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Propagate Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Propagate Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Whether you are struggling with the English language or not, you can always benefit from learning new words. There are hundreds of English words you will be surprised to know that you have little or no basic understanding of. If one of those words is “propagate,” knowing the propagate definition and meaning helps.

The word “propagate” means to continue or increase by asexual or sexual reproduction. Propagate also means to “pass along to offspring” or “cause to spread out and affect a greater number.” Refer to the word when describing organism reproduction, like the natural reproduction of plants from a parent stock.

The word “propagate” is versatile and has many definitions and meanings. Therefore, understanding its different meanings and applications will change how you view or use this word. Read on to learn more about the word “propagate.”

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What is the Definition of Propagate?

Propagate means to stay existing or multiply by nonsexual or sexual reproduction. This word applies to the reproduction of living things, like plants. In fact, plant reproduction is referred to as propagation.

Here are some examples in sentences:

  • Pothos are the easiest plants to propagate in water or soil.
  • Most houseplants are easy to propagate using their stem cuttings.
  • You can learn how to propagate plants by watching videos on the internet.

Other Meanings of Propagate

Like most English words, propagate has many meanings. Understanding the diversity in means makes it easy for you to know how to use the word in various contexts. Below are some of the most common meanings:

Propagate to Mean Produce and Transmit

Propagate means to produce young plants or animals. For example, in a sentence, “Learning to propagate can help you save rare plants and animals from extinction.” The meaning applies in day-to-day use of the word, but it is used extensively in Agriculture and plant biotechnology.

Another meaning of “propagate” is “to transmit hereditary features or elements to or through an offspring. For example, in a sentence, “Various organisms propagate differently in specific conditions.”

Propagate to Mean Spread Words

Another meaning of “propagate” is “to spread opinions, often lies or beliefs among many people.” For instance, in a sentence, “The media often propagate lies to get people to believe their agenda.” The use of “propagate” in such a context is usually negative as the opinions are either lies or unpopular.

Propagate to Mean Create, Spread, and Increase

In Physics, “propagate” means “to send out or spread light, sound waves, or movements.” For example, in a sentence, “Various scientific elements are required to propagate sound waves.”

In Computer Science, “propagate” means to travel through space or a physical medium. In this context, it refers to electromagnetic or compression waves. For instance, in a sentence, “Electromagnetic waves propagate specific materials at varying speeds.”

Another meaning of this word in Computing is “to take effect on all relevant devices in a network.” In a sentence, “We need to propagate the reaction through the entire network.” “Propagate” also means “to increase in extent, like a structural flaw.” In a sentence, “Water often causes concrete cracks to propagate.”

Use of Propagate in Different Contexts

A context is a situation that inspires using a specific word or background information that allows people to make others understand how to use a word. Below are some contexts where you can use the word “propagate.”

  • To beget or conceive an offspring
  • To breed specimens or organisms by natural processes from a parent
  • To dispense within a population, space, or area
  • To make or produce from components of raw resources
  • To make something or information widely known or spread quickly
  • To preserve a species from extinction
  • To promote growth or expansion
  • To make it more fertile by adding ingredients like soil

Questions People Ask About Propagate

Besides the meaning, many questions often come up about the word “propagate.” The good thing is that this is easy if you know the word’s meaning. Some of the questions include;

  • When can you use propagate? You can use propagate in various contexts, depending on the meaning. For instance, you can use it to describe plant reproduction.
  • Is there a plural form for the word propagate? The term “propagate” is not a noun. Therefore, it does not have a plural or singular form.

What is the Meaning of Propagate?

The word propagate means “causing multiplication by any natural reproduction process from the parent stock. In simpler terms, it means to produce new plants from a parent plant. 

Here are some sentence examples;

  • Plants require certain conditions to propagate.
  • Rare plants can be saved by propagating their existing species.
  • However much they have tried, Botanists have not discovered ways to propagate extinct plant species.

Antonyms of Propagate

The antonyms of “propagate” differ depending on the meaning and context. Therefore, before applying an antonym, you should consider the context. Here are some antonyms;

  • Conceal
  • Decrease
  • Deplete
  • Destroy
  • Diminish
  • Finish
  • Hide
  • Lessen
  • Discourage
  • Stifle
  • Suppress
  • Muffle
  • Contain
  • Kill
  • Terminate
  • Wipe out
  • Block
  • Discredit
  • Shun

Synonyms of Propagate

Synonyms are words you can use as alternatives for others because they share the same or similar meanings. You can use synonyms when writing different genres or styles, conversing, or avoiding repetition. Here are some synonyms of “propagate.”

