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Boost Your Content by Optimizing Photos


If you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts, you might want to give a little extra attention to the images on your site. Rather than leave your images strictly as visual interest pieces on your website, taking the time optimizing photos with the appropriate keywords can add a significant boost to your readership. More and more internet users are turning to image search engines as a way to cut through the clutter of online content; optimizing your images for search is a great way to get your share of this increased traffic.

There are a number of different ways that you can optimize your images for search engine crawlers. The most common way is to give all visual content on your site accurate descriptive titles. Think of the keywords that an online searcher would use to find your content and image; then work those keywords into your descriptive title. If you are able to create your own meta tags, then try to work complimentary keywords into your <alt> tags for maximum impact.

If you include video on your website this is another opportunity to put your search engine optimization talents to work. By adding descriptive titles to your videos, you not only increase the chances of your videos being found but of converting viewers into content readers. (Do not forget to start your comments section off with an optimized comment also). This is a prime opportunity to increase your click through rate as readers stay on your site longer and navigate their way to various aspects of your website. An engaged reader is a reader that is likely to return. The more rewarding they find your site the better the chances are that they will return again and again. If you deliver information that they not only find useful but engaging too, the chances of them returning greatly increase as well as increasing the odds they will share your information. Shareable information is key to an increased readership.

Optimizing Photos and Podcasts

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Optimize Podcasts Too!


Podcasts are another opportunity to optimize your website for searchable keywords. More and more websites are including both podcasts and vodcasts on site as a way of communicating with their audience so it only makes sense to add as many descriptive keywords as possible to make these added extras more searchable. Whether you post an audio only podcast on your website or you add video to your podcast, make the most of your efforts by optimizing them in order to find an even larger audience.

Descriptive titles are not the only way to optimize your images for search. Another terrific way to make the most of your digital images is to tag your photos. Tagging is not strictly just for friends on Facebook. With the abundance of image tagging resources available online (i.e. www.stippleit.com), you can now tag everything from places and landmarks to recipe ingredients or auto part components. While it may take a little longer to optimize your images this way, the likelihood of seeing greater conversion numbers is well worth the effort. Rather than have a reader simply view your image online it only makes sense to tag that image with as much descriptive text as possible. Not only does this tagging make your images easier to find for search engine crawlers but it also significantly increases the chances that your viewers will engage more readily with your content.

Optimizing Photos Worth the Effort

Optimizing images can initially seem like a great deal of effort but with practice and persistence it will soon become second nature. You would not consider adding a post to your website or blog without adding a title; that same automatic response will soon apply to any visual data you add to your site. Take the time to make the effort; the results will speak for themselves.

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