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Moxie Definition – Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

Moxie Definition – Meaning and Usage in a Sentence

There are two categories of people in this world, those who easily give up and those who have “moxie.” If this is the first time you are coming across the word “moxie,” the chances are that you are wondering what the word is all about. This article will discuss the definition, meaning, and usage of “moxie.”

“Moxie” is defined as “energy” or “pep.” The word is used to describe people who don’t allow a small setback to stop them from achieving their goals. These are the people who are committed and hardly give up. 

But before you start using the word “moxie,” it is vital to understand this word better by learning the synonyms, antonyms, and related words. Doing so helps understand the word and use it in different settings. So here is more on “moxie” and the best ways to use it.

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What Is The Definition of Moxie?

The definition of “moxie” is “courage” or “determination.” You can use this phrase to describe someone who dares to do all that it takes. You can also use it to describe someone who dares to do what many people cannot do or are afraid of doing.

When someone has “moxie,” in most cases, they tend to surprise the people who know them with the things they can do or achieve. The word is usually used when someone does something others would not expect to be good, capable, or even willing to do. If someone has “moxie,” they are constantly surprising people and earning a new level of respect.

Example sentences:

  • The swimmer proved her moxie by not giving up when faced with another dangerous wave.
  • She refused to give up the custody of her kids, and her moxie is what led her to win in the courtroom.
  • Anna’s moxie made her fight for her life even when everyone thought that she would not make it.

Synonyms and Antonyms of “Moxie” 

It is important to learn the synonyms and antonyms of a word to help you express yourself better. That is because learning synonyms and antonyms allow you to describe different words in varying ways or from different angles. So, let’s take a look at these words:

1. Synonyms

  • Gallantry (noun): Nobility of spirit, courage, or action.
  • Bravery (noun): The quality of being brave, courageous, valor.
  • Courage (noun): The ability to face tough situations with courage and spirit
  • Guts (noun): courage and determination.
  • Heart (noun): Someone esteemed, admired, courageous, or loyal.
  • Spirit (noun): A person or personality thought of as showing or having specific qualities.

2. Antonyms

  • Cowardice (noun): The state of lacking courage.
  • Fear (noun): An emotion experienced when one anticipates pain or danger.
  • Weakness (noun): a flaw or a weak point.
  • Humility: (noun) a humble feeling.
  • Irresolution (noun) doubt concerning two or more alternatives.

What Is The Meaning of Moxie?

The word “moxie” means skill or know-how. If someone has moxie, then it means that they have a skill that most other people do not have. This word is used on someone who has certain skills that they did not know were special or ordinary.

Some people have a talent that others admire and wish to have. Yet when asked, they do not find anything unique with their talent. In such cases, you can say that they have “moxie.”

Example sentences:

  • It was strange how Sarah did not compete in the music show, yet with her musical moxie, she would have won.
  • Francis has had moxie towards skating from a young age, and his skill is self-taught.
  • Though he is new to politics, he shows a lot of moxie in questioning the policies.

Is Moxie A Negative Word?

Some English words can be positive and others negative. When it comes to the word “moxie,” you might be wondering if it is positive. “Moxie” is used to show someone with determination and a courageous spirit. Thus, it is mostly used as a positive word.

Example sentences:

  • The fighter showed her moxie in Friday’s game.
  • It takes moxie for one to get out of an abusive relationship.
  • If it were not for his moxie nature, Gabriel would not have pulled his roots and gone into a land where the culture is different.

 How to Use Moxie in a Sentence?

“Moxie” is a noun, and when writing it in a sentence, you should follow the same guidelines you would have when writing a noun word. Note that the word “moxie” is uncountable, and thus, the plural form of the word “moxie” is also “moxie.”

Example sentences:

  • You have to decide if you are the type of musician with enough moxie to perform in the park.
  • I am glad we have leaders who are willing to show some moxie and change the outdated laws.
  • They were tough and showed moxie by standing up to the bullies.

Is the Word “Moxie” a Motivator?

The straightforward answer is yes. So don’t be afraid to use moxie in your everyday life. It’s the perfect term to help you get ahead and achieve anything you set your mind to. Let’s look at what this term is all about when it comes to motivation.

  1. Moxie is a great way to get things done.
  2. Moxie is the perfect way to start your day.
  3. Moxie makes a difference.
  4. Moxie is the key to success.
  5. With moxie, anything is possible!

If you want to succeed in life, you need to have the word moxie gives you a positive spirit. Moxie is the key to success, and with it, anything is possible. Go after what you want – with moxie, you can achieve anything!

Moxie is also a great way to start your day. It gives you the energy and determination you need to get going. And if you need a little help getting through the day, this word is always there to give you a boost.

But again, moxie isn’t just for particular times. If you’re facing a difficult task or challenge any time of the day, this word can be used to help you gain some morale and succeed. With this, you will get things done, no matter what stands in your way.

10 Examples of Moxie Usage in a Sentence

Now that the definition and usage of the word moxie are quite clear, let’s look at the applications of this word. Read these ten sentences for a comprehensive understanding.

  1. James looked at her, amazed by her moxie and trust in him.
  2. He was disappointed when he was told that he would not do anything despite the moxie he had.
  3. The keeper showed moxie on the way he caught the ball.
  4. She’s a serendipity with moxie, what could go wrong?
  5. Liam showed great difficulty for people to question his moxie.
  6. Belle, who acted in Beauty and the Beast, has always shown great moxie.
  7. I admire the courage that she showed fighting off the bullies.
  8. People with moxie tend to speak out against xenophobia.
  9. The old-fashioned military moxie helped get medical supplies to the disaster site on time.
  10. His lack of moxie in life makes him fail in everything he does.
  11. Everyone dared to win because of the moxie he showed during the practice.
  12. The moxie that Mr. Stanley showed made Mary agree to revert their divorce.

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How Do You Spell Moxie?

The correct spelling of the word moxie is [mˈɒksi], [mˈɒksi], [m_ˈɒ_k_s_i] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

A common mistake people make when spelling the word is forgetting to add an “e” at the end. Spellings are very important when writing down words. If you do not have the right spelling, understanding what you are communicating won’t be easy. When you learn a new word, you need to read it several times to spell it.

How Do You Pronounce Moxie?

The word “moxie” is pronounced as “Mok-See.” 

Poor pronunciation can lead to people not understanding what you are saying or straining to understand you. So, if you want flawless communication, ensure that you learn the proper pronunciation of this word.

How Many Syllables Are In Moxie?

The word “moxie” has two syllables: mok and see. The stressed syllable is “mox.” 

History & Etymology of Moxie

The name “moxie” came from a popular commercial soft drink in the late 1900s and early 1900s. The drink was said to be moxie due to its purported restorative powers. The word comes from the bitter syrups that were first marketed as medicine.

The brand that developed the word “moxie” might have been from the Naive American brand known as dark water. This was the first soft drink in the USA that was mass-produced. At first, the product was sodas, nerve food syrup marketed as a cure for paralysis and the softening of the brain, nervousness, or insomnia. Later the drinks were used to make soda fountains.

When Was Moxie First Used?

Some sources say it was in 1884, while others say it was 1930.

There is a lot of debate about when “moxie” was first used. So it is unclear when the word was first used, but it was around that time.


You can use moxie to mean confidence, capability, or skills. But you need to ensure that you have used it in the right context. Remember, this is a positive word and should only be used when referring to something positive. Now that you know moxie definition, meaning, and usage in sentences, keep practicing the word to know how it is used.