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The importance of backlinks a link to a website that appears on any site other than its own has evolved incredibly through the years. Originally, prior to the popularity of search engines to conquer all of our online needs, backlinks would allow individuals who were searching one website to view other links of interest, or those supported by, the site they were visiting. This was an optimal way to receive traffic to a website, by having another site support your site with a backlink. Today, the idea of having other sites support yours with a backlink is still as important as it ever was; only now the overall search engine optimization that is a result of backlinks weighs heavily on your sites page ranking.

Backlink Popularity Contest

Backlinks serve as a popularity mechanism for search engine results. The more quality backlinks a site has, the more consideration a search engine will give to its validity, thereby supplying the site with a higher page ranking on the search engine results page. It cannot be emphasized enough that quality outranks quantity in the world of backlinks. If a link to your site appears on spam websites, or any site deemed harmful or includes unsavory content, it could harm your status or ranking within search engine results pages. Simply splashing your link anywhere will not help your website gain popularity through search engine optimization.

 Where to Get Backlinks on Your Own

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Finding Backlinks

Consider every profile you or your company has, and the source or host in which it lies, before adding your website to the profile. Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn are perfectly trusted and popular sites with quality content and even higher page rankings, serving as accomplished search engine optimization hosts for your backlinks. Apply a link to your website within your profiles to serve as backlinks available to anyone and everyone who is affiliated with your profile on each of the authoritative sites.

In addition, contact industry affiliated website administrators who share common marketing practices with your company or personal directives, requesting a link to your site from theirs, in exchange for the same allowance on your site. Look for committees, not-for-profit agencies, social interest entities and other integrity-based outlets in your business or social circles that will sponsor a link on their page to yours to increase traffic and popularity within trusted sources.

 Get Help Accumulating Backlinks

Once you have exhausted quality sites that honor an agreement to trade your link for theirs, moving forward with additional, trusted backlinks can become a bit of a guessing game. Emphasizing quality over quantity, it may be hard to differentiate which sites displaying your backlinks are helping your search engine optimization, rather than harming it. To avoid any confusion on where to get backlinks, it may be necessary to hire an expert in the field of backlinks. Niche Tracker Backlink Services is one of the top notch backlink services in the business.

 Niche Tracker Backlink Services allows you to set specific guidelines for promoting your website through a simple Excel spreadsheet document that can be uploaded to their site. The spreadsheet contains information critical to your marketing expectations, such as the allocation of keywords to appear in articles written specifically around those keywords. The number of words you would like to appear in the article, all of which creates content and backlinks to your website, through designated directories that will optimize your backlink appearances, and search engine optimization.

Using a service such as Niche Tracker can help you set up the backlink parameters you desire, upload it accordingly, and allow them to do all the work. Eliminate the complexities and guess work around the application and effectiveness of backlinks with Niche Tracker. Their help will allow your website to win the ultimate online popularity contest, resulting in a higher page ranking, heightened traffic and increased revenue.

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