Organic SEO

organic seo

There are many aspects to online marketing and organic SEO one of the most important. Organic SEO relates to getting your website to rank naturally as high up the front page of the major search engines as possible for your targeted keywords and phrases. Although aspects such as PPC and social media are important, getting natural listings is the best way to get targeted traffic to your site.

The basics of any SEO campaign are simple, but each aspect can have its own intricacies that not every person is capable or patient enough to deal with. It can often take a few months before you see any major benefits from an SEO campaign and in this time many online marketing agencies suggest running a PPC campaign to get your name associated with certain search terms.

organic seo
Mechanics of Organic SEO

The first thing to research is how the market lies at the moment. Using an analytics package you can see the search terms that attract people to your site. If these are relevant to your goals, check to see where you rank for these on Google. It’s been well documented that the higher your site appears, the more traffic you’ll receive so it’s always the goal to get to number one for as many terms as possible. A study by Optify in April 2011 showed that number one results averaged 36.4% which went down to 12.5% for number two all the way down to 2.2% for tenth. If you’re not on the first page, it’s more likely that a user will tweak his search rather than head onto the second page of results.

With a good keyword tool you can see which terms your site is well structured for as well as how competitive each one is. You’re also likely to receive good recommendations similar to what you’ve put in, meaning you can cover all bases more comprehensively. Long tail keywords or geographically-targeted phrases are easier to rank for, so if you’re a small site starting off it’s best to target these and get very specific traffic to your site. Once you’re getting a steady flow of visitors and the search engines begin to trust you, you can branch out into the more competitive terms.

Once you know what you’re going to target, you have to be sure that your site offers this to its visitors. Make sure you have pages set up to target individual words and phrases – both for information seekers and those looking to make a purchase – and that these pages have SEO-friendly URLs and well-structured content. Be sure not to stuff your pages full of keywords as this is seen as spammy by all and be careful with keyword density which is edging out of popular SEO vocabulary. Instead focus on good title tags, headers and links in your copy. The more interesting, informative and entertaining you can make the content, the better. You may want to consider setting up a blog or a news section to keep your content fresh and to make sure people come back on a regular basis. If you don’t have any natural writers inhouse, consider looking at a content creation agency to help out as poorly written or duplicate content can harm your site’s rankings as well as the user experience.

Of course, there is much more to organic SEO than the basics listed here, but without getting these right it doesn’t matter how well you’re doing with PPC or social media because of the popularity of Google’s main listings. There’s no one-off fix to SEO work and just because you’ve got your site sorted, if you don’t continue to work on it and keep up with industry standards you’ll see your rankings drop.

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