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Manner Vs Matter: Which Should You Use In Writing?

Manner Vs Matter: Which Should You Use In Writing?

Manner vs matter: what do these words have in common? The first thing that comes to mind is their almost exact spelling. Are you ready to explore these words’ other elements to discover their similarities and differences?

Manner means “a mode of action” or “the way of performing or doing something.” Refer to this word when describing a characteristic mode of acting, behaving, or a habit. In contrast, the word matter refers to “a substance or material.” In physics, matter is a substance made up of normal particles.

 English is one of the easiest languages to learn, which explains its popularity among global citizens. However, some words can be confusing because they have little in common. This article focuses on matter and manner as examples of similar and confusing English words.

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Definitions Of Manner And Matter

Sometimes you encounter words with similar spellings, pronunciations, and meanings. However, this is not the typical standard. Some words can have similar spellings and the same pronunciation but different meanings. On the other hand, some words may have dissimilar spellings but have the same meanings (synonyms).

Therefore, there are no strict rules regarding English vocabulary. Again, this element can be confusing, even for native English speakers. Luckily, you can always turn to the dictionary instead of wondering which word to use. Here are the definitions of manner and matter:

Definitions Of Manner

Manner means “a mode of action or a way of performing or doing something.” For example, “a manner of prayer.”

Another reliable source defines manner as “a characteristic way of acting, behaving, conducting oneself, or one’s customary/standard method of acting,” like a natural manner of speaking. According to this definition, “manner” is more of a habit. Another close definition of this term is “good or polite behavior.”

Manner also refers to “a writing style or an author’s thought,” like a characteristic peculiarity of an artist.

An interesting meaning of “manner” is “a certain degree or measure of something.” For example, “The project is in a manner already completed.” A rare definition is “sort, kind, style, mode of action, or carriage,” like a manner of dressing.

Definitions Of Matter

Matter refers to a substance or material. For instance, in Physics, matter is “the basic structural component of the universe with a mass and volume.” In this context, matter consists of normal particles.

Another source defines matter as “written material, especially in print or digital publications like books and magazines,” like printed matter or reading matter.

In Philosophy, a matter is “an undeveloped subject prone to change and extra development.” A matter can be a subject that’s not properly or extensively researched and is likely to become of substance with more development. This is an Aristotelian concept.

A common definition of a matter is “a condition, subject, or affair of concern,” like academic matters or state matters. Matter can also mean “an approximate amount or extent,” like a matter of years.

Another comprehensive definition is “things of which anything is composed, the material part of anything, or constituent elements of a concept into which it may be analyzed.”

Matter As A Verb

As a verb, matter means:

  • To be important or of value
  • To form pus or matter
  • To maturate
  • To care about or mind something

An archaic definition of matter is “inducing cause, especially of something distressing or debatable.” This definition no longer applies in modern contexts.

How To Properly Use Manner And Matter In A Sentence

People often steer clear of using words they find confusing. This applies to words with vague similarities. The definitions section above explains that matter and manner have nothing in common apart from their almost similar spellings.

So, if you know this and understand the different definitions, you should safely use these words in sentences. Here are some extra things you should know before using these words:

How To Use The Word Manner

Manner is primarily a noun. Therefore, use it as such when referring to:

  • A way in which something happens
  • A way in which you do something
  • A person’s standard behavior or outward bearing
  • A polite social behavior
  • Things with shared characteristics
  • Customs of conventions of a specific society or culture
  • A point of view
  • A situation that affects one’s power to act

How To Use The Word Matter

You can use matter in a sentence as a noun or a verb. Use it as a noun when referring to:

  • A physical substance
  • A subject under consideration
  • The condition or importance
  • Being worthy of note
  • A clause in a legal argument
  • Something that is part of a while
  • The way things exist in real life
  • A task to be performed

Use matter in a sentence as a verb to refer to the following actions:

  • To be important
  • To have influence
  • To form pus to generate
  • To have power over something
  • To be influential in important decision making 

Manner Vs Matter: Understanding The Basics Of These Words

This article confirms that matter and manner have different definitions. These words are not anywhere close to synonyms or even antonyms. Below are other basic things you should know about the words “matter” and “manner:”

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Pronunciation is a key element in verbal conversation. Pronouncing words correctly will help with effective communication. The correct way to say the word “manner” is “/man-er/.” In contrast, the proper way to say the word matter is “/mat-er/.” The tip for learning spelling is splitting words into syllables, especially for long words. Syllables are units of sound.


Spelling is a paramount factor in English vocabulary. English has twenty-six letters, and multiple words are formed using these letters. Therefore, missing a single letter will change a word entirely. When writing, it would be wise always to ensure that the spellings are 100% correct. The correct spellings for these words are “M-A-N-N-E-R” and “M-A-T-T-E-R.”


Knowing the origins of words also helps you understand them better. Manner comes from the 12th-century Anglo-French word “manere,” meaning “kind, sort, or variety.” The word also comes from Old French “manier,” meaning “custom, bearing, appearance, or fashion.” In contrast, the first known use of the word matter was in the 1580s, meaning “to be of importance.” The word acquired other definitions in the 1600s.

Examples Of Manner And Matter Use In Sentences

Learning new words is easy, with sample sentences showing you how to use them in various contexts. For this reason, we prepared some creative samples for you. Here are some sample sentences with the words matter and manner:

Example sentences of the word manner

  1. It was just a manner of time before she showed her true colors to the entire class.
  2. The professor does not allow this manner of writing in research papers.
  3. June did not appreciate the manner in which the girls spoke to her daughter.
  4. Cary’s classmates thought her manner of dressing was too casual for the event.
  5. The caterers laid out the food in an attractive manner before the guests arrived.

Example sentences of the word matter

  1. It only took a matter of days for the neighbors to discover the body in the apartment.
  2. Timothy’s opinion did not matter to his classmates.
  3. The lecturer prepared a lesson on the three elements of matter; sulfur, salt, and mercury.
  4. None of her siblings understood the matter with her this morning.
  5. As a matter of fact, Bailey does not know me personally.


Matter means a substance, material, or basic structural component of the universe. In contrast, manner refers to a characteristic way of behaving or doing something. These are simple words you can use in daily conversations and writing.