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Quater Vs. Quarter: When To Use Each One? What To Consider

Quater Vs. Quarter: When To Use Each One? What To Consider

You are probably wondering, quater vs. quarter, which word is correct to use? Some people may not see the difference between these two words, especially if you read them fast. However, the difference is quite clear if you know a little more about these words.

Quater is a misspelling of the word "quarter." So, it is an incorrect word. The word quarter has multiple definitions. A quarter is "one of the four equal/equivalent portions into which you can divide something" or "a coin of this value." Also, "a fourth of an hour" or "one-fourth of a calendar."

The difference between quater and quarter is one letter, "r." But is there more to these words and their comparisons? Read on to find out.


Definitions Of Quater And Quarter

Quater and quarter seem the same if you are not keen on their spelling. Additionally, these words have the same pronunciation. So, unless you see their written versions, you may not recognize their differences. Let us look at the differences between these words from their definitions. Here are the definitions of quater and quarter:

Definition Of Quater

This is a misspelling of the word quarter. So, when most people use it, they usually imply quarter, which is wrong. The word does not appear in the English dictionary and does not have a definition.

Definition Of Quarter

This word has numerous definitions. Below are some of the most common ones:

The most popular definition of a quarter is "one-fourth or four equivalent parts into which you can divide something," the fourth part of a whole. Let's look at an example in a sentence, "Kindly give your friend a quarter of the orange."

In another context, the word quarter means "one-fourth of an hour." For example, "The sisters stayed out until a quarter past midnight despite their mother's warning."

In the calendar, a quarter means "one-fourth of a fiscal year or a calendar," four months. An example in a sentence is, "The bank releases a statement every quarter for the public and its stakeholders."

In Astronomy, a quarter is "a fourth of the moon's monthly revolution as part of its orbital course." An example sentence is, "The moon's quarter revolution does not have as much impact as a complete orbital course."

In the education system, a quarter is "one of the periods or terms into which schools, colleges, and universities get divided." An example in a sentence is, "A typical school quarter is about ten to twelve weeks long."

In Sports, a quarter is "any of the four periods that make up the entire game length." For example, "The basketball game ended in the third quarter after the riots broke out in the crowd."

In Britain, a quarter is a measure of grain capacity equal to 8 bushels. In a sentence, "A quarter bag of grain costs fifty-two pounds."

In housing, a quarter is a place of residence, like lodging. An example in a sentence is, "The guests returned to their quarter after the party last evening."

In the military, a quarter is "a building, house, barracks, or room where military personnel and their families stay." Here is an example in a sentence, "The Corporal's family moved from their quarter after his demotion."

The symbolic meaning of a quarter is "mercy shown in sparring one's life or accepting someone's surrender, especially an enemy." For example, in a sentence, "You cannot expect quarter if you do not give it in return."

A quarter is also "a part of a horse's hoof between its toe and heel in veterinary medicine." An example in a sentence is, "The vet examined the horse's quarter extensively."

How To Properly Use Quater And Quarter In A Sentence

The definitions section below concludes that quater is an incorrect or misspelling of the word quarter. So, it would help if you avoided this word in sentences. However, let us look at some guidelines for using the word quarter in sentences:

How To Use The Word Quater

Since this word is a misspelling of a quarter, it would be unwise to discuss how to use it in sentences. However, you may be shocked at how many people use this incorrect word. Here is an INCORRECT example of a sentence with this word, "The meeting will begin at quater past noon."

How To Use The Word Quarter

This word has numerous definitions. Therefore, you can use it in several contexts. Additionally, you can use this term as a noun, verb, or adjective.

Use the word quarter as an adjective or quantity. For example, "Please fill the quarter cup until it is full." In this sentence, the word quarter explains the extent to which the glass is full.

So, have this word as an adjective in the following contexts:

  • About an aspect of a quarter
  • Consisting of a quarter portion
  • Related to a three-month term

As a noun, you can use this word in the following contexts:

  • The fourth division of a whole
  • The mercy of goodwill shown to the opposition or enemy
  • Rooms or lodging
  • A period of time
  • A period of play in a game, like a basketball, football, or cricket

This word can be countable or uncountable. So, in general contexts, you can use its plural form, "quarter." In contrast, in specific contexts, use the plural form, "quarters."

As a verb, use this word in the following contexts:

  • To be accommodated in a specific place
  • To cut or split into four equal parts
  • To traverse in every direction

Quater Vs. Quarter: Consider These Aspects When Using The Two Words

When using these words, one of the first things you should do is consider the spelling. Eliminating the letter "r" from the word quarter changes its definition and application contexts. It also alters your sentence from correct to incorrect.

Something else you should consider is the words' pronunciation. As touched on earlier, the words quater and quarter have similar pronunciations. So, the correct pronunciation is "/kwor-ter/." Since the pronunciations are the same, you may not notice the difference between these words in spoken conversations.

List Of Examples Of Quater And Quarter In Sentences

This article clarifies the confusion between the words quater and quarter. However, we cannot wind it up without looking at some sentences featuring these words. Keenly look at the following ten-sentence examples:

Example sentences of the word quater

Here is what incorrect sentences with the word quater look like: You should replace the word with quarter to correct the sentences.

  1. The servant would not leave her quater without addressing her boss about her mistreatment.
  2. Jane gave all her sons a quater of the apple.
  3. Kindly slice the quater into two so that the kids get a slice.
  4. We will leave for the airport at quater past four.
  5. The glass was a quater full, but she threw it away anyway.


Example sentences of the word quarter

  1. I did not appreciate the last quarter of the game.
  2. The last quarter of the movie was the best one.
  3. The girls left the house at quarter to midday.
  4. My mother always splits oranges into quarter slices before serving them.
  5. The pilot did not move into his quarter after getting the job.


Quarter is one of the simplest yet most diverse English words. This simple word has over a dozen definitions. However, most of them are related. Therefore, it is not hard to understand and comprehend all the definitions. While many people often confuse the word quater for quarter, this should not be a problem after reading this post.