6 Ways to Make Your Social Media Content Management Easier

6 Ways to Make Your Social Media Content Management Easier

If you’ve been operating within the online marketing world for a while now, you’re likely tired of having the phrase “content is king” rammed down your throat. It’s a simple concept, yes. However, the actual management of your content assets can be a pain when you’re implementing a multifaceted plan that’s integrated with a comprehensive social media strategy. There’s just so much content—both original and user-generated—that many people have trouble staying on top of things.

To help you make the process of social media content management a little easier and less frustrating, consider the following six tips.

1. Establish an Effective System

Social Media Content ManagementIf your social media editorial process is a mess, the chances are your social media content management is a mess, too. When you’re running a complex marketing campaign, it’s crucial to set up a system and organize your team in a way that allows for maximum effectiveness. Establish clear roles, identify the right individuals to perform the right tasks, and ensure your content workflow, optimization, and distribution processes make sense for your business. You’re dealing with far more than a simple social media editorial calendar here, so make certain you spend quality time refining your system.

2. Choose the Right Listening and Monitoring Tools

While most social platforms offer sufficient capabilities to track conversations, there are tools specifically designed to dig deep and key in on relevant discussions and topics that will feed your content development strategy. In addition, they consolidate conversations from your social media assets into one stream, so you don’t have to waste precious time checking each feed obsessively. The important thing is that you select a tool based on your business needs. Although some options are free, others don’t come cheap, which means you need to ensure you research several available social media listening and monitoring tools before you make a buying decision.

3. Pick a Good Social Media Management Tool

Whether you opt for a free social media management tool or a paid solution, you’ll find that good software with extensive functionality can make content management a breeze. Manage multiple accounts, schedule posts, collaborate with your editorial team, discover optimal times to post content for maximum engagement, manage user-generated content, reply to inquiries, participate in conversations, and more. The best part is you can do all this on a single dashboard. There are thousands of tools out there, so test a handful and then select the one you or your team find the most efficient.

4. Become an Expert Performance Tracker

You can create and publish every type of content you like, but there’s no guarantee you’ll be effective. With social media measurement tools, you can determine whether your content produces results, figure out which pieces generate the most bang for your buck, and track the overall market value of your content. Monitoring your performance lets you establish and focus on key areas that deliver results while eliminating ineffective tactics and dud content.

5. Avoid a One-Man Juggling Act

Juggling Social Media ContentWhether you’re a solopreneur or part of a small team, social media content management can quickly go haywire if you plan to do everything on your own. The process usually requires more than anyone in a full-time job can handle, so you should consider delegating or outsourcing certain tasks where possible.

Think about it. Larger businesses have content marketing directors, content creators, editors, community managers, analytics specialists, and others within the organization working together to make their content marketing and social media programs work. Hiring someone to write your social media snippets or manage your content schedule can eliminate unnecessary pressure and give you an opportunity to focus on tasks that are more important.

6. Use Time Trackers

Social platforms can be addictive. Before you know it, you’re sucked in and spending hours at a time following a trail of content that leads to Nowhereville. A simple time tracking tool will help you manage social media content projects and identify areas of inefficiency.

Ultimately, your aim should be to create plenty of useful, relevant content you can feed your hungry social communities regularly. Ensuring your streams are full helps keep your brand top-of-mind.


Do you struggle with social media content management? Maybe you’re a pro with favorite tips or tools to share. Drop us a line in the comment section below and share your thoughts on this topic.

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