Keyword Density Tool Compilation

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The number of keyword density tools available across the web is immense and to list them all here would not be feasible. I will though, give you 20 keyword density tools to work with. These tools are not listed in any order. If you want to submit your tool to be added to this compilation please feel free to comment to this column.

Keyword Density Tools

Live Keyword Analysis Wins our Editors Mention Award!

SEO Chat

SEO Book

SEO Centro

Ranks NL

Keyword Density Tools

We Build Pages

Article Underground

Text Alyser

Link Vendor

Web Inspect

Add Me


Google Rankings


For this Keyword Density Tool Comparison list I picked the first 20 webpages that claimed they had this tool in a Google search engine result query. I then went to each site and performed a keyword analysis with the same article I wrote a year ago. Keyword density checker for just a tag cloud were taken off the list.

Here is a helpful Keyword Density Tool Comparison graph comparing each tool and their features.

picture of keyword density tool comparison
keyword density tool comparison

Live Keyword Analysis Wins Editors Mention Award

Live Keyword Analysis receives the Editor’s Mention Award for ease of use, no advertisements, and no security key to enter. All you do is paste in the text that you want to be analyzed, enter the keyword and it automatically gives you the keyword density percentage on the fly, without the hassle of clicking a button.

picture of live keyword analysis easy to use interface
live keyword analysis easy to use interface

We are not promoting any of these websites. This is a simple list of the available working keyword density tools across the net. If you have a tool you want submitted please leave a comment. I will evaluate your tool and add it to the list and graph.

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