  • Breed
  • Procreate
  • Reproduce
  • Multiply
  • Spawn
  • Sire
  • Beget
  • Generate
  • Layer
  • Pipe
  • Farm
  • Rear
  • Disseminate
  • Distribute
  • Diffuse
  • Dissipate

Rhyming Words for Propagate

Rhymes are words with a similar sound, particularly in the last syllable. Below are words that rhyme with “propagate.”

  • Surrogate
  • Aggregate
  • Alternate
  • Moderate
  • Separate
  • Duplicate
  • Replicate
  • Coagulate
  • Validate
  • Collaborate
  • Communicate
  • Complicate
  • Decorate
  • Devastate
  • Dictate

How to Use Propagate in a Sentence?

You can use propagate in various contexts as a transitive verb. Note that you can also use different word forms of “propagate” in sentences. These word forms are either a noun or an adjective.

Below are these word forms:

  • Propagated: It is the past tense of the word “propagate.”
  • Propagates: It is the third-person singular simple present indicative form of this word.
  • Propagating: It is the present participle of propagate.
  • Propagated: It is the past participle of propagate.
  • Propagational: It is the adjective for propagate, meaning to cause propagation.
  • Propagative: It is another adjective form of “propagate,” meaning pertaining to or produced through propagation.
  • Other adjectives of “propagate” are; propagatory, propagable, and propagatable.
  • Finally, the noun forms of “propagate” are; propagation, propagator, propagations, or propagators.

10 Examples of Propagate in a Sentence

Now that you understand all the above details about this word, start using it in sentences. Below are some exciting examples to help you understand the meaning and use of the word “propagate.”

  1. Light and sound propagate at vastly different speeds; hence should be studied separately.
  2. Some topics covered at the botanical seminar include how to propagate plants and make them support themselves.
  3. Horticulturalists have been attempting to propagate rare trees for years to minimal success.
  4. The pain may propagate over the whole length of the spine and to other limbs.
  5. The state is strongly against the governor’s attempt to propagate traditional beliefs to the young generation.
  6. The conspiracy theorists tried to propagate misinformation about the war in Ukraine to sway the public’s view of the United States government.
  7. I learned how to propagate my new plants at home and made a business.
  8. Disturbances on large power grids propagate through entire systems in nanoseconds.
  9. Let us propagate the belief that citizenship is a responsibility instead of a right.
  10. You could pour water on the concrete to propagate the crack and give you access to the aggregates.

How Do You Spell Propagate?

The correct spelling for this word is “P.R.O.P.A.G.A.T.E.”

This word is quite easy to spell because you spell it how it is pronounced. However, you can master the spelling of this word and its various forms through practice.

How Do You Pronounce Propagate?

This word is pronounced as “prop-uh-geyt.”

You can master the pronunciation by splitting the word into syllables or listening to audio examples. Note that the pronunciations may differ depending on your accent and where you are from.

How Many Syllables Are in Propagate?

The word “propagate” has three syllables.

The three syllables fall into “prop – a – gate.” The stressed syllable is “prop.”

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History & Etymology of Propagate

The word propagate stems from Latin “propagates,” which is the past participle of “propagare,” meaning “to cause to multiply by natural reproduction.”

The prefix for “propagate” is “pro,” which means forth, beforehand, in advance, or towards the front. “Pro” is also Latin for “on behalf of, in place of, or before.” On the other hand, the other root for “propagate” is “pag,” which means to fasten.

When was Propagate First Used?

In the 1560s, meaning “multiplying or increasing through reproduction.”

The word has been popular since the 14th century. However, its popularity increased in the 1560s. Over the years, the word has adopted many meanings in various fields, like Computing and Physics.


Propagate means to extend, produce, impel forward in space, or extend the knowledge about something. This word has different meanings and is applicable in various contexts. More so, there are numerous forms of the word “propagate” you can use in sentences. The word “propagate” is worthy of the day to study. Read this post exhaustively, and don’t forget to come up with your creative sentences using the word “propagate.”