Link Juice Basics

link juice basics

Link juice is not a new soft drink or beverage that is sweeping the nation. Although it might make for an interesting drink based on name alone, the phrase was coined for something far different. An internet marketer and SEO consultant by the name of Greg Boser came up with the phrase ‘link juice’ in reference to how much quality there is behind the backlinks leading to your page. For example, a person could have countless backlinks leading back to their blog or site, which in theory creates a path from one similar webpage to another. What if those backlinks came from sites that receive little to no traffic and do not receive a high page rank with the major search engines? The quality, or juice behind the links in this scenario would be very poor. This is one reason why it is important to understand some of the characteristics behind link juice and how it affects one’s traffic generating efforts.

The Role Of Link Juice

The term has taken on a life of its own in the internet marketing world. Nearly all SEO experts and internet professionals give the phrase credibility. The term has gone ‘viral’ if you will and is now standard education in one’s pursuit of traffic generation. So understanding what constitutes proper link juice and what doesn’t is very important to a successful endeavor. One of the first things to look at is whether or not the link was paid for in an effort to manipulate search engine rankings. Major search engines have a very low regard for paid links. A paid link used to manipulate rankings has virtually no juice associated with it. This is important to understand if one is considering going the paid route. This route could very well cost a person a lot of money with nothing to show for it. Another important aspect is to make sure the page you are linking to is properly indexed by the major search engines and ranks high based on specific keyword searches. Simply put, make sure you are linking to a page that is similar in content and scope. This is just a few of the many characteristics that are involved in the process, but are important enough to understand in one’s traffic generating efforts.

Here are a few simple things one can do to ensure they are on the right track with their linking endeavor. First, simply ask the webmaster or owner of a webpage that receives high page rankings and generates lots of traffic to link to their site. Many successful internet marketers have used this simple strategy to get their site properly indexed. You may be surprised how effective this tool can be. Next would be to use social media sites where you can post your links as often as you like. Employ the help of friends and family you have through the site to obtain as much as exposure as you can via the social media outlet. Think about this, 500 million people worldwide currently use Facebook. That is an awfully big market one should consider tapping into. Imagine the amount of traffic that could be generated to your site if only one tenth of one percent of the people visited your site. The numbers are mind-boggling.

Although the details described above are very basic at best, it is important to realize that keeping things as simple as possible is usually the best marketing method. Some of the most successful people in the world, who built something out of nothing, were able to break it down into its simplest form. This concept applies just as much in internet marketing as it does with any successful endeavor.

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