Press Release Strategy Giving Compelling Reasons You Need One

press release strategy

The Internet has paved the way for radical changes in marketing, allowing businesses to generate awareness much faster and more effectively than ever before. One powerful publicity tool that is often underestimated is the press release. Some say it’s dead. Others ignore it in favor of alternative methods. Then there are those who continuously benefit from a solid strategy.

At this point, it’s key to consider that the Internet is like one gigantic newsroom. Take a quick look at your Facebook feed and you’re bound to find someone who has shared a news story from the day. The extent to which you are able to reach prospects has only expanded with the creation of sharing platforms such as social media sites, web applications, and blogs.

Let’s look at the importance of strategy for generating exposure this way:

Journalists and bloggers continuously look for news items to cover. These people have major influence when it comes to spreading your story.
Many of the world’s largest publications are recording a steady decline in print circulation as digital circulation increases. That means more people are using online sources for their daily news fix.

Since press releases are considered timely and relevant, they usually receive higher rankings. This increases your visibility and your chances of being found quickly.

While you can now see the opportunity for building awareness, let’s assess some of the other reasons press releases deserve a second thought.

Why should you create a buzz about your business with this publicity tool?

Reason 1: Actively Fight for Mindshare

Online press releases help level the playing field so that competing against industry giants for media and consumer mindshare is much more scalable than it was before. By leveraging content syndication, you have the potential to reach millions of readers and attract the attention of journalists. A long-term distribution strategy also lets you send out a consistent message about what you offer, who you are, and why your target audience needs you. In turn, this extensive exposure helps expedite the growth of your business.

Reason 2: Benefit from Improved Search Engine Rankings

While you shouldn’t compromise readability for the sake of SEO, you should optimize your release for better results. Besides strategically placing targeted keywords throughout your text, you should put keyword-rich links that point back to your business website within the content. Additionally, you can benefit by putting keywords into the URL of your press release.

The advantage of using an experienced writer for your content creation is that an expert already understands the press release process and is able to produce high quality content. The advantage of using a press release submission service is that you gain extensive distribution, which could result in your news being included on premium industry and news websites. Inclusion on other sites leads to a boost in traffic, an increase in backlinks, and an improvement in rankings.

Reason 3: Reach an Interested Audience

Thanks to online distribution services, you can also effectively reach an engaged readership. These people are opt-in subscribers who have set up their RSS feeds to receive topic-specific news pieces. The result is that you open yourself up to an audience that is receptive to your communications and most likely ready to buy.

Reason 4: Maximize Your Marketing Dollars

Compared to other marketing methods, press releases are relatively inexpensive when you consider the amount of exposure you could potentially gain. Email marketing, for example, limits you to your list. Advertising can be outrageously expensive, with little return on your investment. A press release, on the other hand, is an option that allows you to reach an optimum number of people for a very small fee.

Reason 5: Keep Investors Informed

While you could consider this reason self-explanatory, there is another view you should consider. If your main competitors are entrenched in a press release strategy, your investors could expect you to follow suit. You want to keep the people backing you in the know so that their trust in you is maintained.

While the value of the press release is undeniable, you can only benefit if you ensure you have effective content and that it gets in front of the right eyes. Don’t ignore direct outreach via this method, but make sure you do it the right way. Building a powerful content strategy means evaluating every option, including press releases.

Do you have a press release strategy? Please share how it’s working out for you in the comments section below.

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