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Post Panda Tips

If you have decided that it is time to reassess your article marketing strategy since the arrival of the Google panda algorithm changes, there are a number of tips that can help steer you in the right direction. Article marketing is still very much a viable option; it just needs a few tweaks to ensure continued success in a post-panda age. Whereas once upon a time you needed to target your efforts towards search engine visibility, your new focus now needs to be on your readers and fulfilling their needs. The following tips will help you to readjust your strategy and get you headed in a profitable direction that is sustainable over the long term.

Think of your article marketing strategy like a ship that has sailed off course. The prevailing winds at the time led you in the direction of ample keyword utilization, page views at all costs, and any link will do types of theories. That is absolutely positively most definitely no longer the case. If you want to right your ship and get it back sailing on course towards profitability you are going to have to make some significant adjustments in the way you do things. Follow these tips and you just might find calmer waters ahead.

Content is King

One of the biggest factors that caused a serious panda smack down for many websites was the existence of duplicate content. It used to be the norm to purchase articles and then post those articles on a variety of article directories. This is now a definite no-no. You need to determine which directories are your profitable ones (chances are you already know this) and then focus your efforts on those specific directories with fresh content on each one. Purchasing articles for usage only rights should no longer be part of your strategy. You want fresh content and you want that content to be well optimized. This leads directly to a second tip:

You Get What You Pay For

If you want articles that are going to drive profitable traffic to your website, you are going to need to make an investment. Pre-panda it was enough to drive any type of traffic to your site; this is so yesterday’s news. If you are going to be putting in extra effort to bring readers to your website you want to make sure that the effort is worth it. In a post-panda age where you have to fight for every reader you get, you want to make sure that the readers you do get find what they are looking for. The only way to do this is by delivering on your promise. If your articles are full of information that your readers find useful, chances are that they are going to return to you time and time again. If all they find is fluff and filler, they will instantly discount you as an unreliable source for useful information and will hesitate to listen to anything you have to say. If you want readers that are going to sit up and take notice, you need to provide them with content that delivers on its promise. The old bait and switch routine will not work; you want content that is full of useful information and you are only going to get that by investing in it. If a basic link is all that you are after, then you can still afford to pay for just a basic back linking article. However if you want readers that are going to find your articles engaging and that will heed a call to action, you need to invest in those articles. It is simple economics; you get what you pay for. Think of your investment in terms of a cost/benefit ratio. If you want higher quality readers, you are going to have to give them higher quality articles that provide intelligent information in a reader focused way.

Focus on Reader Needs not Search Engine Needs

If you want to drive readers to your website based on your article marketing efforts, those articles need to be reader focused. They need to be optimized with content that is intelligent, keywords that are dynamic, and a new addition to the strategy, sharable. In the exploding age of social media and mobile technology, you want your content to be sharable. If one reader finds your content interesting/amusing/thought provoking, you want them to be tempted to share your information with others. They tell two friends, and then those friends tell two friends, and so on. Let your articles do the work for you. Give your reader what they come looking for (and a bit more) and they are more likely to tune in again. It is no longer wise to market your articles strictly based on what a search engine is looking for; your articles need to give your readers what they are looking for. After all, that is the whole point of article marketing; you want to drive traffic to your website.

Post Panda Tips Summarized

If your article marketing strategy needs a little post-panda attention, remember the five D’s and your ship will be righted and sailing on course in no time:

  • Duplicate content is dead.
  • Deliver content that is sharable.
  • Depend on articles that deliver.
  • Develop relationships with your readers.
  • “Do unto your readers as you would have done to you ” give them what they are looking for.


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