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Prosper Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

Prosper Definition – Meaning and Usage In A Sentence

If you're a movie buff, you have probably heard one of the most popular phrases to ever originate from the film Star Trek that says "live long and prosper." It's no secret that this is some good advice. However, many people associate the word prosper with having a lot of money, but the truth is "prosper definition and meaning" will vary based on your context.

The phrase "prosper" means success at something or a skill. Also, use the word in sentences when you want to mean "to be well off financially." Words such as bloom, gain, thrive, do well, and flourish are some synonyms that are commonly used instead of "prosper."

Many speakers and writers commonly use this word, and it might not be a new word to you too. Even when you've never heard of the word prosper before reading this article, don't worry because we've got you covered. This article will cover everything you'll need to know about the term and how to use it in your sentences correctly.

simple woman window readWhat Is the Definition of Prosper?

"Prosper" most common definition is to "be successful or flourish in action." When used with this definition, "prosper" refers to instances where the person is fortunate or doing well, especially in a financial setting. 

Such people hardly find it hard to solve issues that come their way, especially where finances are involved. However, note that this varies across various people. Prosperity in one person may look like a struggle in another. What matters most is being able to flourish at a particular thing.

For example, if your friend has a well-paying job and their lifestyle changes progressively, you can use "prosper" to describe their lifestyle progress.

Here are some examples in sentences:

  • Sheila got a new job at the bank, which has made her prosper.
  • Elon Musk stated that while education is essential, it does not necessarily mean that you'll prosper entirely because of it.

Does Prosper Mean Steady Changes?

"Prosper" is also defined as the process of growing stronger and healthier. The act of flourishing and everyone can notice it automatically. It can either be after a situation that left you in a bad state or due to environmental factors that accelerate prosperity.

This word is also best used when describing the steady progress of someone or something that does not necessarily relate to money. That shows you that you don't have to use this word all the time where money is the main contributing factor. For example, plants prosper when exposed to sunlight and rainfall.

Here are sentences using the word prosper:

  • I'm happy for my brother because he's about to prosper as an architect.
  • Joseph's sunflower plantation will prosper due to the suitable soil and weather conditions.

What Is the Meaning of Prosper?

"Prosper" also means growing or generating wealth from new investments. It applies when defining someone or a business growing financially from their endeavor. For instance, the online store Amazon gets to prosper from its online sales. 

However, the word prosper does not define one-off actions such as winning the lottery. It's because this is all about luck, and there's not much effort and consistency that you need to create wealth out of the lottery. You are not investing.

Here are some examples to help you learn:

  • Jeff Bezos' company Amazon will continue to prosper due to its economic values and various investments.
  • Mat was quick to prosper in his delivery business because he created a solution for a specific need.

Does the Word Prosper Apply in Career Growth?

The answer is a resounding yes! Another meaning of the word prosper is to "thrive slowly but steadily at a specific task or action." Thriving in your career is a good example. When you prosper, most people will notice it, but it doesn't have to be something that almost everybody knows. 

Still, on career growth, the term also means to be at the peak of one's career or reach the uttermost point of significance historically. When you become the best version of yourself at an action such as a sport or career, we can say you've prospered. 

Here are some examples to explain that better:

  • Since joining the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant's basketball career has been quick to prosper.
  • Jerry continues to prosper in his studies since joining the private school due to a better learning atmosphere.

How to Use Prosper in a Sentence

The word prosper is used in three forms; a noun, adverb, and adjective. You'll realize that whenever you want to use this word in different contexts, you end up adjusting the word form but retaining the meaning. That means you should know the different forms of this word, their meanings, and how to use each word form.

Prosper As a Noun, Adverb, and Adjective

When used as a noun, it changes to prosperity. This word describes the state or condition of being financially successful or good fortune. The terms prosperities or prosperousness are also noun forms of the word prosper.

Here are some example sentences:

  • It did not take long for Japan to enjoy relative prosperity after the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.
  • Some economists argue that America did not enjoy any prosperity under President Donald Trump, but I beg to differ.

When the word "prosper" is used as an adverb, it becomes prosperously. This form describes how an action was carried out successfully. Another adverb formed from the word "prosper" is prosperingly.

Here are some example sentences:

  • After Daniel's family moved to Denver, they now live prosperously out of their Ford dealership.
  • We have lived prosperously in these lands for generations. Why do we need to change this now?

When used as an adjective, it becomes prosperous. The word describes the state or condition of a noun after the talk. The terms prospered and prospering are acceptable adjectives of "prosper."

Here are some example sentences:

  • If you want to have a prosperous future as a Forex trader, you must practice for at least six months before going live.
  • Before discovering gold, people didn't think that Bihar was a prosperous state in India.

10 Examples of Prosper in a Sentence

The ten sentences below allow you to practice using the word prosper. These sentences have used the different forms of the word "prosper" to show you how the term is used in different scenarios. You can attempt making some sentences using the word to gauge how well you've understood its usage.

  1. Robert Kiyosaki was taught growing up that prosperity would only come to those who get good grades.
  2. Betty's rose bushes have prospered during springtime due to the warm weather and the right soil conditions.
  3. It's no use growing these citrus trees in the mountains as they only prosper in this warm climate.
  4. If the Utah Jazz didn't prosper during this season's playoffs, it would be best for the front office to start thinking about rebuilding the team from scratch.
  5. Saving at least ten percent and cutting down your frivolous spending are ways to make your account prosper.
  6. This country has not prospered since the civil war broke out, contrary to online information.
  7. Mary knew that her business wouldn't be prosperous, so she moved to downtown Portland.
  8. Despite his all-star performances over the last decade, the Trailblazers are yet to prosper in the championship.
  9. It's a well-known fact that cheaters never prosper in their relationships.
  10. Heather's warm, charming personality and ambition have been the reasons for her prosperity in sales.

How Do You Spell Prosper?

The word prosper is spelled as p.r.o.s.p.e.r.

How Do You Pronounce Prosper?

 The term prosper is pronounced as [praa.spr] according to many dictionaries.

Pronounce "prosper" by dividing it into syllables and learning how each syllable is stressed. If you're unsure about the pronunciation, search for a video of an expert pronouncing the word. After listening, you can practice making references to the clip and rectifying where you go wrong.

Prosper Synonyms

  • Multiply
  • Bloom
  • Thrive
  • Increase
  • Produce

Prosper Antonyms

  • Decrease
  • Lose
  • Fail
  • Decline
  • Refuse

How Many Syllables Are In Prosper?

The phrase "prosper" has two syllables; pro.sper.

History & Etymology of Prosper

The word prosper finds its roots in the mid-14th century from a Latin word prosperen meaning "to thrive, or be successful in anything good."

The word "prosper" also traces its roots from the Old French word prosper used during the same period. The French version meant "cause to succeed, render happy or fortunate."The prefix pro- means "hope," whereas the suffix -speh means "thrive." The definitions from Latin and the Old French root words are still in use today.

red background womanWhen Was Prosper First Used?

The word was first used in the English language in the late 14th century. The same meaning applies.

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You don't need to be a linguist to wow your audience with captivating words. All you need is to use words like prosper correctly in your contexts. We believe that this will no longer be an issue now that you've read this article. However, should you have any challenges using this word, do not hesitate to return to this article and reread the prosper definition, meaning, and example sentences.

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