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As in virtually all mass media funding efforts, advertising is the best way to monetize a blog. Attempting to transmit messages that affect simultaneous and maximum impact on numerous recipients is not new. Nor does it come as a surprise to most that “piggybacking” on high-profile themes or popular subjects is time-proven to be an effective marketing strategy. Specificity and compatibility are the keys to realizing maximum results that are mutually remunerative for both advertisers and blog operators alike.

Make a good fit with would-be blog advertisers

An outfit that becomes one lady quite beautifully may be a total misfit for another. Wide variations among women in overall body structure, natural skin tone, hair color, and physical posture account for this phenomenon. By the same token, ads that are terrific for one blog may be total bombs that waste colossal time and money when featured elsewhere. Conducting adequate research in advance is your first step to making a match match with ideal blog advertisers. Accomplishing this objective requires comprehension of several core concepts that pertain to web-based advertising structures.

Choose the best messenger for blog advertising

Web-based business operators may select from several forms of virtual advertising. All available platforms are not equally applicable to all marketing campaigns or blog structures, however. Following are the most common forms of effective blog advertising displays and the specific applications for which they are best suited.

Text ads

As the title implies, these ads are totally devoid of any photos or other graphic display. Content is limited to text and accompanying links to service provider or product suppliers’ sites. Text ads are a simple way to monetize a blog that features diverse product lines or service categories. Simply copy and paste prespecified code that marketers provide into strategic locations within your blog template.

Banner ads

This type of blog advertising employs a combination of graphics and text. Banner advertisements are usually offered by affiliate marketing systems or directly from specific product or service vendors. Banner ads have a long history within virtual marketing annals and have become familiar fixtures on websites. Higher-quality graphics and advanced video technologies have facilitated banner ads’ garnered much greater utility and aesthetic appeal to website viewers than ever before.

Product-specific ads

This online marketing format might be a good choice if your blog’s featured content is highly specialized or directed to a relatively narrow target audience. Product-based ads feature prices and pictographic displays of specific goods and commodities. Blog owners who host daily discussions of particular brand(s) or product category(ies), should seriously consider product-based advertising. Consumer review blog operators are prime candidates for product-based advertising alliances.

RSS ads

Web surfers are utilizing Really Simple Syndication (“RSS”) subscriptions to keep up with the latest developments on favorite blogs. Consequently, more advertisers are getting into the act before conditions get too crowded. Offering online advertisers the enhanced visibility that comes from rapid exposure to prequalified prospects via frequent blog updates that feature their ads also offers a big competitive edge.

Ad Sponsorship

A typical sponsorship arrangement entails your prior agreement to display a particular firm’s ad banner within your blog for a specified time – in exchange for a fixed compensation. Sponsorship can be particularly profitable because it enables blogs to bypass middlemen like ad companies and outside brokers. These benefits have a financial flip side, however. As blog operator, you retail full responsibility for cultivating clients, negotiating rates, ad placement and maintenance, and persuading decision makers of your blog’s feasibility as an advertising base.

Create total harmony by high-quality content

After identifying the ideal advertising format(s), product(s), serivice(s), and target market(s), your final step to monetize a blog is effective content that puts it all together. Careful keyword selection is imperative, as the majority of blog ads are based upon the keyword(s) incorporated therein. Optimal keyword frequency and strategic placement is equally crucial. The Content Authority offers the optimal combination of literary and technical expertise that packs a powerful punch for any blog promotion effort!

If you have a unique experience monetizing your blog or website, please feel free to share with our readers!

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