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Merely Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Merely Definition – Meaning And Usage In A Sentence

Have you ever taken a stand on something you said despite other people taking it lightly? If you are looking for a word that shows that you mean exactly what you say, then “merely” is the best choice. And if this is a new word to you, you’re in the best place because we will discuss merely definition, meaning, and usage here in detail.

“Merely” (adverb) means nothing more; only. Use the word “merely” to mean “what you are saying or doing,” and there is nothing more. You can also use the word in sentences to emphasize that something is only what you say and not better, more exciting, or necessary.

Simply put, “merely” means “only that there is nothing more to add to it, or there is nothing else but what is being seen or stated.” But before you start using the word, it is crucial to understand its various definitions and meanings and the many ways you can use it in your sentences. Keep reading for more!

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What Is the Definition of Merely?

“Merely” is defined as “without admixture or entirely.” Another way to use the word merely is when talking about something without mixing it up. It depicts that what you are showing, talking about, or the situation at hand does not have interference.

Example sentences:

  • Though everyone was on his case, Daniel was merely trying to help.
  • Due to technology, it will take our company merely a few hours to complete your order.
  • It was not merely a great opportunity but something that would change his life forever.

What Is the Meaning of Merely?

“Merely” is also an adjective that means without any other reason. Use the word “merely” when discussing doing something without any other hidden agenda. It is purely as seen, and there is nothing to contradict it.

Example sentences:

  • Uncertain of the best way to respond, Tabitha merely stood there.
  • What you should know is that this is not merely an academic honor.
  • Most people misunderstood him because he was merely a private person.

Synonyms and Antonyms of Merely


Some words have identical meanings to merely and even belong to the same grammatical category. Such words are known as synonyms. Here is the list!

  • Only
  • Barely 
  • Sole
  • Just
  • Entirely
  • Simply
  • Purely
  • Totally
  • Solely
  • Plainly


Here is a list of words that are opposite of the word merely.

  • Partially
  • Together
  • Shared
  • Collectively
  • Jointly
  • Combined
  • Indefinitely
  • Partly
  • Beyond
  • Bigly

Words That Rhyme with Merely

Some words are connected even though they do not have the same definitions. The reason is that these words make the same sounds. Such words are rhyming words; here is a look at the words that rhyme with “merely.”

  • Axially
  • Clearly
  • Dearly
  • Cordially
  • Linearly
  • Radically
  • Really
  • Nearly
  • Yearly
  • Sincerely

How to Use Merely in a Sentence?

If you choose to include “merely” in a sentence, use it to emphasize something you said when discussing something that is not important or effective or when comparing it with something else.

Family Words of Merely

Mere (adjective): Nothing less than complete downright.

Example sentences:

  • The good thing about the new phones is that their weights are mere ounces.
  • Just because he is a mere kid does not mean that she is not telling the truth.
  • I already knew it would be epic from a mere glance at the posters advertising the new movie.

Words Phrase with the Word Merely

  1. Merely symbolic: Something or an event described as merely symbolic means presenting a significant change though it might have a practical effect.
  2. Merely temporarily: The phrase shows that something will last for only a limited time.
  3. Merely theoretical: Use the phrase when describing something more imagined than true.
  4. Merely ironically: There is a common use of the word “merely,” where people use it ironically. They use the word “merely” when talking about something big or great to show they were not impressed with it or mock someone else.

Example sentences:

  • She was merely staring at the play; I do not understand why many praise her.
  • The gift my husband gave me was merely a car.
  • She was merely the winner of the Olympics 100 meter male.

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10 Examples of Merely in a Sentence

Looking for a better way to learn and understand the meaning of “merely?” The best way of doing this is by reading the various meanings in a sentence. That will help you clearly understand the word and what it means. Here are 10 “merely” sentences to look at keenly.

  1. He was not trying to make you angry; he merely explained what had happened at the party.
  2. Everybody is questioning the situation, but it could be that Stephen and Beatrice were merely friends.
  3. His father was too tough, but he was merely overprotective. That played a big role during an early age.
  4. They were fully aware that everyone saw them; they were merely acting.
  5. It is evident that merely love made her admire his work.
  6. I understood the consequences, but all I did was merely shut my mouth.
  7. Do not assume she was ignorant; maybe she merely allowed you to prove yourself in front of opponents.
  8. If she had followed the instructions, it would merely help make her work easier.
  9. Did she hear it from anyone, or did she merely assume it?
  10. When they were asked why they were breaking up, they merely said they felt it did not work.

How Do You Spell Merely?

The correct spellings of “merely.” are “M.E.R.E.L.Y.” The correct IPA phonetic alphabet is “[mˈi͡əli], [mˈi‍əli], [m_ˈiə_l_i}.”

The spelling of a word is just as important as the meaning; if you do not have the correct spelling, then each time you write down the word, you will be miscommunicating. As you learn more about this word, take time to understand how to spell the word “merely.”

How Do You Pronounce Merely?

The proper pronouncing “merely” is “meeuh·lee.” 

You do not have to take so much time learning to pronounce this word correctly. The best way to pronounce “merely” is to start fast and slow down as you complete the pronunciation.

How Many Syllables Are In Merely?

The word “merely” has two syllables; these syllables are divided as “mere” and “ly.” 

The stressed syllable of the word is “mere.” When pronouncing the word, note that you need to start with a high intonation and then end slowly.

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History & Etymology of Merely

The word “merely” comes from the Latin word “merus,” which means “undiluted.” However, “undiluted” is positive, and this can be confusing for the people learning the word “merely.” Undiluted is a negative word that means disapproving. 

When Was Merely First Used?

The first known use of the word “merely” was in 1580. The first time the term was used, it had the meaning of “nothing more than.”


Now that you have understood the meaning and definition of the word merely, the next important thing is to learn how to use it. The best way of doing this is by practicing the word since there is no shortcut to learning the English language. If you do not practice, you might forget the usage and meaning of the word, and that can frustrate you. 

If you want to have an easy time learning the word, you can have someone help you learn and understand it. Not just a physical teacher, online tutors, videos, and written tutorials come in handy. Here’s where to begin: Share with your friends where you first heard the word and develop a creative sentence using it.

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