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Tips and Strategies to improve Local Search SEO Marketing


The integration of basic online marketing strategies are equally important for internet based businesses as well as local businesses. Local search SEO methods are imperative for businesses to undertake in order to increase their customer base. Local businesses obviously do not have the same type of marketing budget other large corporations have, but there are some simple steps businesses can undertake to increase their online presence, thus increasing their customer base. To increase the visibility for a local business online, there are a few areas to explore.

Where is Your Business Listed?

Take a moment or two and enter your business name into any of the search engines. Conduct a search and see exactly where your business is listed. Many local businesses do not take time to register or place their business within local search directories. This may seem like a daunting task, however, it is relatively easy. In addition to being easy, most often there is not a cost associated with it. Some of the top directories for local searches include Google Places, Yelp, Superpages, Local Yahoo and Yellow Pages.

In addition to the search engines, you should check to see if your area has any local search directories. You can easily find this out by checking out local TV and radio stations along with chamber of commerce organizations or any other business group that has an online presence. There are websites for you to check to see if your business is listed in a variety of sources. You can check out ubl.org or amlvisible.org for a quick look to see if your business is listed in the major directories. Some of these sites will offer a free instant report but will want to charge you additional money to improve your ratings. If your business shows up in the directories, this is fantastic news. If your business is not showing up, then you need to do a bit of work. Visit the search engine sites and take the time to make sure your business is properly included with each of them.

Entice New Customers Using Local Search

Local Search Special Offers
Use Local Search Deals & Discounts

Consumer behavior, both online and off, tend to be somewhat the same. Everyone wants services or products that offer value. Consumers will most often make their purchasing decisions based on word-of-mouth reviews or recommendations. Those wishing to improve their local search results must take this information to heart. Quality of service and products remain high on the list of what consumers want. For the local business looking to establish and improve their customer base, may want to include some kind of deal or discount on their website. This may entice a customer who has never used your services to give you a try. Utilizing Groupon or other online coupon services can also be beneficial. Check in your local area for additional providers of this service.

Customer Reviews

This is what just about everyone checks out prior to purchasing or hiring a particular service. Consumers want to know what other customers have to say about your business. It is vitally important to make sure you have customer reviews. In order to increase the number increase you may have, you may want to ask some of your loyal customers to provide feedback about their experiences. Posting positive feedback on your website and on local search pages is an important part of increasing your customer base. Try to have at least 10 – 20 positive reviews posted.

There are also the reviews that are not controllable at all. It is the old adage that you cannot make everyone happy. Unfortunately, you cannot remove this type of comment if it is not on your site and to be perfectly honest, you can turn this around into a positive situation. Responding to a negative review will have a positive impact on those reading it. Addressing the problem and offering some type of solution or change will encourage customers to consider your business. Ignoring the complaint or not addressing it, leads the customer to believe you may not care or value the customer.

Social Media and Local Search

The prominence of social media in regard to businesses cannot be ignored. Facebook has over 750 million users, Google+ is up to 50 million users and Twitter continues to grow. Businesses cannot ignore these kinds of staggering statistics. To increase your local search, make sure that you are listed in Facebook Deals and Facebook Places. You need to remember word-of-mouth advertising is one of the most important parts of a business marketing strategy. Word-of-mouth has taken on a completely new meaning through social media. You should ask your customers to “like” or “follow” your company. You may want to have some of your customers write a blurb on their walls or tweets about the experiences they have had with your business. You may want to offer an incentive plan for loyal customers to bring additional new customers to your business. You can give coupons to your loyal customers to get out to some of their friends via social media. Make sure your reward this loyal customer for doing some work for you!

The tips and strategies outlined above are just a simple approach to local search and SEO. The ultimate goal is to see your business come up in all local search methods. Make sure you offer deals or discounts to entice people to use your products or services. Utilizing both positive and negative reviews will let your customers know you care. Local businesses do not have to be left behind when it comes to search engine optimization. It will take a little bit of work to get it started but in the end, it is a vital component for your business.


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