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9 Best Marketing Dashboard Tools To Track Marketing Stats

9 Best Marketing Dashboard Tools To Track Marketing Stats

Approaching marketing in today’s world without any tools to track statistics makes everything a lot more challenging than it has to be. Instead, relying on the right tools can give metrics that are extremely valuable to those who need the most.

There are all sorts of marketing dashboard tools and track to track statistics that are available for any business. Whether a person is running their own social media account, or marketing for a company making millions in sales every year, a lot of tools are versatile enough to help all.

Below is a look at the best marketing dashboard setups and tools available to make life easier. Smarter decisions can ultimately dictate the success or failure of marketing for many businesses.

marketing dashboard mockup

What is a marketing dashboard?

A marking dashboard is going to display all the metrics and KPIs a person needs to view everything in a simplified way. A dashboard should be easy enough for not only marketers to crunch the numbers, but as a way to show others in the business what is going on with marketing. At any time, a dashboard provides a look in real-time at how marketing strategies are performing.

Every person will have their preferences as far as tools are concerned on a dashboard. That is why there are so many options out there. As long as a person finds what works for them, it is an easier life overall to keep an eye on marketing.

What are the best marketing dashboard tools to track stats?

To answer this question accurately, it first needs to be determined what type of dashboard makes the most sense. There are different types, and those types tend to have set tools available for users. Everything is customizable for a perfect fit, but it is a good starting base for many.

Marketing performance dashboard and tools

The tools available on a marketing performance dashboard tend to gravitate towards conversion funnels, total revenue, and other very detailed information that affects the bottom line. The tools available will allow people to track every lead, every website visit, and overall conversion so that every campaign receives full analysis.

Some essential tools include goal completion rate, a place to track every traffic source, a purchase funnel, and return on marketing investment. These tools might not be the most beginner-friendly and shareable around the business, but it provides a lot of valuable insight that can help make smarter decisions.

Digital marketing dashboard and tools

Having trouble keeping a focus on every campaign and figuring out a marking budget? A digital marketing dashboard with the right tools might be the best option out there. Digital marketers need to be extremely smart with their money so that they are spending the right ways. A lot of that comes down to the quality of lead generations, as well as conversion rates with certain campaigns.

Tools available on digital marketing dashboards include total lead breakdowns, web traffic targets, social media channel analysis, and so much more. Not all digital marketing directly impacts sales, so the focus is not as much on the bottom line as some of the other dashboard setups.

E-commerce marketing dashboard and tools

An e-commerce company needs to have a ton of data at their fingertips at all times to make tweaks along the way. Crunching the numbers the right way can make or break any company that relies on online sales all the time.

ecommerce dashboard

The most valuable tools here include cost per lead, return of marketing investment, churn rate, retention rate, new subscriber rate, and goal completion monitoring. Since someone working in e-commerce is so focused on meeting certain goals, there are a lot of details available when using the right tools together.

Web analytics dashboard and tools

Keeping track of a particular website and its performance can be a huge task, so a dashboard with these types of specific tools will put everything in one place. There can be a hyper-focus on a singular website, as well as comparisons to how things worked previously.

Tools available on dashboards like these include online conversions, the total amount of page views, unique visitors, and so much more. Website analytics makes sense for all types of businesses as well, so it is a pretty versatile dashboard to have.

SEO analytics dashboard and tools

Search engine optimization is an essential part of any marketing team, so having tools available to monitor everything is crucial. Whether it is on-site or offsite optimization, keeping track of search results is a lot easier with the proper amount of tools.

Most of the statistics used on SEO dashboards are obtainable from Google Analytics, but it is all neatly organized in one centralized location. Looking at each page on a website and seeing how it is doing can be critical for taking care of problems that might pop up. People can customize it to the point that they can view page load speed, indexed pages, number of internal and external links, organic traffic, and so much more.

Email marketing dashboard and tools

Relying only on email marketing is a bit old-fashioned for some people, but others do not want to mess with such a good thing. Some tools will allow people to maximize the value of their email marketing, engaging their audience and keeping everyone as into things as possible.

email marketing dashboard

It is one thing to build up an email list of people who have shown at least some interest, but keeping that interest is key. These tools will allow people to view what content is engaging and what content followers choose to ignore. People can view the click rate, open rate, and unsubscribed rate to see precisely how people are responding.

Social media dashboard and tools

If the major focus is on engagement on social media, a dashboard with these tools might be the best option out there. It does not necessarily mean a person is interested in how much money they are making directly, but what type of influence and interaction they are having with the fanbase.

It is hard to monitor what type of impact a social media profile is having because there are so many inactive profiles that only artificially boost numbers. Interactions are a more significant key to success, and so are external page impressions, likes, comments, and many other metrics.

This dashboard comes particularly in handy for those monitoring several different social media pages on different platforms. Everything can be in one location to make life a lot easier. It becomes a huge hassle to monitor how everything is going and what has been posted everywhere without proper tools.

Adwords dashboard and tools

Running a Google Adwords campaign can be extremely useful, but also costly. To make sure there is a proper return of investment, having specific tools to monitor each campaign is crucial. Otherwise, a person could be throwing away a ton of money on Adwords with nothing to show for it.

One of the biggest keys is monitoring any fluctuation with keyword ranking with this dashboard. Audience targeting, bidding strategies, click-through rates, and overall impressions will give people a good idea on what is going on with the campaign as well. It takes some time to customize an Adwords campaign dashboard specifically for individual use out there, but it makes sense in the end.

Online marketing dashboard and tools

For an all-encompassing, high-end option with tools available, A general online marketing dashboard might be the best way to go. This is usually a lot of information that might be a bit overwhelming for some, but it is perfect for people who are running their own company.

A person can customize their dashboard to focus on exactly how they make sales and what is most important. For some, the focus will be on email marketing and lead generation. For others, it is all about social media and how some paid advertisements are doing.

Online marketing is very easy to get into but hard to master. People have been trying for years now to get everything down, and the right tools can put people in the right direction.

cool marketing dashboard

Keep an open mind with marketing dashboards and tools

There are always going to be recommendations for tools and extensive dashboards for marketing, but the truth of the matter is, there is not one setup that works for every single situation out there. People need different statistics measured at all times, and finding that perfect fit is key.

Do not be afraid to add more tools that are necessary in the beginning. It might be a little overwhelming at first, but eventually, people will figure out which ones they use and which ones they don’t.

It is also important not to be afraid to try out new things as well, even if the current set up is operating well. There are always newly released tools that are incredibly beneficial, and trying them out could ultimately save time in the end.

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