For those learning new words to improve their grammar prowess, it is essential to learn proper pronunciation. That way, you can be sure that when you spell or pronounce the word, you will not make embarrassing mistakes.

How Many Syllables Are in Quell?

The word "quell" has one syllable. That means that the stressed syllable is the entire word "quell."

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History & Etymology of Quell

Did you know that the word "quell" was once used to mean "to kill?" The origin of this word is fascinating, making it one of its kind. The word "quell" is from the Old English "cwellan," which also means to kill.

The word "cwellan" is from Dutch word "kwellen" which means to torment. Though the word was first used to mean to kill, as the English language progressed, so did the word. Today, "quell" does not mean to put to death; rather, it means "to suppress." That means that this word has weakened in meaning over time.

When Was Quell First Used?

The first use of the word "quell" in English dates back to the 1300s.


The word "quell" means to suppress, control, or reduce submission thoroughly. It is one of the English words that have a unique origin. With a comprehensive understanding of quell definition, meaning, and usage, it is time to start using this word in your vocabulary and take a step toward becoming a better English writer and speaker.

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