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local search marketing

How You Benefit From Local Search Marketing


As more people reduce the hard copy of their Yellow Pages to the lowly position of a doorstop, the importance of local search marketing continues to increase drastically. These days, people are more inclined to turn to the nearest search engine and let their fingers do the walking across their QWERTY keyboards to find local vendors. The reluctance to spend time and energy searching for local names in a business directory is understandable, especially now that information is so readily and conveniently available in the click of a few buttons.


With the majority of individuals using the Internet to find what they’re looking for within their area, you have to ask yourself whether you can afford to forgo the implementation of a local search marketing strategy. Frankly, it’s common sense to target these individuals through this SEO technique instead of targeting them on a global level. If you need further persuasion, then you might consider the following advantages before you decide to give up on keywords that could boost your business visibility and send your current and future sales soaring.


Gain a Competitive Advantage


Although hard copy directories are still a popular secondary source for some people, there is no denying that their use is declining. In fact, the use of the Internet has surpassed that of most business directories. As a local business owner, you simply can’t ignore that most of your target audience look online first. You need to meet potential customers where they are at, which means creating a web presence, so people can find you quickly and easily.


The chances are your competition already uses this SEO method. Do you really want them to gain business that could be walking into your store instead? Think about what this means when you consider that nearly 80% of people who find your business online will follow up their search with a phone call or a visit to your store. The bottom line: when you implement this type of marketing properly, you have the potential to dominate your niche.


Reach People Who Are Ready To Buy


Having an online base is essential if you own a business, especially when approximately 45% of people using search engines are ready to hand over their hard-earned cash. Many of these people gather product or service information from the Internet and then buy offline. With such a massive variety of communication tools and search engine optimization techniques available, you can easily target your targeted audience to get those sales flowing through your doors.


Save Money


Local search marketing is a technique with proven results. You should be spending your marketing dollars where they will make the most impact. With this in mind, consider minimizing your Yellow Page listing and using your marketing dollars where they matter, which is in local Internet marketing.


Increase ROI by Creating a Solid, Loyal Consumer Base


Local search marketing allows you to connect with people in a way that global marketing doesn’t. Many of the individuals finding you online are likely to make purchases from your business offline. The reason is people prefer to buy from people who live and conduct business in the same area. It’s about establishing a trusting, loyal, mutually beneficial relationship. If you look after your customers, they could be of more value to you than you ever expected.


For example, when someone searches for Buffalo, NY event planners, and you happen to offer those services in that area, you have a golden opportunity to make a long-lasting connection with someone who could drastically up your revenue now and in the future. Certain local search engine optimization techniques can put you at the top of the search engine listings and help you make that valuable connection. Ultimately, this SEO method connects consumers with their business of choice.


Without a doubt, local search marketing offers impressive benefits. Implementing a strategy of this nature will not only yield more targeted results, it’s also not that difficult to set up. For starters, you can improve performance dramatically by geo-targeting your paid search marketing and the content of your website. You can also employ useful tools millions of people use every day, such as Google Maps. In a matter of seconds, your target audience can find your address, contact details, operating hours, and even photos of your business and products. Why wouldn’t you want to give your business this competitive edge?

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