Lead Generation through Social Media in 2014

Lead Generation through Social Media in 2014

A few months ago, we covered seven ways to use social media for lead generation. As marketers look to refine their inbound marketing tactics in 2014, we’re outlining four additional ideas to boost your lead generation efforts through social media next year.

Before we get stuck into it, here’s a recap of the first seven:

  1. Listen to relevant conversations for outreach opportunities.

  2. Add value and a personal touch to conversations by taking your virtual communications offline.

  3. Leverage social ads to reach a high quality, highly targeted audience.

  4. Promote compelling free offerings social media users can’t resist.

  5. Create contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, discounts, and other promotions to accumulate qualified leads.

  6. Actively participate in Google+ Hangouts, Twitter Chats, and LinkedIn Groups.

  7. Encourage social sharing.

Once you’ve mastered these, move onto our next four tips.

#1. Use Social Media Tools Specifically Designed For Lead Generation

As social advertising increases in popularity, providers are creating unique tools to help businesses boost their effectiveness. Twitter’s new lead generation card feature is a perfect case in point.

Twitter lead generation card

Brands can now create an expanded Tweet with a cool description of their offer and a tempting CTA. Best of all, users can securely share their email address without having to leave the social media platform or fill out a tedious form. The tool pre-populates the card with a lead’s @username and email address so all the individual has to do is click the submit button to take advantage of your offer. Pretty convenient, right?

Keep your eye on developments within the networks you’re using because we’re sure to see more of this smart marketing in the future.

#2. Learn To Newsjack Intelligently

Newsjacking isn’t new, but many businesses need to get better at it. Buzz-worthy stories create high demand, so why not jump at the chance if you see an opportunity to tailor your offers accordingly? Just make sure you do it the right way. Exploiting natural disasters or tragic events can ruin your reputation rather than fuel your social media lead generation efforts, so be extremely sensitive when selecting the topical content you plan to newsjack. Be quick about it, too, because most stories have a very short lifespan.

#4. Get Back To the Basics

If you’ve been sweating for hours over the right message and call-to-action for a great lead generation post, dig into your old bag of tricks and get back to the basics of marketing. You know, where you wield psychological influence through things like scarcity to drum up interest and sense of urgency in your offers. This is a great way to generate leads through social media within a limited time frame so use this tactic when appropriate.

#4. Become a Pro at Creating Offers and CTAs for Each Buying Phase

Lead Generation Social Media CTAAs a marketer, you not only want to focus on the quantity of leads you generate through social media, you also want to focus on the quality. After all, what’s a lead worth if it’s unlikely to convert? Therefore, you should aim to create a variety of offers and marketing messages that speak to your target audience at various stages of the buying cycle. While one prospect might be interested in an eBook or similar informational piece, another might be ready for a free trial or demo.

Always remember that the first key element of a good lead generation campaign is a compelling offer, while the secret sauce is a powerful call-to-action. Back that up with a killer landing page and lead capture form and you’re good to go.

Are you preparing for lead generation via social media in 2014? Is there anything you’d add to our list? Add your voice to the conversation below.

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