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Simple SEO Guide for New Sites


It is interesting to realize over 160,000 websites or blog sites are registered worldwide every single day. Most of the sites that are launched have absolutely no idea what SEO, or search engine optimization really means or the impact it has on the success of the site. The importance of incorporating successful SEO as the new site is launched is integral. Utilizing a few basic SEO tools will get your site started off on the right foot.

Prelaunch: Website or Blogsite

Prior to the launching, an important question you need to answer is whether to use a blogsite or a website. The distinction between the two is quite simple. A website is much more static and a blog site enables you to make changes much easier. You are able to make changes to tags headers and titles within a blog site easier than a website. The final determination of which type of site you use is of course dependent upon your needs.

SEO Keyword Research

Anyone new to SEO must also do some homework. Finding the right keywords is vitally important. A common mistake with beginners is to target a keyword, which has extremely high volume, but actually it is not relevant to the site or the competition is too stiff. There are some tools available to help make the process a little bit easier. You can always check out Google Adwords keyword tools. Here, you can explore and get some ideas about relevant keywords for your site. Google Insights for Search can also provide a simpler approach to keyword research. The most important idea is to make sure you are targeting keywords that are appropriate for your site and enabling you to attract customers relevant to your site.

SEO Content

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Basic SEO Tools



The importance of unique content can never be stressed enough. When people are searching for keywords, they want to land at a page which either answers their questions or give them information about products and services. Individuals searching do not want to end up on the page with irrelevant information and, the worst-case scenario, poorly developed content. The changes Google has enacted makes this topic even more important. Sites, whose content are not relevant or contain “junk”, are being booted off the page rankings. Your content should not be keyword “stuffed” or filled with a zillion links. Clean, crisp and relevant content is the way to get your site off to a good start.

Link Building

Link building is another important part of launching your new site. The time of link farming or filling your site with tons of links is over. Google is looking for relevancy. This includes the type of links you have within your content. Setting up internal links to other pages within your site is always a good idea and respected by the search engines. The other issue is whom should you link to? The answer is to use quality links. What this means is linking to other sites that are similar to your own. It is not a good idea to have a site about raisins and wish to link to a site pertaining to birds of the Amazon. It may be a much better idea to link to a recipe site or someone discussing grapes. If you are developing external links, always make sure you check out the site before linking to it make sure it is not filled with junk or a bunch of links leading to nowhere.

Do Not Ignore Social Media

Social media has taken over the Internet by storm. The numbers are absolutely staggering worldwide. It is estimated over 750 million people alone use Facebook. With so many people utilizing social media, it is important part of a new site launch. Therefore, you need to include the buttons to at least the four big social media outlets. This would include Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln and Google+. Incorporating social media into your site also means your Facebook or Twitter accounts need to include similar information as way to continue branding your site and a part of your overall SEO Marketing strategy.

What Is the Next Step?

These are just a few of the many steps necessary to make your launching a success. Of course, nothing ever comes easy and the hard part is maintaining and continuing to keep your site relevant and successful. Tracking visitors and information is a vital area. Using all the analytical tools to make sure your SEO is indeed working is important. This short guide is meant to introduce someone who is new to the basic areas of SEO. This blog contains many more in depth articles discussing each of these areas. We urge you to read additional information to become familiar with all of the areas to make your site successful. Good luck!



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