Is Website Content Enough

is web content enough

Getting affordable, well-written content is half the battle when it comes to getting high volumes of returning visitors. It takes hard work, dedication and a sense of diligence.

The hard work will be performed by you or it can be sub-contracted out. For example, if you are struggling to generate both high quality backlinks and daily content, maybe it is time to sub-contract out the backlink end of it so that you can concentrate on generating more web content.

The toughest decisions when marketing online are when you first start out; they will either make you or break you. My job is to help in that decision process so that they ‘make you’. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing my advice and moral support has helped you.

It is important to understand and know when to sub-contract out your work. Seriously, if you are feeling overwhelmed or you are ready to give up, then it is the first step in a long learning process of marketing online.

So, you made a few dollars with Adsense? That is great. Now take that money and reinvest it into more content. I am not saying this because I am obligated to, either. It is sound advice that any credible marketer will advise you to do.

Dedication plays a huge role in the overall process. You must be dedicated to your visitors, you must be dedicated to your search engine optimization efforts and you must have the esteem in yourself and foresee the endgame.

Dedication to your visitors comes in the form of always expanding and improving—I call it tweaking. The same occurs in the retail industry where you are always changing the prices, creating a winning sales strategy, and working with customers one on one. What many people do not realize is that making money online is a lot like running your own storefront on Main Street USA. The customers have the same needs and wants and you have to express it through the content you serve to them.

Shawn Manaher

Shawn Manaher is the founder and CEO of The Content Authority. He's one part content manager, one part writing ninja organizer, and two parts leader of top content creators. You don't even want to know what he calls pancakes.

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