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Online Creative Writing Catapults Careers Into Outer Orbit!

Let me share some online creative writing tips with you. Whether we realize or admit it, creativity is an indispensable component of effective copy or content. This is true in both offline and online formats.

Why Is Creativity So Crucial?

Website operators want insightful content that serves their specific purposes. Rarely do they seek self-indulgent personal expressions. Without creativity, achieving maximum reader impact is virtually impossible, however.

Creative Substance

As the term implies, “substance” is the substantive information conveyed in the actual text itself. Here is a reliable recipe to get your creative juices boiling:

Inspiration Is a Basic Ingredient

Great online creative writers are inspired from the outside in. Despite its implied definition, creativity does involve reinventing the wheel. Rather, it denotes an adaptable approach to “mundane” matters.

Michelangelo once stated that great sculptors do not view the marble itself as intrinsically valuable. Instead, he saw his true task as discarding superfluous stone to liberate the figures silently sleeping within.

Likewise, online creative writing masterpieces are merely literary excavations. Get between the lines of deep textual tombs to unearth buried treasures with these proven techniques:

  • Seek Fresh Angles From Unlikely Sources
  • Using variations of the primary keyword for research-related search engine queries yields some amazing spin-offs.

I once completed an article intended to stimulate reader interest in physical therapy careers. Publisher instructions requested the inclusion of extensive statistical data contained within a government website.

Alternative search engine querying disclosed that this profession’s origins date back to 100 B.C. Ancient Greece. I included a brief discussion about this in the Introduction. This approach undoubtedly induced much higher and more immediate reader interest than statistical data alone.

  • Maintain Maximum Market Vigilance
  • Subscribe to free e-newsletters within your writing niche. The steady stream of industry updates is an effortless way to add volume and recency to existing knowledge stores.
  • Be a Know-It-All
  • Your mind is a vast warehouse. Keep its infinite capacity stocked with fresh information and ideas.

Try this exercise:

Do a search engine query on a subject about which you have no knowledge or interest in. Peruse the first few results displayed for obscure or interesting data.

Copy and save these excerpts in a special file. Review it periodically for recency and recall. This technique has served me well many times on numerous subjects; sometimes, months or years later.

Writing Form

Having developed a cache of fresh ideas and angles, use the following literary devices flavor your online creative writing content:

  • Alliteration
  • Puns
  • Hyperbole
  • Metaphor
  • Rhymes
  • Personification

Subordinate Points

Subtopics that seem irrelevant can actually be quite interesting. Very recently, I stumbled upon a list of “fun facts about life insurance” during article research. My final work product included some shocking statistics about annual insurer revenues and the incredibly high incidence of policy benefit non-collection by beneficiaries.


“Familiarity breeds contempt.” This venerable Shakespearean quote is valuable for avoiding the common trap of failing to research familiar topics.  Constant innovation yields much variation on old threadbare themes.

I was a Realtor in the mid-1980s. Consequently, I frequently chose real estate assignments when I began my online writing career. I took the somewhat arrogant approach of omitting preliminary research.

Within a week, my eyes opened quite widely to a very rude awakening. Virtual video home tours, online subscription-based lead management software, and modified mortgage lending policies were just the beginning of my astonishments.

Suppose I had continued to rest upon my “expert” haunches and continued to write based upon outdated knowledge and various hunches. Public humiliation would have been the swift, sure, and well-deserved result.

Do not become the literary laughingstock of cyberspace by committing the same professional sin. Let my experience serve a vicarious lesson and sufficient incentive to follow the foregoing online creative writing tips in your own career.

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