Pagerank Basics

pagerank basics

Google is by far and away the number one search engine on the internet today. Nearly every internet user will use the search engine to find virtually anything they want to know. Many people say Google is the most powerful advertising and marketing medium that has ever been invented. This phenomenon has created millions of entrepreneurs dedicated to making money on the internet. Using this advertising and marketing giant, internet marketers will spend countless hours trying to get their website or blog ranked as high as possible on Google. This process is referred to as PageRank, or PageRanking. Understanding PageRank basics can ultimately help one find internet marketing success.

PageRank was developed by Larry Page and Sergy Brin, who are famous for being the founders of Google. The idea was to develop a new kind of search engine which would rank a website based on how relevant the site is based on a specific keyword search. The actual process is full of complicated algorithms and mathematical formulas that appear to be tailored toward the rocket scientist. Here is a brief quote on how Google describes PageRank: “PageRank reflects our view of the importance of web pages by considering over 500 million variables and 2 billion terms. Based on these variables and terms, pages that we consider important are more likely to appear at the top of the search results”.  That many variables and that many terms may lead a future internet marketer to shake their head in disgust, thinking it is an impossibility to try and get their website ranked as high as possible. However, further research will reveal that an internet marketer’s effort to rank their page is a far cry from trying to understand the complicated formulas. One can breathe a sigh of relief when they understand that the most important things to consider are not scientific formulas, but relatively simple terms such as search engine optimization and keyword phrase density.

Many internet professionals continuously debate just how important it is to get your site or blog ranked high on the major search engines. Some believe it is the most important factor to developing a successful marketing strategy. Others believe it is merely a piece of an overall larger puzzle. It really doesn’t matter who is right or who is wrong, what does matter is getting your site ranked as high as possible. If one wants to generate as much traffic to their site as they can, having your site show up on the first couple of pages of a search engine is a large piece of the overall puzzle.  Every internet user is going to use either Google or another search engine to find what they are looking for. They may be looking for a product to buy, a service or some basic information. No matter what engine they use, it has been proven that they will only look at the first two pages of the search results. Therefore, it is obvious that the internet marketer wants to have their page show up on the first two pages. It is a no-brainer, and it is a marketing strategy that has proven successful time and time again.

Any endeavor, whether it be a traditional small business or an online business, requires hard work and dedication. No matter what the business plan consists of, ultimate success hinges on one’s ability to break down the plan into its simplest form. The most successful businessmen and women in the world will tell you without hesitation that keeping things simple is one of the most important paths to success. That is why understanding a few PageRank basics can help the internet marketer put together a successful campaign.

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