Monetizing Your Blogger Blog

You will learn how to add Adsense to your Blogger blog in this tutorial.

Last week I installed a very cool feature called Clickheat on The Content Authority Blog. Based on the results of last week’s heatmap, the Blogger link in our Article Submission Website article was very popular. Therefore, let’s look more closely at Blogger and give you something useful to start making money with your Blogger blog.

  • First, let’s login to your Blogger account. If you don’t have an account, that is fine, simply create one quickly, then meet me back here. (Note: If you’re thinking, “But I already have a blogger blog”, rest assured you can create multiple blogs under the same Blogger account. Today, I am going to create a new blog for a project I am currently working on.)

picture displaying Blogger account creation

  • Under your dashboard in Blogger account, you will see the text “create a blog”, please click it and continue.

picture displays create blog link at blogger

  • Now let’s name your blog. I’m going to name my blog ‘web content university’.
  • Now, once it is named, click the continue button.
  • Now select any theme. We can change the theme later so any theme will do.
  • Now click the “continue” arrow.
  • Now click the “start blogging” arrow.
  • You will see a post screen come up, let’s click the monetize tab.
  • Make sure the “setup Adsense” tab is selected.
  • You want to display ads in your sidebar and in posts, so make sure the first ‘display in’ option is selected. Please click next now.
  • The Make Money with Adsense tab will now be displayed.
  • You have two options. The first option, create a new Adsense account. The second, sign into an already created Adsense account. (Note: Due to the time constraints of this tutorial, we will cover creating a Google Adsense account in another tutorial later on. If you do not have an account, simply create one now. It is pretty straightforward for basic use. )

picture of use exisiting adsense account

  • We are going to select the “using an existing Adsense account” option.
  • Enter you Adsense email then add either your postal code or the last 5 digits of your phone number. (Note: This information was entered by you when you created your Adsense account, so if you cannot remember, please go retrieve it now.)
  • Now click the next button. (Note: If you successfully filled in the fields you will come to the ‘Adsense is enabled for your blog’ success page. This page can be seen in the illustration below.)

Now let’s get the Adsense posted to your blog. The idea here is to maximize the highest click rate from people that will visit your blog. To achieve this, you will want your Adsense placed just below your header and on the right sidebar at the top.

  • Let’s click the edit layout link to start placing Google Adsense ads. (Note: The Blogger interface offers an easy click-n-drag solution.)
  • I want you to click the ‘add gadget’ link.
  • When the gadget window pops up, scroll down until you see “Adsense” gadget by blogger.
  • Now click the ‘+’ sign next to it and click save, the ads can be fully configured later on. This will place an additional area in your layout labeled Adsense.
  • Now drag the Adsense to the top of the screen until you have something similar to the visual aid below.

picture presenting blogger drag and drop feature

  • If you click preview it should look similar to this. Like what you see? Then click ‘save’ and that’s it, you are finished.

blogger successful ad creation


Congratulations on successfully adding Adsense to your Blogger blog.


Shawn Manaher

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